Monday, 31 October 2011


How has your Halloween been?
 Mine was nice. Not very Halloween'ish, but still a good day. I had lunch with my brother & I baked some 'spooky treats' for Trent. I baked a chocolate devils cake & decorated it & also made some chocolate spiders (chocolate covered noodles!)... I love holidays, I love celebrating anything! Today my Facebook was torn in 2. Some people are embracing Halloween and loving it, others are fully against it because it's too "American". I find that statement so ignorant. In Australia we also celebrate St. Patricks day, funny how most of those people don't say that day is too "Irish". Halloween was originally a Celtic celebration from Europe. There is a lot of history behind Halloween that can be found from a simple Google search, some people should do a bit of research before making really silly statements that make them sound ridiculous. 
(Sorry I am not going to do an in-depth explanation of the history of this holiday in this blog, but it is easily accessible via Google for those who are interested.) 
But I thought I would share some photos from my Halloween with you...

My local grocery store spooky-fied itself for Halloween!
The creepy doorbell I purchased today! I love it!! 
The Halloween cake I baked Trent. I think it's cute!
My favourite Halloween movie ever! And possibly one of the few movies that Sarah Jessica Parker stars in which is worth watching!! She suits being a witch!!
Jack-o-lantern collection!
I love the fact I own a "Spooky" black cat!! She is so beautiful. (She is also healing from her de-sexing well!)

I think Halloween is a fun holiday. And some people don't like it which is fine, I happen to think the whole concept is a fun idea. I really enjoyed this Halloween & can't wait for next year. But for now it's all over, so all my decorations will come down & in about 2 weeks I will start putting my Christmas decorations up (yes I will be putting them up 2 weeks early to stretch out the Christmas spirit that little bit longer). I love holidays, I love seasonal decorations & I especially love holidays where I can give the people I love awesome presents. So Christmas is easily my favourite holiday, Halloween follows with a close second place!
 What's your most favourite holiday and why?
I am off to sleep lovelies as I want to be in bed well before midnight on Halloween! (It's 11:25pm now)
 I hope you all have/had a wonderful Halloween! 
Love you all.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween decorations 2011

Hey loves!!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Ok, technically it's not Halloween, but this is my Halloween decorations blog!! In Australia we really don't celebrate Halloween as big as America, but I still love it! I know a lot of people think it's stupid to celebrate an "American holiday". But each to their own I think. I absolutely love spooky scary things. I love horror films, I love being scared & I love gory & disgusting things & I love the idea of haunted houses, objects etc. Yes, I am a weirdo. Anyway, at the beginning of October I started decorating my house for Halloween and I thought I would share with you the photos & video! It's not as good as I would love for it to be, Australia has a limited range of Halloween supplies & most of them are pretty lame! I ordered most of my stuff from Ebay. I got a few things from Australian stores, I find the cheap $2 style stores have the best range. 
So these are some photos of what SOME of my decorations are...For a better look please check out my 2 YouTube videos which will be at the end of this post!! (If you have a YouTube account please subscribe to my channel; BellaInBindyland)

This is what you see as soon as you walk into my house. I love my crashed witch. She came from America.
My scariest prop... This head came from Ebay. 
My wedding bird cage decorated all spooky!!
My tinsel decorations... They were $2 from a cheap store. More cute than scary though.
Halloween tinsel in front of the TV.
My big glittery spider...

These are 2 light up garden ornaments but for this year they are inside ornaments :) And the candle I got from Woolworths for $3.99!!
Our fire place all decorated spooky!!
I forgot to add this skeleton in the video!! I actually have two of them hanging in my kitchen!
My centre pieces.
My Halloween smurf collection!!

Now that is just some of my decorations!! Now for some images of decorations I wish I had...
I love this idea by Bridget Marquadt (from the Girls of the Playboy Mansion).... A black Halloween tree!!!
I LOVE these door way ideas!! 
These decorations give me some great ideas for next year!!
I wish big pumpkins were more available in Australia we can get them from groceries stores but they are pretty expensive... 

So loves I hope you enjoyed this creepy Halloween decoration post!! I love this holiday and wish I had a Halloween party this weekend to go to & dress up. But I don't. :( I am sure some of the night clubs around town will be doing something but I really am not into clubbing that much so I will not be going to any of those!! 
Anyway loves for a better look at my Halloween decorations check out these two videos;

And for the decorations by night check out the sneak peek!!

Hope you all have a super scary Halloween & I would love to hear about what you did for Halloween & if you any photos of your decorations please tweet them to me (@Bella_K) or post them on my Facebook 'LIKE' page. (Just search Bella In BIndyland)
I best be off I have to get ready for a country music concert tonight (The Sunny Cowgirls) & I am also helping my little cat 'Spook' get better, she was just desexed yesterday so she isn't feeling 100%. 
Have a haunted & spooky weekend!! & Happy Halloween for Monday (or Sunday for Americans!).
Love you all...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Car safety & fuel speak...

This blog post is sponsored by Nuffnang & Caltex Vortex Premium Diesel. All opinions though are honest & are my own. For more information on Sponsored Post please click HERE.

Hi my loves!
So here in Australia university holidays start very soon (or have already started), so that means a lot of students will be traveling home or traveling to work placement or just generally traveling. I have a lot of friends (& readers) that will be driving home or to holidays for the summer break. Not only will people be traveling for summer holidays a lot of people will also be heading home or heading to visit family for Christmas! I urge all my readers & friends to take the upmost care when traveling, not only this Summer but always! And this applies to  all my overseas readers who could be planning to travel for the up and coming holiday season as well!! (Christmas is less than 8 weeks away!!) 
So loves I thought I would do a blog post on some of my top car safety tips;
  • Get your car regularly serviced & tyres in good condition! (You should always do this)
  • Check your tyre pressure & that all your wheel nuts are secure!
  • Before setting off of any trip check your oil & fluid levels
  • (If you aren’t sure on how to do the previous 2 get your partner, brother, knowledgable friend, Father etc. to help out & take note on they do everything so next time you can do it for yourself!) 
  • Get a GPS & securely set it up in the car if you are going somewhere you have never been before.
  • Carry a map; just in case.
  • Make sure your jack & spare tyres are all equipped & you know how to access them. 
  • Carry a first aid kit in your glove box.
  • Pack a torch! 
  • Pack a pillow and a blanket. You never know when you may need a nap & a blanket is always handy to have!
  • Program a ‘driving playlist’ on your iPhone or iPod or make a CD before you set off on your drive with only songs you enjoy listening to, as trying to skip songs or change CDs whilst driving is dangerous! 
  • Get a car charger for your mobile phone & always make sure it is charged!
  • Also with a mobile make sure you have a blue tooth system installed in your car! Not only is using your phone whilst driving dangerous it is also illegal!!
  • Pack snacks & water for yourself!
  • Pack a few bottles full of water (such as 2L cordial or milk bottles) these can be used for any emergency & can be used for your radiator. Keep them in the boot of your car!
  • Make sure you have road side assist (RACQ etc.) or at least carry there number with you!
  • If you are traveling with pets, make sure they are fully secured at all times, pack some food & water and a bowl for them, have a leash & harness handy so you can walk them when you have a break.
  • Google the fuel stations at which you should stop at & map them out. You do NOT want to run out of fuel.
  • Google driver reviver stations or plan to stop at the fuel stations for a snack, toilet break & to stretch your legs. Remember fatigue is a major killer on our roads! 
  • Before you leave notify your family or friends how long your trip shall take & your estimated arrival time.
  • Leave your details of where you are traveling too, your license plate, where you are staying etc, with a good reliable friend or a family member.
  • When you make a fuel or wee stop always text a reliable friend or family member & let them know exactly where you are & what you are doing. I.e; ‘Hi Mum, stopping at Caltex at Gympie. Fueling car & grabbing a drink! Traveling safe, see you soon!! x’ Or even just check in on Facebook letting everyone know where you are! Just so you are leaving a technological trail from where you have been, just in case!! 
  • When traveling my car always automatically locks all my doors once I go over 40km, I think this is a great safety feature. So I suggest always making sure your doors are locked especially traveling through towns/areas you don’t know.
  • Do not stop at abandoned rest stops (seriously have you seen the movie Rest Stop?!). Always & only stop at safe & reliable fuel stations. I always tend to stop at bigger name fuel stations (not that smaller ones aren’t as good). I just feeler safer at bigger & busier places. So I normally pull into a Caltex or something similar!
  • Make sure to purchase fuel from a reliable & trustworthy fuel provider (such as Caltex). Bad fuel can cause your car to break down & damage your engine! 
On the topic of fuel, Trent & I recently purchased a new diesel car & we couldn’t be happier with it. Trent previously owned his builders ute & it was a diesel so he wanted another diesel car, but we wanted a more ‘safe & family style car’. So that’s what we got! I was super excited to have my own car that I could zip around town in & have some independence! But there is one down side to owning it & being independent; I have to fuel the car. I always get so confused, where do I fuel up? What fuel stations are the best? Do I judge by cost of fuel or the company & how reliable they are? Boy, it is so confusing... Luckily I had Trent to point me in the right direction... He suggested I just go to Caltex fuel stations as they are reliable & have a good reputation. Caltex is also the company my parents use to fuel their unleaded vehicles. Recently we have started using the new Vortex Premium Diesel by Caltex. It has been specially formulated to clean your cars fuel system while you drive. Using a lesser quality diesel can cause performance destroying deposits to build up on your cars fuel injectors due to engine heat. (This can happen slowly over time, so you may not even notice it happening!!!) The build up on the fuel injectors can reduce combustion efficiency, which leads to power loss, slower acceleration, increased fuel consumption and higher exhaust emissions. Vortex Premium Diesel can help remove all the build up & restore lost power & economy! Not only is the premium diesel better for your car it’s better for us too!! It has an anti-foam agent that greatly reduces the risk of splashing & also reduces that horrid diesel odor that gets left on your hands after fueling (I am super happy about this factor as it always gives me a head ache!!)
You can read more about the Caltex Vortex Premium Fuel HERE.
Thank you so much for reading this blog & your constant support loves! I value all of you & I hope you all take note of some of these safety suggestions for when you travel, as I want you all to stay safe!! 
Love you all! 

My new car and I! I know it's not a Toyota (it's a Hyundai) but still it was fun to jump! :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Dear 17 year old Bindy...

Hey loves,
As you all may know I LOVE country music. I really enjoy music that actually has a meaning behind it & a story. Not just words describing a 'night out' or some head ache giving tune that talks about "shufflin'". Like really what the hell is "shuffling"? Maybe I am just old. 
I love a lot of country music artists & one I've taken a bit of an extra liking to lately is Brad Paisley (& no it's not just because he is attractive). I love his songs & how they actually mean something. One of my favourite 'meaningful' songs this year (it's not a new song it has been out for awhile) is 'Letter To Me' by Brad Paisley. This songs basically talks about what you would say if you had a chance to write a letter to yourself when you were 17. The thought of that to me is awesome! I wish so bad I could write a letter to myself & give myself a heads up on life from 'now me' to '17 me'. Even if it was just a few dot points I had quickly thrown together, anything that could give me direction back when I was 17. Back then I felt really lost with myself & unsure of 'who I was'. But life worked out for me (finally!) 
For those that do not know the song this is it;

 Anyway I thought I would write an open letter to myself back then;

Dear Bindy,
This is future Bindy... Hi! 
Firstly please don't stress about life. I know saying don't stress is pointless as nothing has changed there, I still stress out so bad over anything. But everything turns out how we dreamed. It does take a few rough years to finally get to our dream life, but we make it! You are 17 years old; so that means you are in grade 11-12 at Blackwater high. Don't stress about grades; you pass almost everything with ease. Except math, just don't even worry yourself with that, it's a lost cause. Don't make someone in high school your whole world, because it's pointless and we can do better! (And trust me, we do!!) 
Don't trust anyone. Really, I mean that. The people who you think you can trust end up hurting you & using you. Be strong & be only for yourself. Have some self respect, stick up for yourself more. Life gets really crap when you are 17 (& 18, & 19) & you feel like there is nothing else that could make it worse, but it gets worse. You feel like running away, crying, vanishing - whatever. Basically you can't run away from your problems & you will learn the easiest way to recover from a 'scandal' or a rough time is to be confident, make those that talk about you think you aren't even phased by their bitchiness. And yes, you live in a very small mining town; it's full of bitching people, lies, mean girls & nosey rumour spreading locals. You will often be spoken about. Just get used to it, roll with it.
 Please treat our parents better. They don't deserve the way they get treated. I realise that now... And listen to them, most of what they say is true.
I could give you a list of things not to do to avoid the rough times; but I think by not doing those things I wouldn't be the person I am (we are?) today. Those mistakes make us stronger, more honest & more real. And when I say mistakes I don't mean minor mistakes, I am warning you; we screw up BIG time. But just let it slide by. At the end of the day, it's just highschool. And it is no where near the best time of our life. Whoever said "your teenage years are the best years of your life" was an idiot. They are easily the worst! I promise you that after 20 life changes, it gets better. Don't give up. All these rough times make you into, my opinion a great person. To prove that life gets better & that those mistakes don't kill us  I (we) recently married a man that when I was 17 I never dreamed of having, because let's face it we like to attract complete losers! So please don't get attached to any guys in high school, they aren't worth the pain & drama. And not one of them even compares to what the future holds!
 I know regardless of what I write you will do what I say not to do. Because, I am you & you are me & we are stubborn, pig headed & we know it all. Especially when we are 17. 
So please just take better care of yourself, be nicer to our family, hug Sooty the cat more, don't care for most of the people you go to school with; because once it's done less than 10 of them will genuinely care for you & never let anyone make you feel worthless & stupid; because we are not! Trust me looking back from the future to the days at school & back to the future in comparison to others our future life rocks!! Those people that you want to be friends with but they treated you like crap, trust me their lives are lame! And surprisingly one of the few people from school who turns out to be a true friend is someone you would never guess, I won't ruin the surprise for you, but it takes a few years to happen, but she is great friend now... On the topic of friends, stop being so defensive & treat others how you wish to be treated. Everything is not as dramatic as it feels. (OK to a 17 year old girl, everything is dramatic. But please try and step away from tough situations & think "is this worth all the fights & stress"?)
 Do not stress about not 'fitting in' because we were born to be different & we will never be 'average'. Please never stop expressing our opinions, please don't be sad about life, please don't waste our time on the people who treat you bad & please trust your gut instinct - trust me when it says don't do something; DON'T DO IT! Do not second guess your instinct... 
Please apply to do a student exchange program to America. I guess that's the only regret I have looking back that I didn't travel when I was younger, so do that ok. And do not listen to anyone when they say travelling is stupid. Travel instead of going to university, because uni is stupid! That turns out to be the biggest waste of our time ever! Gosh, go do a photography course, a makeup course. Anything, do something that we are interested in! Don't feel so pressured to go to uni. It is not our path!! So save our money, get a passport & go anywhere!! Just get away but be back in Ipswich & ready to work at a casual job around the November after we turn 20, we meet someone life changing then!! ;) 
Remember to love yourself, stay positive & maybe take home-ec at school instead of biology as even though you pass biol' we have no use for it now in our life... And never ever stop taking photos. But focus more on our family & pets. Those photos are the ones we end up treasuring more. 
"Have no fear, because these are no where near the best years of our life". 
Love forever, Belinda. x
PS: Start a blog & start making YouTube videos NOW. Get a head start on the blogging trend & document our life.

What would you write? I find writing things is really therapeutic. I went through so much crap in school, it was such a terrible time for me. I don't wish to go back in time as what is done is done. Every silly mistake I made just makes me the person I am today. I've seen the "Butterfly Effect"; changing the smallest thing may mean I may not end with the great life I  have right now. Everything that happens whether it be good or bad happens for a reason. I truly believe that. In the moment the bad times feel like they will fully consume you & drown you. You think there is absolutely no way out, that you have lost it all. But it all slowly, inch by inch starts to get better! Days, weeks, months & years pass and you have learnt to deal with it. You realise what you did was idiotic & you do regret doing it, but understand that you can't change the past. You cannot take it back, so you learn to except it & let it go. Also with all my 'stupid acts', Trent knows each & every one of them. I think it's really unhealthy to live with lies. Especially being in something as serious as marriage. What's the point of it, if it's all based on lies. Being married to someone means they love you for who you were, are & will be. I love Trent for those exact things & he loves me back... I couldn't be more happy with the way my life has turned out. But I really wish back when I was 17 I could've read that letter, so I could feel like I wasn't a lost cause, I wasn't alone & what I done wasn't going to ruin my whole life. But I survived either way, I learnt at the end of the day you have to learn to rely entirely on yourself. Don't be dependant on others because when they are gone you have no one. Once you understand that, you learn to accept yourself for who you are, you work out who you really are & you learn to like & eventually love the person you are. Because if you hate who you are, why on earth would anyone else want to love you? Now I don't mean I am in love with myself, sure I have things about me I don't like but I am what I am. God made me this way & well if I don't like something I have to work on changing it & if it's unchangeable well I just have to learn to accept it. I think school is pretty rough for a lot of people, but eventually it all works out ok. It gets better. You just have to tell yourself that & hold yourself up. I promise you it does get better!!
I hope if any of you are in high school & are reading this that you really keep in mind what I have said. Before you do something think for a second; "if in 6 years when I am looking back at my life, would I be happy with this choice"? I wish I had honestly thought that way. And if any of you are older than 'high school' age, I really recommend taking this way of thinking seriously, especially if you have any regrets about things done in the past. It really helped me move on from things in my life. 
So my lovelies that is all for tonight, sorry for such a long & emotional (?) blog post...
What advice would you give yourself if you could send a letter to your 17 self? Or what advice would you give to a 17 year old girl? 
Love you all.

PS; If I could include some photos in the "letter to me". I would pick these;
In the letter I would tell myself to stay home this night & not go to this party. It's one of the worse nights of your life... You disappoint yourself, a friend betrays you, you disappoint the people most important to you, you make stupid decisions this night & it causes some serious pain. So just stay the hell home. Actually try not to party so much... 
The person beside you here turns out to be a great friend. Surprising hey! :)  
Try to enjoy school. I know it sounds weird but some days we actually miss being there. It's like a free social life!!  
Remember that we are a good person inside. No matter what happens or what we do! Try to have more faith as well, you wear that necklace for a reason. God has a plan for us all, we just need to stop being so ignorant & accept guidance. Thinking we know everything & what is best for us only leads us to make great mistakes. Just trust your instincts. 
Be happy, enjoy life, do not take anything to seriously & realise we will be ok. "Because I'm still around to write this letter to me". x.B

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 review + Outfit of the night!

On Thursday (21/10/2011) Trent & I had a 'night date'... We headed out to see a movie; Paranormal Activity 3. I know scary movies aren't everyones cup of tea. But I really enjoy them! I have seen the first & second movie & I really like them, I like being scared. Not when I'm all alone or the sort of scared I feel when I see a frog or a toad. But fun scared when I am safe with Trent.

 Anyway this movie takes us back 23 years ago to the September of 1988 Kristy & Katie (the main characters from the first 2 movies) start experiencing 'strange occurrences'. In 1988 they are both young girls (about 4 & 8 I think).  It's Kristy who first starts talking to her 'imaginary friend Toby'. I don't want to give to much of the movie away so I won't go into any great detail but I thought overall it was ok. Not fantastic but ok. I assumed as it was taking us 'back to 1988' that it would answer the questions of why the girls were haunted/had something following them. The movie didn't even touch on the 'house fire' that Katie made reference to in the first movie (remember the burnt photo found in the attic). I just assumed the movie would explain a lot more, but it didn't for me. As for the ending, honestly the ending sucked, it was quiet odd. I understood it in a sense, but I really don't like movies that don't have a solid closed ending & leave me questioning what happens next. So I assume perhaps a 4th movie is in store for us? If you didn't enjoy the first two movies, you will not enjoy the third as once again it's a found footage style movie. I really enjoy these sort of movies, to me it adds more of a real sense to them instead of strange slasher style films or movies about trapping bad people, locking them in a maze to teach them a lesson (yes the Saw movies are ok, but after that many of them I really find them quiet boring). **I love gory horror films as much as the next horror movie fan, but 'ghost story' films like this I think are lots of fun!!**
The movie had pretty much the same sort of 'cheap movie effects' as the last two, with swinging lights, moving objects & strange noises. But I think it's those simple things that scare people more sometimes. Stuff like that can happen. We all have been at home before all alone & heard a strange sound and if you are anything like me you sit there thinking "what the hell was that? Ok I am about to die..." So I think by keeping with those effects instead of using huge elaborate special effects really has made these movies more of a success. If they had made some digitalised ghost that we could all  see moving the lights, dragging people & being spooky it wouldn't be so real. I think if there are ghost out there, we obviously can't see them & therefore it makes it that much more scary and real for people. In the movie there were a few times the whole theatre made the gasping sound (or much to my disgust some high pitched screams, I'll get to this point at the end). One of the scenes that made me jump the most wasn't even the darn ghost - watch the movie you will see what I am talking about (*hint; it's in the first section of the movie when they first discover the spooky occurrences)  Another brilliant scare point they had was with a white sheet, so keep your eyes peeled for that scene if you watch it!
 I think the release time for this movie is perfect! Right near Halloween! I would love to go see this movie again on Halloween, but honestly movie ticket prices are ridiculous so I doubt I will! For Trent & I to go it cost $33. I can't believe how much it is just to watch a movie, it's cheaper to buy it brand new on DVD when it's released & I would prefer to do that as then at least I get to keep it & watch it whenever I feel like it.
 I wish they had maybe focused a little more on some of the spooky stuff, it could've had a few more really scary moments & I found it odd that the women in all these movies are so ignorant. Obviously the guys have video evidence of strange stuff happening & they act like it's nothing or that the video camera is causing it all to happen. If Trent showed me a video of our house with lights moving & doors closing the last thing I would want him to do is stop filming!! But it was an ok movie, not as good as I hoped & the ending was not brilliant. It was a pretty scary & twisted ending but it left to many unanswered questions for me.The ending though did link back to the coven/cultural link made in 2. I just wish they would have stuck with full on scary unexplained hauntings, that would make people feel more scared as now it's kind of like if there is no reason you won't be haunted.
 If you have never seen these films before you could probably watch them in reverse (3,2,1) and it would still make sense (as for those that don't know 2 & 3 are the prequels to 1). If you have seen 1 & 2 it more than likely will not phase you (especially if by the second movie you were a little immune to doors closing & things being thrown around) But if they both scared the hell out of you, well 3 will do the same. But if 3 will be your first Paranormal Activity movie you will be scared, I was scared after the first one. Now they are just fun kind of movies, I even tend to kind of play a game with Trent; 'who can spot the spooky thing first'. 

The main down side to this movie for me had nothing to do with the actual movie, it was to do with the cinema. We went to the movies on a Thursday night for the 6:30pm movie. I should've realised that the cinema would be packed full of delinquent 14-17 year olds. Argh, I was so annoyed. They are all just so obnoxious & lame. I understand some laughing or whatever but just acting like a total loser through the whole movie is just plain disrespectful. I missed a lot of talking parts & some of the 'spooky sounds' because people either were calling out to each other, being rude or laughing at nothing. Like it really isn't that funny of a movie. And then my lord, if one slightly scary thing happened & I mean like a light may sway, well that would then cause all the teenage girls to scream like idiots. Like it's a scary movie, prepare for yourself to jump or be a bit scared. But you don't have to scream flat out for like 30 seconds like a banshee, it's just annoying. I just do not understand people sometimes, we had a group of girls sitting beside us & for the majority of the movie they had popcorn boxes covering their faces & then another group had to leave & were like shaking & nearly in tears. Seriously, drama queens much? It is not that scary. Like why would you pay the $12 (or whatever the student charge for a ticket is) + candy bar fees to sit there and not watch the film? It was very odd. So fair to say I was a little annoyed when the movie ended because I didn't get to hear the whole thing. 
*** PLEASE NOTE; I spoke to Birch Carroll & Coyle today & they have given us 2 free tickets as apparently we weren't the only people unhappy with all the teenagers. I am very glad they were happy to try & fix the situation.***

So as far as ratings go I will give Paranormal Activity 3; a 3 out of 5 stars. Not the best one I ever seen and considering how much the 'Bloody Mary' aspect of the movie was advertised that wasn't a big part of the movie at all unfortunately. It could've done with a few more shocking spooky things. The little kids especially the youngest were pretty creepy & they were great at acting out their roles, I think what made them even creepier for me was the fact they wore those long white nighties to bed. To me they those nighties are just creepy! I like the fact they use unknown actors in these movies as it gives more of a real 'found tape' feel to it. It wasn't the most lame movie I have ever seen & I will be buying it when it comes out on DVD. If you are dying to see this movie, head to your local cinema, but my advice is wait for it to come out on DVD.
 Oh and if you are going to take your parents or younger siblings to see this be warned there is an incredible awkward kind of sex scene close to the beginning. It was funny sitting in a cinema & you could tell everyone kind of felt awkward about it as it wasn't really expected. 

I hope you enjoyed this movie review, if you have seen this movie what did you think of it? Have you seen Paranormal Activity 1 or 2? Did you like those? 
Now onto my outfit for the night;

Sorry it's a little rushed, I was running late!! And I had to add in that blooper at the end it was so awkward. It's kind of embarrassing trying to film yourself when someone could possibly hear you. I thought Trent was pulling the car around to the front so I thought I would do a super quick outfit video (which explains why I was quickly doing this). He was quicker than I thought & came inside. When we re-watched this I was going to just delete that part but he thought it was funny and insisted I add it in as a 'blooper'. :)

Anyway outfit details are;

So my loves, that is all. I am off to bed to dream of ghosts & unicorns. I will leave you with a few photos of Trent & I from Thursday night!! You can kind of see in the photos my first really dark smokey eye, I normally don't wear black eye shadow, but I thought dark eyes are appropriate for a scary movie! I really liked how it turned out! Could be a little better, but it's a nice change from the gold, bronze & brown colours I always wear! I am also super undecided if I like my hair with a straight across fringe (bangs) or side swept fringe. Any opinions??
Ok well have a lovely weekend!
Love you all.

My husband and I. 
Mwa... X

Sunday, 16 October 2011


Hey my loves!
Oh my gosh I am so sorry, I swear I had this post done & posted... But clearly not... This blog is all about our HONEYMOON!!
 How late is this!! Our honeymoon ended over 2 months ago! So I am apologising for the lateness. I swear I had it done, I must've dreamt I did it!! 
On the Monday after the wedding we returned the suits, met my parents for coffee & spontaneously booked our honeymoon! Now we hadn't booked one before our wedding as we just wanted to see how we felt after 'the big day'. We didn't know if we wanted to instantly go away, wait a week, wait a month etc. Turns out all we wanted to do was get the hell away! We decided to go to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. More specifically we headed to Montville.We wanted somewhere secluded, in the rainforest & had cooler weather. This place was perfect. Tuesday morning we set off on the 3 hour drive. 
Montville here we come!
First photo together on our honeymoon!!

We arrived a little early so we grabbed some lunch in the cutest little town I've ever seen! I LOVE Montville!! We browsed the shops & I almost had a mini heart ache, their was the cutest little store full of seasonal items! Christmas, Easter & even Halloween items!! I wish I lived in that store! After that we drove to a nearby dam & saw a Kookaburra who was happy to pose for some photos! We went for a little hike at a rainforest track down the road from our cottage, there were lots of fun trees to pose on & in!

Our feathered friend we made :)
How cute is this Micky & Minnie bridal set I found in one of the local stores!!
My handsome husband!! (It's still so fun to say that!)
See, trees to pose in!!

Then finally it was time to check in! We stayed at 'The Falls Rainforest Cottages' and oh my gosh, if you want a romantic, relaxing & gorgeous place to stay, stay here!! To get to our private cottage we had to walk for about 3-4minutes down a wooden elevated walk way deep into the rainforest. It was like an adventure. When we made it to our cottage 'Tulipwood' we couldn't wait to get inside. 
The walk down to our cottage!!

The owner of the property showed us around the cottage & told us about the property, he even started our fire for us & suggested some nice restaurants, walking tracks & things to see & do! John was the owners name & he is very nice, his wife was away for the days we were there. But I'm positive she is just as hospitable as John. It was nice to have such a warm welcome unlike so many hotels we've stayed in which are just like "here are your keys, see ya".... 
In our room we had fresh roses, a plate of chocolates, port, a bottle of champagne, a lovely little card with a welcome message that also congratulated us on our marriage & they even supply breakfast! They let you cook the breakfast yourself just so you can do it how you like & cook it when you want! (Nothing worse than having someone knocking on your door at 7am!) And it wasn't a lousy breakfast either! It was lots of bacon, farm fresh eggs, a cob loaf, butter, various spreads, a 1 litre juice, a 1 litre milk, cereal, tea, coffee & a tomato! And if you run out of anything you just write a note pop in a basket & leave it on the office desk when you head out in the morning & John refilled it! (We only asked for a few extra things on the second night before we headed out to dinner & John was more than happy to supply us with more!) 
Chocolates, bath oils, candles = bliss!!

Our room was so beautiful, it was private, it had it's own verandah, a little kitchen, a huge double shower, a big spa (which came with candles & spa oil), a bidet (which I am always to grossed out to use!), a big bed, a TV & DVD player (we got to borrow movies from reception & there were a lot of good titles to choose from! I think we watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith, How to lose a guy in 10 days & another one I just can't remember the name of!!) & a wood fire (all fire wood, matches & fire starters are included! John topped up our wood pile everyday!) This cottage had everything we needed & wanted & MORE! We loved it & can't wait to return!!)
View from the front door.
Spa... Ahhh, I loved that thing!!
The big shower!! 
Champagne & strawberries; YUM!!

On our second day we headed to the Eumundi Markets, we had lunch at Noosa at the surf club, went to the Buderim Ginger Factory & the Macadamia Nut factory (we toured both of these factories at Trent's request!) When we returned home we had got dressed for dinner & Trent took me out to the 'Treetops' restaurant as I saw the menu & discovered they cook deep fried camembert cheese!  I LOVE this dish!! For my main if I remember correctly I had the lamb shank which was ok, but it had a very strong lamb flavour to it. If you decide to holiday up in Montville I recommend you doing everything we did this day! It's all an interesting experience! I loved spending the day with my HUSBAND.
Our view from our lunch table at the Noosa surf club! It was a lovely day, but a little too chilly for us to go swimming!
Me at the Buderim Ginger Factory... 
Young at heart? Heck yeah!!!
Trent & the taste testing plate from the GInger factory... YUM!
Me & our cottage! 
My dinner outfit. Sweater; R.M Williams, Jeans; Guess, Shoes (these were my other option for wedding shoes); Novo. 
Trent & I before dinner!
Me out the front of 'Tulipwood' with the breakfast basket :)

On our third day we visited Australia Zoo which was quiet fun, we also went to the Australia Zoo wildlife hospital which I was very interested in and then for dinner that night we went to the Ettamogah pub. Surprisingly enough the meal was quiet tasty!! We really enjoyed it! The pub is beside Aussie World, we were going to visit that theme park but decided on Australia Zoo instead. Ettamogah pub is decorated with so many random items, I just kind of stood in areas staring at the walls & ceilings. I love places like that!
Us at Australia Zoo...
Two Koalas hugging... 
Sleeping Dingo. 
Tasmanian Devil.
Kangaroo & her joey. 
Wombat on a leash (?)
This wallaby reminded us of our lovely Paddy...
Waiting for the Elephant show to start.
The crocodile ate my handbag!
My husband taking photos of the crocodiles.... 
Us at Australia Zoo before the crocodile show. 
Me inside the wildlife hospital at Australia Zoo.
Me and the statue out the front of the Australia Zoo wildlife hospital...
Trent & I out the front of the Ettamogah pub!
The pub was decorated very 'Australian'... Here's some typical Aussie humour. 
A dog carved out of a tree. It even barks when you go near it! (Honest!)
Trent relaxing.
Newly weds!! Gosh, I love him!

On our final day we headed home as I wanted to go see my sister as she was unwell & in hospital (never fear, she is perfectly fine now. Well, as normal as the Noodle can get!) But we first we went to a look out in town & also strolled through the shops once more!
Last day of our honeymoon!!
At the look out.
The scenery on the drive home.

Anyway that was our honeymoon details!! I hope you enjoyed this recap & I am so sorry about it being so late. I tried to remember it as best I could... It was so nice to each night enjoy a spa & watch a DVD together (YES you can see the TV from the spa!! How awesome is that!!). We sipped champagne (& Jack Daniels) nibbled strawberries & just enjoyed being alone without the stress that surrounded our wedding. I think our honeymoon was perfect for us! 
I honestly hope we get to go back soon or somewhere similar, I like holiday destinations like Montville. That are a little different. We visit the beach regularly (& my family always holidayed at the beach when I was young) so holidays there don't really phase me. But places like this are unique & are away from people. Like yes the little town is a little busy, but it's not chaotic like the Gold Coast or any big cities. It's just nice & peaceful. For those that haven't been to Montville, it's very comparable to Mt. Tambourine. 
If you have any questions about any of the places we visited or stayed, feel free to ask me! 
Let me know where you would like to go on your dream honeymoon or where you did go for your honeymoon?
Love you all.