Sunday, 25 September 2011

B inspired...

What inspires you? What drives you? What empowers you? What makes you think?

Is it seeing a perfect sunny day or a cloudy rainy day? (I love both - weird, I know!)
Is it driving home with the music loud thinking life couldn't get any sweeter?
Is it sitting there thinking today couldn't get any worse? This week couldn't get any worse? 
Is it reading a quote & thinking yes, that is perfectly correct?
Is it hearing that one songs that describes your life right now perfectly?
Is it hearing an inspirational tale?
Is it seeing someone who is less fortunate than you being happy?
Is it seeing someone else's success?
Is it knowing someone supports & loves you & always will no matter what? 
Is it knowing God has a plan for us all? (Or who ever you believe in)
Is it that moment when you step back from it all and think this is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life?
Is it having family that are like friends or friends that are like family?
Is it feeling a connection between you and a creature that doesn't speak your language? (By this I mean our furry friends, our fur babies, our pets. Or any animal for that matter) 
Is it witnessing something so natural & magical that you sit back and go "Dude, there is so obviously a God as something has to create this"?

A lot inspires me, everything above & more. 
I love browsing the internet looking for not only funny images but inspirational quotes & pictures. So here are some of my recent favourite images. All of them make me thing & inspire me. (Full credit goes to each individual owner)
Love this one!!!

I think these two images are brilliant. The top quote makes me laugh. The bottom one is awesome, I call Trent a T-rex & I love squirrels. So it's like it's us. Weird, but funny. The fact I found this image makes me laugh as really what are the odds of this!! 
Taylor Swift; gorgeous, fantastic & wise.
I will remember this one.
I firmly believe in this quote. God will not give us something he knows we cannot handle.
Squirrels are pretty much my favourite animal. That being said I've never met a squirrel. But any image of them just makes me smile. I would love to photograph one of these curious critters. I adore my friends who randomly send me squirrel photos; ones they have taken or ones they just stumble upon on the internet!

So my loves, that is all for this post. I hope you found this slightly inspiring, please let me know what inspires you or what quotes you love! 
You all inspire me to write more. Every positive comment, every new subscriber, every new person who LIKEs my Facebook page & even every negative mean comment. It all makes me want to write more. So thank you. 
Love you all.

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