Thursday, 6 October 2011

Birthday in Bindyland

Hey loves,
So on September 30th, I turned 23 years old!! That means I am half way to 46!! Which is zero fun!! But it doesn't mean I didn't get spoilt!!
I deem September 'birthday month'. That means I get to splurge a little during the month & whatever I buy I write off as 'birthday gifts'. 
So this is  everything I purchased through out September & I've pretty much deemed 'birthday gifts'...

I also managed to score so many gorgeous presents from my family, my best friend & of course extra spoilt from my husband!! I am so grateful & feel extremely spoilt. 
You can watch my birthday present haul video HERE.
So let me know what you all thought of what I got, like what was your most favourite thing?? 
Now I know at the beginning of this post I said I  am getting old, but honestly I am really grateful to have the opportunity to be getting old! As just before my birthday I found this lovely quote & it was perfect timing as I was feeling a little down about being so old. The quote is;
I don't regret getting older. Not everyone has that privilege.
That is so true. I am so blessed to lead the life I do & I really wouldn't want to trade lives with anyone else. Looking back on the past 23 years I can say I am honestly proud of myself. I have over come some really shit situations & moved on from some really crap mistakes, I've learnt to be independent & support myself and know what it is like to be alone & only have myself to rely on. I have realised the importance of family. I have found someone so amazing who loves me for me (I was in doubt I would ever find someone who would love my crazy self & put up with my sarcasm, but hey I did!) We have started a brilliant life together, we are slowly ticking off all the goals we set for our lives. We are married!! And quiet honestly 3 years ago I was only 20, I was visiting my parents in Toowoomba for my birthday (I had flown down from Rockhampton) If you had told me that in the space of 3 years I would be a wife to a brilliant man & we would have a fantastic life together I would've laughed in your face. Because I had a different set of priorities back then, I was very much so set on making a life for me the way I thought I wanted it. But how things change. The following month (so November 2008) I left my life in Rockhampton to come back to my family & get my life in order. The following month I met Trent & well, the rest is history really. 
(If you want a read a more in depth life recap & how Trent & I met, read THIS & THIS!)
I like to reflect on my life, especially on my birthday & look at how far I've come & how I've changed etc. 

So on my actual birthday I spent the day with Trent & my sister Nicole. They made me a squirrel cake which is really cool & could be mistaken for a host of other animals & then that night we had a BBQ with some friends.  So here are some photos from my birthday;
My squirrel from Nicole. Thanks Nikki!!! :)
Opening Nikkis present... 
I got spoilt by Nikki!
Reading my card from my Husband!
My beautiful little kitten Spook & I. She was a birthday present from Trent. I love her!!
I got this cute message on instagram from a blogging friend!! Check out Sarah's blog HERE
Nicole and Trent made me this cute squirrel cake!!
Nikki and I before my BBQ dinner! (we are doing 23!)
My husband and I enjoying ourselves!!
The crew that helped me celebrate my birthday!! Was a fun night!! :)

A few days later my Mum took me out to one of our favourite coffee places in Highfields (The Chocolate Cottage) for lunch. It was delicious! Thanks Mum!! 

I think I had a fantastic birthday (day, week & month!) Thank you all for all the kind Facebook birthday messages! I appreciate all your love & support!!
Love you all.


  1. Aw looks like you had a fantastic birthday! I love Spook! gorgeous! and your new vase is to die for!!! We are very similar! I will put a photo on Instagram of my little purchase a couple of weeks ago! xx


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