Friday, 2 September 2011

'Fishtail braid' tutorial

Hi everyone!! 
Yesterday was the first day of spring here in Australia!! *YAY* Which also means it's September & MY birthday month!! Woo hoo!! Anyway, I was inspired by the thought of spring & summer fashions this year to do a hair tutorial for you all, this is a 'how to' video for the fishtail braid. When I was in high school, I had who could do these so awesomely, I use to get her to my hair for me all the time... So it's taken me like 8 years to master the art of them, but hopefully after watching this tutorial you will get the hang of it :)
It takes a little practice but once you have the art of it all figured it they are simple!! 
So here is the tutorial;

Ok it's my first EVER hair tutorial, so yes the video is a tiny bit fuzzy & out of focus. Sorry I am still learning how to film on my camera!! I'm sorry my hair is so dark & it doesn't show up the detailing super well!! But they will get better!! And now that I am doing filming, the updated 'how to pin curl your hair with a dolly peg' will be coming soon!!
So let me know what you think of this & if you have any requests for videos let me know!
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Love you all.

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  1. Love it thank you. I always wondered how to do this.


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