Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Hey loves!!
I have had 2 de-LIGHT-ful events happen over the last week!! The first is I went sunset chasing when there was a gorgeous red sunset last Thursday (15th/September)... That afternoon I got a phone call from my lovely Mum telling me "quick look at the sun". I promptly jumped in my car & drove to an area where I could get a few good shots (I can't really get a good sunset view from my house, the joys of living in town.) And this sun wasn't just "oh yeah it's red..." it was "Holy crap, it's brilliant!" It was one of those sunsets where you want to just sit back on a big deck overlooking a valley and enjoy it. I love sun sets & I had so much fun chasing this sun set. So these are my photos let me know what you think;
I could see this sight from my house,  I had to jump in my car and take off. I was determined to find a good place to take some good photos...
Gosh I love these photos... What do you think?!

Then the second was on Saturday night. Nicole and I were in Brisbane for the 'Brisbane Festival', at the 'Santos city of lights' celebration. It was pretty fun, we were in the VIP B105 area so that was extra fun & I got to catch up with a good friend from school!! They served use champagne in flashing cups, we sat on seats that lit up & got to nibble on fancy food. The light display is hard to explain so I will let the photos below explain it. Then Nikki shouted me a ride on the 'Brisbane eye'. It was a magical & romantic time. I'm joking; but it was absolutely lovely to spend some time with my sister laughing and having fun. I had a really lovely girly night in Brisbane & then we drove home, had a sleep over at my house & watched some 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'... 

Nikki and I before we left Toowoomba looking all pretty!! I love her.
Champagne time.
Us in front of the Brisbane river with the Casino in the background...
See the light up seats!! How cool are they!!!
The light show was pretty damn spectacular... It was timed perfectly to music & it was great to see!!
Enjoying myself.
Nikki excited for the ferris wheel ride!!
Just a little nervous... Joking, I love ferris wheels!
My very pretty Noodle. 
Ferris wheel fun!!
Nicole & I.
Thank you Nikki for a lovely & fantastic night... x

I hope you enjoyed this delightful post. 
Love you all.

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  1. Those photos of the sun are just gorgeous Bella! Your time in our great city looks like a lot of fun too. Glad you had a great time!

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx


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