Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cruising back to '63...

Hey dolls!
How was everyones weekend?! Well mine was fun & full on. Our bedroom suite arrived on Saturday and then we had dinner at my parents place, we haven't seen them to just hang out with for awhile so it was good to catch up with them & my brothers.
Sunday we were up early and got Noleea (our pink Holden EK) ready & headed off to Ipswich for the annual 'back to '63' car show... We have attended the car show before & there is always a pretty good turn out, this year was no different! Lots of gorgeous classic cars to be admired!! There were even some slightly clueless people who decided to show there 'new cars'. Like really, I don't know everything about cars, but I do know when it's a CLASSIC car show, your car should at least be a classic! Not a Holden SS or Chrysler whatever those brick looking cars are... Really, if you are car is less than 25 years old, don't bring it. Fair to say I noticed a lot of head shaking in the direction of the few 'new cars' that were on display. Anyway, the car show was great, we got there not as early as we hoped (we are always late for everything!) & I met up with one of my best lovelies Libbi and her partner Dave. We walked around chatting about anything & I tried to teach Libbi a thing or two about cars, it's fantastic having a topic I may know more about!! (Hehehe...) We whinged like girls do at car shows about the heat, we posed beside our car & got photos & then I said good-bye to her. Hopefully this weekend we will have another date!! 
I love going to car shows and answering questions about our car to those who ask. I often always say "oh next car show I will dress like a vintage housewife, next time I swear" - well this time I actually did!! No jeans and sneakers for me this time!! And people were actually asking me to pose beside our car for photos! I felt pretty damn special... 
My outfit wasn't anything full on Rock-a-billy  or vintage as I think unless of course you are a pro at wearing that style of fashion you can kind of look like a try hard. (I know girls who dress vintage/rock-a-billy everyday, they rock this style & look fabulous - then I also know some girls that look absolutely hideous when they try to dress vintage every now & then as it doesn't suit them & they don't understand what makes it work. Pretty much the biggest tip I will give those "wanna-be vintage/rock-a-billy fashionistas" don't wear fake tan & look like a sparkly carrot! You look like a dumb ass!!!) 
Anyway my outfit was basic...

  •  I wore the skirt I got from Kitten D'amour on the Gold Coast (blog HERE) - I love it, I think it's fun & girly & very housewife'ish... (Kitten D'amour sells some brilliant pieces to add to your wardrobe if you want to get a 'vintage/classic' feel. They are a little pricey, but all pieces are handmade & only a few of the same items are ever made.  And all their products are of great quality!!) 
  • The top is just a simple, white, mid-length sleeve shirt from Supre'... I've had it for awhile, these shirts are really inexpensive & work with a lot of different outfits! 
  • The silver high-heeled shoes I am wearing are an Ebay find from a few years ago, they are by Wild Diva. I like the cute love heart detailing & buckle on them.
  • I am wearing stockings as I think they are appropriate with a skirt like this in Winter, plus they make my legs look nice! (Instead of looking like a twit by spray tanning yourself a fanta+glitter mixture, wear stockings - how much more simple!!!)
  • I did my hair similar to how I wore it at my wedding, I just pin curled it the night before & slept on it. 
  • The sunglasses are by Witchery and were a freebie thanks to some girly magazine (Cosmo or Cleo - one of them)...
So let me know what you think of my outfit! I love it, but did I rock it or am I nuts? 
Anyway here are some photos...
Trent & I on the drive down to Ipswich 

Hair & make up for the day...  I like red lipstick to glam up my everyday makeup.
Our rear vision decorations, mini garter from our wedding (made by my Mumma especially for the EK), an animal tail (classic car staple!!), Elvis & a pink snake (time zone/arcade prizes!!)
Trent and I at the car show...

Yes I claimed her as ours!!! YAY....
Our car...  Noleea

Noleea & I... Love this car so much!!!
My lovely lady Libbi and I....

Anyway loves I'm off to sleep... Wedding photo blog will be up soon!! Sorry I'm having trouble writing about certain things... Love you all...


  1. Firstly I don't understand why you deleted the last comment, it was very true. You publicly belittle other people, then delete something which sets you straight. You need to understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if you want put your opinion on a public blog expect to be publicly criticized. You have just proven to everyone how much of a bitch you are. Think before you write your next blog because this is been viewed constantly by people you would rather not hear from. Happy blogging. :)

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    I've deleted no comments... So I am unsure of what you are referring to. I stand by everything I write. Hiding behind a 'anonymous' tag also proves how gutless you are. If you think you know me, address me personally. Don't hide behind a computer... I'm game if you are.
    Happy stalking :)

  3. PS: I never delete comments, so perhaps you never hit the submit button on your last attempt you twit :)

  4. Dear Belinda,
    Keep up the good work!! At least you are honest!!
    I think little Miss. Anonymous is a very jealous person!
    Love your Mum

  5. Bindy shouldn't have to 'think before she writes' because this is her OWN BLOG where she can write what she pleases, type as she thinks, and be open to her readers. She should not have to EDIT her thoughts for anyone!
    No one appreciates a negative person.

    Bindy - I hope you are enjoying being a 'newly-wed'. You ALWAYS look beautiful, but your wedding day was simple stunning!
    Keep the blogs coming!

  6. I agree with Rachel. Love Belinda Mum x

  7. Spiteful comments behind a keyboard are so immature. You dont like the blog - dont read it! There are plenty of us out there that look forward to bindy's blogs and support her with what ever she may write!


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