Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dear anonymous...

To anonymous, 
Thank you for your comment... Let's address a few points... Kind of like some house rules/things you should know, now that you are going to be apparently reading my blog a lot more...

  • Firstly thanks for reading! You obviously have a fantastic eye for finding awesome blogs... So welcome to Bindyland, it's pretty awesome here. Probably lay off on the negative comments though - it comes across as jealousy and well, that trait is attractive on no one!
  • Please comment regularly, I love comments. It reminds me that people do read what I write (YAY!). Even if you feel the need to write another anonymous spiteful little comment, do it. I will probably respond with my normal sarcastic banter. It will be fun, we can make a weekly tradition of it...  
  • I will always write what I feel, I don't delete anything. I may edit things slightly if I misspell something obvious (which is rare, as lets face it I am much more intelligent than you).  
  • I maybe a bitch, that's cool. I know I can be, I have no issue admitting that. But dude who hides behind an anonymous tag trying to offend people. How old are you, 13?
  • Remember the town you are writing from is the town in which I was born & so were my parents. I have an extremely large network of family and friends. So be careful who you speak to about me. 
  • So  you claim to be "people I would rather not hear from" & you view this regularly? That's cool, you all are making me money, so thanks for reading. Every click makes me more money... YAY new shoes!! And how do you not know I don't want to hear from you, I may actually think you are rad... But I doubt I would judging by how nasty you try to be.
  • I love blogging, I won't stop because you all may not 'approve'. That's fine, I know there are people out there that enjoy reading this & I will write for not only them, but for myself as well. I love writing this & I will always write honestly & how I exactly feel. If you have an issue with my honesty please stop reading. 
  • If you find something on my blog offensive, but it isn't directed straight to you chances are it is not even about you! But if you are that self conscious or paranoid either get more confidence in yourself or change what you don't like. If I have ever negatively written something directly about you, chances are you deserved it or your full of yourself & think everything is about you!
  •  I love the positive people, they are the reason I write this blog. I feel I have so many friends that read this blog & support it. Not only my actual real life or Facebook friends I forced into reading this when I was first starting, but the actual readers who have found this blog & subscribed. I write for them, I love sharing my life with my friends (real & internet friends!). 
  • I will never lie, give a fake review and not voice my opinion on here. I feel I owe it to the people who read every single post to be nothing but purely honest. Yes I try to 'sugar coat' my life when I can, I like giving off the idea that my life sparkles. But when I need to be real I know I can be totally honest with my readers.
  • Yes, I write a lot of sarcasm. Pretty much every post may have some sarcastic undertone tied into it. 
  • Please never tell me to 'think before writing my next blog' Obviously each blog takes some thought. I can often type mindless drivel if I want to, but once again I feel I owe it to the people who actually bother to read this blog to make it something worthwhile. So yes, a lot of thought goes into most of the posts. 
  • Be happy & stop acting so stalker'ish. It's kind of strange... Like do you not have a life?!
  • Anonymous, it would be great to know who you 'officially' are. I am pretty confident I know who are. But either way, just to make you feel more welcome to Bindyland this blog is for you my dear.
Anyway dolls, sorry about this angry sort of rant. I am a little over dealing with absolute morons. I would like to thank everyone who reads this (even the haters!). Thank you to all my friends who support me. You make me not give this up. I love blogging & I will continue to write what I feel & think for as long as I can... If you find it that horrid or offensive, why are you here? 
Love you all!


  1. you are truely amazing and i love your work and to all those haters hahahahahahahahaha shot down keep it going bindi

  2. yay a whole blog about me. hahahaha glad to see you wasted so much time on this. hahaha haters going to hate. oh i am not who you think i am either.

  3. Oh dear, you are sad... & that blog barely wasted anytime... But you just remember those points now...
    Keep being happy. :D

  4. well.. you just gotta ignore tham.. don't give them the attention they want :)

  5. Love love love it! This person needs a god dam life seriously ! I can't believe they still going on. I feel a little sorry for this person also! But if ur going to be mean expect it bak! Go Bindy!!!!! Xx Kiki (had to use anOnyMOus) have no idea how to put my name ther :(!

  6. Thank you to everyone for all the lovely positive comments...
    Love you all. x

  7. Well I personally love your blogs regardless of the "apparent" people you're talking about... seems someone is very insecure in their own lives. Glad to see your still keeping it real xo

  8. Well Tiffany,you need to grow up and stop listening to the bullshit. That people are saying about Bindi and get a life i know you very well. Bindi just ignore these jealous people you have a better life,great family and husband than them any day..... :)

  9. Thanks Danielle :)
    Thank you Anonymous <3

  10. stop calling eachother Love you passive aggressive bitches

  11. Hahaha. I can't help but be sarcastic when I am confronted with such utter stupidity.

  12. LOL you annonymous People! its a blog and its belindas blog she can write what she wants! Steph - dont know how to put my name up as i dont have an account :) sorry

    keep writting bindy it will give the losers something to do all day as they clearly do not have lives!

  13. Thanks Steph... Of course I will keep writing :) I have to many things to say LOL...

  14. To anonymous,
    wow that all i can say you are truely sad and pathetic if you don't like what someone writes it simple do not bloody read it...The whole anonymous thing is pathetic if you think you are tougher then Belinda well state your name...ohh and about Belinda threating you..haha delusional fairy I believe is the best word to sum that up because you are the one threating Belinda going on that she better watch her self...From my knowledge I can gather from your writing is that you are sad little girl her thinks the world evolves around need to grow up it a blog page there a trillions of blogs out there where people write about the same issues as Belinda so why don't you find time to comment on there blogs..A blog is where people can keep an open journal of there life experiences so if you have life do everyone a favour and stop thinking everything is about you cause trust me Belinda has better things to do with her life then to write about you...stop being a stalker and get a life... <3 nicole


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