Monday, 5 September 2011

Everyday makeup

Hi loves!!
So one of the requested blogs/videos that I was asked to do, was my 'everyday make-up' look. This is just a really quick video of how I do it. I wear this look if I have to go out anywhere during the day. I never wear a super lot of makeup (I know in this video it looks like I wear a ton of foundation; a bit to much came out of the bottle & I didn't want to waste it!) I hate wearing caked on makeup it makes me feel dirty & my skin unhealthy! I like the look of wearing makeup, but not looking like it needs to be scraped off with a paint scraper! I really like this look as it's simple & I can pretty much do this in under 10minutes. I try not to wear makeup everyday, I only wear a 'full face' of makeup maybe 3 times a week. I like being able to let my skin have days where it can 'breathe' & be natural. I think this is important for keeping your skin healthy & young. Caking on makeup & product everyday is never good. I also try to keep my eye makeup minimal as pulling on your eyes & wearing a lot of product on them can cause the already thin skin to become thinner & looked more aged.  If anyone wants a more detailed, step by step video on it just let me know :) And just remember you should only ever wear makeup for yourself, not because you are embarrassed of how you look. I love makeup & I like how it makes me look more 'put together'. I hate that feeling of 'having to put on makeup, especially if you are going somewhere where you know people judge you on your appearance (these are always the days when my makeup will go wrong, eyeliner will smudge, I will get my mascara on my eyeshadow etc). I never feel the absolute need to wear makeup around Trent or my family. As they clearly love me not matter what I look like!  When I was a lot younger I always had to have makeup on & occasionally I still have days where I am like 'argh I'm gross without makeup'. But at the end of the day this is what I was given, God gave me this skin, this face, these freckles - so I should just learn to deal with it. I know it's easier said then done for some people, but the more you can go without makeup the better it is for you skin. Because really think about it, putting product on you skin everyday (especially if you cake it on) isn't healthy. If I am having a minimal makeup day, I will just wear sunscreen (always I put on my moisturiser with sunscreen!), concealer under my eyes, maybe some mineral powder or some very light foundation & lipgloss. Then some days I will wear absolutely nothing on my face. But other days when I think I should make an effort or whatever I will wear this exact look. I've worn this look pretty much since high school (neutral eye & foundation). I just define my cheeks & eye brows more now (I couldn't really define my brows in highschool as I had blonde hair!)
So here is the video, let me know what you think please...
**I am NOT a professional, this is just how I do my make up**

  • Moisturiser; Nutrimetics restore anti-aging moisturising creme SPF 15.
  • Foundation; Revlon colorStay 204 - medium beige.
  • Concealer; Maybelline New York, mineral power, FAIR.
  • Setting powder; Australis; ready set go finishing powder. True translucent.
  • Compact; Max Factor Facefinity Compact foundation, 03 natural. 
  • Eyeliner; Estee Lauder, Artist eye pencil. 01 Soft smudge black.
  • Eyeshadow; Revlon colorStay mineral eye shadow. Sunlit Jade 02. 
  • Eyebrow pencil; Estee Lauder, Artist eye pencil. 02 Soft smudge brown (I know it's an eyeliner, I just like the brown shade for my eye brows...)
  • Mascara; Maybelline falsies volume express. Very black.
  • Bronzer; Modelista bronze shimmer highlighter. 
  • Blush; Playboy, tie me to the bedpost. (This color is now discontinued, if anyone knows of a similar color PLEASE tell me. I love this blush & it's almost empty!!)
  • Highlighter; Napoleon Perdis, Mosaic powder & puff.
  • Lipgloss; Maybelline Shiny-licious. Berry-bella.
So they are all the products I used for this video. Now they may not be the best, but they are what I like & what I have. If I didn't like the product I wouldn't use it, so I do recommend them all. 
Well loves I am off to sleep! Thanks for reading & I hope this was helpful to some of you. Let me know if you like these video/blogs or not really. If you have YouTube make sure you subscribe to my channel HERE .... 
Just remember ladies 'true beauty is how you act & hold yourself, your beauty shouldn't be able to be removed with a tissue' (or paint scraper) I firmly believe in this saying & always try to be the best person I can be & be kind & loving. But I know, sometimes it's hard & impossible to be kind to some people. But never define your beauty by how you physically look. Trust me, you can cake on the makeup as thick as possible & if you are a mean, spiteful & bad person it will shine through, clear as day. So be happy & loving ladies!!
Love to you all.


  1. I quite fancy maybelline, esp for the lip liners as I have been using it for some time now.

  2. it's interesting to see how the ladies put up make up.. :)

  3. Nava; Maybelline is good. I like some of their products. :)

    Ken; Lol, I guess it would be for a guy to see ;)


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