Tuesday, 12 July 2011

School holidays = FUN with my 2 favourites...

Hey loves!
So today the minions of Australia headed back to school after the 'June/July' school holidays... Now I don't have kids, but school holidays to me = fun with 2 of my favourite males in this entire world... My brothers. This school holidays consisted of sleep overs, late night ice cream runs, movies, a trip to Dreamworld & junk food!!
I love spending time with them & my love for them is indescribable with words, I'm sorry I just cannot explain to you how important they are to me. How I never want to miss a single big moment in their lives, how we can fight with each other & be fine a day later, how we can almost telepathically communicate by just looking at each other (this comes in handy when we all have to go out to dinner somewhere & we are bored and someone stupid says something, dude you should see our looks to each other)... Like honestly I couldn't be more proud of either of them. I have no doubt these boys will be amazing men! (Well because if they act silly I will just umm.. punch them?!) Seeing them grow up makes me so proud but at the same time long for the days when they were little cute kids I could pick up & pick on! I no longer stand a chance, I try to fight back but I just get laughed at, they even pick me up now! They seem to love to call me their 'little, big sister'. I love them very much & tend to spoil them as much as I can. Now to prove how much I really love them, Trent & I took them to Dreamworld the other week. Now planning it wasn't an issue, the issue was I was sick as a dog. Like I mean cold/flu dying!!! I wanted to curl up in a ball and die! But I rallied on! I force fed myself tons of fruit juice (in hope to absorb some vitamins!), rugged up super warm & tried to rest as much as possible on the car ride down. There was no way I was missing this day! When we got there it was drizzling rain!! :( But that was good!! The rain put off people, which is fantastic, as it was school holidays! So we didn't have to wait in lines for rides, the rain soon cleared up & it was a lovely day!! I felt a little better in the middle of the day & by the end of it, I felt like I could quiet possibly drop over dead at any moment!! But I am so glad I got to spend another amazing day with them & make more memories!!
So anyway, basically I love my brothers, I would do anything for them! They are pretty much on the top of the list for the very few people I would die for & truly love. My brothers are awesome, it's just that simple! :)
 I took a few photos at Dreamworld so enjoy...
Typical Dreamworld photos!! (I am never to sick for stupid photos!!!) Much to my Brothers embarrassment!
My crazy brothers & Trent went on the Giant Drop. Seriously no bloody way would I ever get on that!!
This ride is much more my style... The log ride!!
Trent & I...

My favourite part... ANIMALS!!
Tristan, Lachlan & I patting some kangaroos... (I laugh at the last photo, the kangaroo looks evil!!)
One of my favourite Australian animals, the BILBY!! I would LOVE to work with these little guys & help rehabilitate them... They are gorgeous & sadly almost extinct!! I hope this is one species we can help preserve! Isn't she beautiful!!!
Me and a koala behind me!
Dreamworlds most famous attraction - the tigers!!
I LOVE this photo!! How funny... It's like the tiger is over the crowds & annoying kids, so he is telling them what he thinks!!
My younger brothers & me at the end of the day!  I can't believe I am the eldest & the shortest!!
They love me, even though I am pretty weird...
Aww I really love him. Like really, really, REALLY.
This photo is from one of our many sleep over nights!! We had pop corn, cup cakes, cheese toast, movies... :) I love those nights!


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  1. I wish I can go Australia! :D love the tiger, so cute!


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