Sunday, 31 July 2011

Today is the big day....

So today is the day...

Today I marry him. Today I marry my best friend. Today I marry someone I love with all my heart & soul.
So what is love? I was wondering that the other night in bed... I rolled over and Trent slid his arm under my back and held me tight and my head rested on his chest. As I cuddled him, my head rose with every inhale & exhale and I could hear his heart beat like it was beating from within my head... I laid there and thought, this is it.
That may sound really lame to some love skeptics out there, but seriously we never really 'cuddle' when we sleep. We are both independant sleepers & shift sleeping positions many times through out the night. So for the rare occassion we both hold each other for a little while on some random nights it is lovely. Truly lovely.
Love to me is also having him come home from work and I open the front door for him & we seriously just stand there hugging for like 5 minutes (this works better in winter as I fit in his jacket with him). I couldn't care if the veges on the stove are boiling over, dinner maybe 5 minutes over cooked or I am missing a part of a TV show. Everything stops when I see him & I couldn't care about much else other than being there with him in that moment.
Love is forgiveness & looking past flaws. Because flaws don't even matter when you love someone, you don't even see them! When I look at Trent I see nothing but pure perfection. He is the greatest person I know, he is strong, loving, kind, smart, incredilbly good looking, funny, beautiful & most importantly he loves me.
We have taken a some what tough path to get where we are today, our relationship started off with a one hour car trip separating us, we moved in together after only a few months of dating, we got engaged early. We had only been dating 8 months when Trent proposed at my 21st. But in those 8 months we knew exactly what we wanted, we knew that this was it for us. We have been engaged for almost 2 years (in September it would've been 2 years!). We moved towns which was no big deal for me (as I've moved towns sooo many times, but for Trent who has lived in the one town his whole life it was a big step) & we moved house a few times. We accomplished goals we had set for ourselves. We wanted to buy our first home before the wedding, that's done. We wanted a safe, reliable 'family' car, done. People haven't always agreed on our relationship our how we live our lives. But that's fine, everyone is different. We love each other & honestly care very little for the negative opinions of others, no matter who they are. But we stuck with it, we stayed together. We have never 'broken up' we have never had 'time apart', we knew exactly what we wanted from pretty much day 1 and that was each other. I couldn't be more excited about today, I can't wait to get to the church say 'I do' & become Mrs. Trent Scott forever. I love him, I know he loves me & honestly that is all that matters. I couldn't care if no one else turned up to our wedding, as long as he is there waiting for me at the end of the aisle I will be happy. I am grateful our family & friends will be there to support & celebrate our love. Because it makes it that much more exciting for us! Today we are celebrated, our love is celebrated and our decision to spend the rest of our lives together is celebrated!
I cannot wait.
Thank you to all my readers & friends for your constant love, support & sharing my excitement!! I love sharing the details of our wedding with you guys, I can't wait to start all the detailed 'wedding blogs' filling you all in on details, show you all photos & describe it all to you.
Thank you all for helping me through some of the stressful periods of planning the wedding & to those friends who had similar 'wedding dramas' making me feel not so alone.
I love you all & wish you could all be there today!
Thanks for everything, I am off to marry my best friend & the guy I love, Trent (my T-rex)
I love him more than anything.

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