Sunday, 11 September 2011

Carnival of Flowers time!!

The beginning of September gets me excited for a few things; warmer weather, my birthday month, Halloween is coming (more on those 2 in another post!) but here in Toowoomba September means one thing... It's almost The Carnival of Flowers!! 
As I've been driving around town lately I've seen the garden beds coming to life. Full of colour and prettiness! I see council workers out watering the plants & caring for the blooms! And I get excited & happy knowing that the 'Carnival of Flowers' is almost here!!
I snapped this image last Monday! I had to instagram it straight away!! How beautiful & exciting!! (Instagram for those that don't know is a photo sharing social media site, my username is bella_in_bindyland if you have an account follow me!!)

The carnival has been a Toowoomba favourite since it's beginning back in 1949. Every year since Toowoomba has celebrated the beauty of flowers & having some fabulous green thumbs in our region! The carnival has grown each and every year. This year will be the 62nd Carnival of Flowers celebration and it will be bigger & better than ever! For all of those who don't know the Carnival of Flowers it isn't just about 'flowers'. Yes pretty plants are the main factor of the event but the carnival has a lot more to offer! It's a very family orientated event. The carnival kicks off on Friday the 16th of September and continues through to the 25th of September! The first weekend of the carnival there are a lot of events on! The sideshow alley starts on Friday & runs all weekend, with 2 FREE fireworks displays on the Friday & Sunday night! There are a ton more free family events jam packed into the weekend. 
Saturday is parade day & at 12noon the floral parade will travel through town, down Ruthven St & end at Queens park. There will even be some extra special celebrity guests in the parade on the Grand Central float; the Smurfs!! After the parade the 'carnival classic cars' car show will be happening on the Godsall St Oval (another FREE event!)  
On the first weekend of the carnival there is also the 'Flower food and wine festival'. This year I really want to attend, but Trent's working so we will see how it goes. But from what I've heard it's a fantastic, entertaining & very informative festival! One of the guest speakers this year will be Don Burke! (Yes, from Burkes Backyard!!) **This event is not free. But tickets are affordable!**
The following weekend has more FREE family fun activities!! On Saturday from 10am-1pm there is the 'Biggest little lunch' in Laurel Bank park and from Thursday 22nd of September - Saturday 24th September; there will be FREE movies screening every night at 6:30pm. There is a different movie planned for each night & it is held also at Laurel Bank park. (All films are rated PG or G). On the Saturday night after the movie ends, there will be another FREE fireworks display!! I think I may go to the Toy Story 3 screening on the Friday night!! 
There are so many events jam packed into this carnival I can't possibly list them all but I highly suggest you head over to the official 'Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers' website and have a click around! There is tons of information on all the events, competitions and all the gardens to see! So click HERE to check it out!
I hope if you live in Toowoomba or close by you make the effort to go experience at least one day of the Flower carnival, even if it is just to take a relaxing stroll through one of the beautifully designed gardens. I feel so lucky to live in such a wonderful & pretty town that holds such a fun event! I am so excited!!
The events I am hoping to be at this year are;

  • I want to go check out side show alley
  • The flower parade on Saturday the 17th of September!
  • I will probably be checking out the classic car show
  • I will go and stroll through the gardens at Queens Park & Lauren Bank Park.
  • I really want to go to the 'flower food & wine festival'... 
  • The Friday night screening of Toy Story 3 at 'pictures in the park'! 
Last year I didn't get to go to many events as I had Paddy the wallaby to care for, but I did manage to skip through the amazing flower displays at Queens Park & up at Picnic Point! Not only are the flowers stunning, some of the designs they are planted in is awesome!! We clearly have some amazingly creative gardeners here in Toowoomba who design the gardens!!
Here are some of my photos of last years 'Carnival of Flowers' (2010);
 I absolutely love taking photos of flowers!! It's my favourite thing to photograph other than my family & pets.These last 3 images I LOVE. These flowers are fantastic!! Can anyone tell me what kind they are? As I would love to plant some in my gardens one day!!
So many gorgeous flowers & different coloured petals!! 
See how cool these designs are!! They must be super clever & very patient to plant all these in these designs! (These are just some of the designs, there are a lot more!!)
One day I shall have a garden that is full of beautiful blooms like this!!
How fantastic are these flowers!? I LOVE the red & white one. So unique and wonderful!!

So let me know if you are planning to attend the 'Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers' or what are your favourite things about the carnival? Leave a comment here or on my Facebook 'LIKE' page... (which can be found HERE) And if you don't live in Toowoomba (or near by) does your town do anything like this? 
Love you all.
 Trent and I at last years 'Carnival of Flowers'.
This is an image I took at my parents house, I just love it!! I love lavender, but I do not like bee's! (Had a bee sting when I was younger, pretty much scared of them ever since!) It was taken this year & I thought I would add it in to this 'flower blog'...  


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