Friday, 9 September 2011

Positivity makes your life better! Try it?

So last weekend was bad. We lost our beloved hound Duke, we spent all Saturday night & Sunday day (Fathers day) searching the whole of Toowoomba for our fluffy pooch. We had no luck. Monday morning came & I was calling the pound, every vet I could think of, had placed a 'lost' ad' in the local paper & was about to start making some fliers. When I got the sweetest phone call ever, it was someone saying Duke was found. Oh my lord, I have never been so happy. I collected him that afternoon & I was never so happy to see those big ears & fluffy tail!
This week just has gotten better & better. It's been such a pleasant & lovely week. I've been waking up early (ok like 8am, but that is early for me!) & getting all my 'housewife' jobs done in the morning & spending the rest of the day with Mum or Nikki. 
Here's a quick run through of my beautiful family orientated week;

  • Saturday; Mum, Trent & I cleaned up under our house & had a great day. We had dinner with my family that night. After they left, we were notified by our neighbour Duke was missing. :( 

Mums little kitten Kabuki & I. He always makes me happy!
Cleaning up under the house = treasures!! Kind of!?
My lover. My husband. My best friend.
Duke & I before he went on his weekend adventure!!
We were afraid this may have been their last photo together!! :( But thankfully it wasn't!
  • Sunday; Wasn't a great a day. But it proves Trent, my family & I all are their for each other through the tough times & support each other 110%. We all love each other!
We spent Sunday driving around Toowoomba & also walking around it looking for Duke!! Poor Daisy was sad. 
  • Monday; Pick up my brothers from school & get Duke back!! *YAY*
Duke and I when I picked him up! I was so happy to see my baby, I was lost without him!!
  • Tuesday; I spent an hour in the morning with my younger brother Lachlan. I took my filthy dogs to get bathed, I detailed my lovely car (I am still so happy to have my own car!!) & then I headed over to Highfields to visit Mum & Nikki. Mum & I saw an echidna scurring around one of the local parks there & then when I arrived home that day my Taylor Swift concert tickets were waiting for me! I cannot wait for March 6th 2012! So excited! And I took some lovely photos of our dogs since they were all clean & snazzy!
ECHIDNA!! I LOVE Australian Wildlife!! So I was super excited to see this little fella!!
Taylor tickets!! Who else is going?? Comment on my facebook 'LIKE' page or tweet me if you are!!

My gorgeous clean puppies!! I love them!!
  • Wednesday; I did the groceries & took the dogs to Nicole's house for a 'doggy play date' with her dog Oswaldo (Ozie)... Then she came to my house for dinner & we hung out watching the Kardashians & playing on photo booth!
Lunch!! I love hot donuts!!
Duke & Daisy's play mate, Oswaldo (Ozie) or 'What'son spot'son'.
Playing together!! Even though Duke has 'only child syndrome' where he can't share ANY toys, EVER!
Daisy and Nicole.
Nicole & I. Photo booth is awesome!! We LOVE it!!
  • Thursday; I went shopping with Nikki & we hung out again. I bought the most lovely candles from Target, so cute!! And then we just hung out & later in the afternoon I visited my parents.
Whilst chatting with Dad this afternoon in the front yard, I captured this awesome photo! I love it!! It's the sun setting behind a lavender bush! :)
Highfields always has amazing sun sets!!

After all these days I find myself driving away and thinking to myself, "gee I am super lucky". The drive between my house & Highfields (the suburb where Nicole my sister & my parents all live) is roughly about 15 minutes. In those 15 minutes I like to blast my country music & think. And normally it's about what I have to do, what people are stressing me out & trying to work out how to fix things in life that could be not going so well. But this week it has been awesome, I just find myself thinking how well & truly blessed I am. Having my sister to hang out with lately really has lifted my mood. I really hope her being present in our lives last forever. It's great being able to spend time with her & laugh, I love her.
 I love being able to put my life into perspective. I know in order to receive good things in life you have to put out good things. I try extremely hard to be a good person.
 I try to live by the mantra; live, love & laugh. I live my life to the fullest, I love those that matter more than anything & I can laugh at myself, about tough situations & I just laugh at those who try to hurt me. 
In my life when I am having a bad day or a really tough time I try to put my life into perspective, I make mental lists of the pro's & cons. I love doing my 'photo of the day/project 365' on Facebook, it really helps me see the good in each & everyday. And I think that is what everyone should try and do, try & see how lucky they are, how blessed their lives are instead of constantly whinging about how ugly they are or how crap their life is. Like really, if you don't like your life there is only one person who can change it & that is you! Don't whinge & cry; that changes nothing. And that all being said sometimes everyone needs a day where they can cry & feel a little sorry for their selves. But this point is being made after a general observation on my Twitter & Facebook, girls (& some guys) just post crap, like "I'm fat, I'm single, I don't have a job, I'm ugly, FML, I hate..." Like statuses like that make me furious!! Be grateful that you are alive & live in a great country, if you hate something about yourself; fix it!! Don't bloody whinge & fish for compliments - it's pathetic!! Maybe if you were terminally ill you could write a status like 'FML' (I hate that saying...) but really if you are breathing, have a roof over your head & food in the fridge; get a clue! You are lucky. I just cannot understand why people feel the need to put themselves down in order to get attention!? But it just proves how little confidence people have in themselves!! And they are usually the same people who say they totally dislike someone & then act like their best friend to their face. Like really? Go back to high school! If you don't like someone, stand your ground. When people show that behaviour to me I get very confused as I worry if they say stuff like that about someone else, what do they say about me?! It's pretty worrying, especially when you trust people & try your hardest to be friends with them... But oh well, everyone is different! Who cares, people will live their lives how they wish, nothing I can do to change it. But maybe one person after reading this may think "gee I do have a good life & boy am I lucky! No negative status for me today!". Maybe?
This post was just about my fantastic week & I thought I would share with you my feelings & how truly lucky I feel to have the life I have & be able to spend it with so many fabulous people who I truly love & adore. Let me know what your top favourite 3 things are this week in your life. What are you super grateful for this week? Either leave it as comment here, message it to me on Facebook or email or leave it as a comment on my Facebook "LIKE" page. But even if you don't want to answer it, just think to yourself what was the best 3 things about this week for you?? Thinking like that really helps you become a more positive, happy & relaxed person, as you aren't negative, sad & all stressed out over life being so 'crap'. My top 3 things are;
1. I got Duke back home!
2. I spent so much time with my family this week, I love them more than life itself.
3. I have a fantastic husband who loves me as much as I love him!

So let me know what your 3 things are!!
Love you all.
I snapped this photo the other day at a local store in Toowoomba, I love this sign!!

PS; photobucket & blogger are being strange tonight & only letting me edit half my photos! :( Like what the? Anyway, good night loves. X.

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  1. Hi Bella! Just popping over from Facebook. Love your photos and your dogs. I've got two dogs too. Just little ones. Can never have enough Qld followers. I'm in Brisbane, if you didn't already notice. I'm your newest follower!

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx


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