Saturday, 23 July 2011

Wedding update! 1 week to go!! 23/July/2011

Hey my loves!!
It's kind of late.. Ooo it's 11:11pm - wish time... Anyway, I just thought I would do a super quick blog bringing you all up to speed on what's happening with the wedding... Well it's 1 week away! This time next week I will be hopefully dancing my heart out with my husband (ooh I can't wait to introduce Trent as my husband!!), family & friends at our reception! I am beyond excited for our wedding...
The past week has been very full on Mum & I have done so much work!
  • All the table favours are organised. I cannot wait to show you all pictures, but for now it's a big surprise for our wedding guests! All the ones for the ladies are mostly made by hand!
  • The place cards have all been made (Trent made them all, Mum & I did the pearl detailing!)
  • The suits have been collected.
  •  I have my wedding bag, it's sooo cool! It's very 'un-wedding bag'ish'. If that makes sense, I didn't want a little fiddly bag as I never fit what I want in there & I would never re-use some ugly white silk bag that is the size of my phone. So I got a bag big enough to probably carry my cat around in. It's by favourite designer & that's all the hints I'm giving out. (I'm sorry I really want everything on the day to have a surprise element to it!)
  • I have purchased our 'wedding memories/guest book'...
  • All the bridal party gifts are now sorted.
  • I had my hair trial... My hair will be somewhat simple & elegant but still very similar how I wear it normally.
  • We have picked most of our music for our wedding. But still stuck on some songs (cake cutting, garter toss, entrance, leaving etc...) So any suggestions would be fabulous. Leave me a comment on here on the Facebook 'Like' page for the blog :)
  • Both our hair has all been trimmed & mine is freshly dyed.
  • Seating arrangements are done.
Still to do though...
  • I have to finishing editing the programs for the church & print them all.
  • I have to do up a seating chart for the reception.
  • Monday I pick up my dress & veil. I am beyond excited. I love this outfit. I wish I could wear it more than once!!
  • Tuesday we are taking the EK (our classic car) down to Ipswich to be stored safely. This is the car all the boys will arrive in.
  • Wednesday is 'beauty day'. I get my eyelashes filled, eyebrows waxed & nails done... Hopefully by this stage everything is pretty much done & I can relax.
  • Thursday I will be packing for the night before & wedding night. I also get my spray tan done on this day.
  • Friday I drive to Ipswich. I will double check that all the decorations are set up correct & set up the place cards & table favours, I spend the night with my bridesmaids & Trent is spending the night with his family.
  • We need to purchase the fragrances we are wearing on the day.
  • Make table numbers.
  • Finish decorating our church candles.
  • Finalise our music for the reception.
  • Make a CD with all our songs to be played in the church. Trent's cousin Madeline is doing us a MASSIVE favour by playing the music for us. I was stressing on who would do this job!! Thank God she said yes!
  • Finalise the reception schedule.
  • I need to write my speech. I have some ideas, but I don't know how to say it exactly :(
  • And maybe try to relax!?
Well I know it looks like a lot to do, but we are almost there. I almost cannot wait for Saturday, just so after the wedding we can get on with our lives & eliminate the stress that comes with planning a wedding. I have now lost count on the amount of times I've snapped over the most stupid things because I feel like I'm under so much stress or I've just felt like crying. And I feel really bad, because the people who deserved to be screamed at aren't it's normally my parents who get the rough end of the stick. Sorry for being bratty Dad & Mum :( It's honestly such a crap way to feel & it's not that the wedding part is so stressful it's the people that I have to deal with. When I think of weddings I think of loving & supportive people being excited to celebrate the love of two people. Well my eyes have been opened lately, when weddings are being planned people turn nasty, envious, spiteful & just plain mean. Well this probably isn't news to the people who know me, but for those who don't, I can hold my own & whatever someone throws at me they better be willing to get thrown back at them double. I am tiny, but I know I can be one cranky thing! I am glad I've had my Mum helping me out so much & pushing me along to complete these wedding tasks. I am pretty certain I would've stayed curled up in bed for most of this Winter if it wasn't for her & ignored the fact I am about to be married. Simply because my bed is super comfy & warm & this winter is chilly. But it is almost here & I know this week will race by. I am not nervous, well I'm nervous something may go wrong. But on that topic I am not stupid enough to think everything will be perfect, if it rains; big deal, I have booked a beautiful B&B lounge area that is colonial style for our photos. (This is also the location I will be getting ready). The weather doesn't phase me, but if something goes wrong with the cake or my hair or something I can't fix then I may start to freak out. But that's it, I am so not nervous about marrying Trent. I know this is what is meant to happen with us. I can't wait. I love him, he loves me. Seriously, what else could I need? I have someone who loves me as much as I love them. I feel blessed.
Thanks again to my Mum for helping me out so much, without you we know this wedding wouldn't be as beautiful & fantastic as it will be! We appreciate your help.
It's now 11:42pm, this time 1 week from now Trent & I will be saying goodbye to all our guest and getting ready to go back to our room to sleep off the biggest day of our lives! I cannot wait!! So excited!
I love him. & can't wait to be Mrs. T.Scott.
Love you all!
PS: Sorry about the whole no photos/pictures on this blog. I am exhausted & to lazy to upload photos to photobucket, edit & then load them onto here.... I promise after the wedding I will show some photos on here! But most will be on my private Facebook page, simply becuase it is kind of a private day to us & our personal photos will be only shared with our close family & friends. But I will still post some photos on here! X.B

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