Sunday, 31 July 2011

Today is the big day....

So today is the day...

Today I marry him. Today I marry my best friend. Today I marry someone I love with all my heart & soul.
So what is love? I was wondering that the other night in bed... I rolled over and Trent slid his arm under my back and held me tight and my head rested on his chest. As I cuddled him, my head rose with every inhale & exhale and I could hear his heart beat like it was beating from within my head... I laid there and thought, this is it.
That may sound really lame to some love skeptics out there, but seriously we never really 'cuddle' when we sleep. We are both independant sleepers & shift sleeping positions many times through out the night. So for the rare occassion we both hold each other for a little while on some random nights it is lovely. Truly lovely.
Love to me is also having him come home from work and I open the front door for him & we seriously just stand there hugging for like 5 minutes (this works better in winter as I fit in his jacket with him). I couldn't care if the veges on the stove are boiling over, dinner maybe 5 minutes over cooked or I am missing a part of a TV show. Everything stops when I see him & I couldn't care about much else other than being there with him in that moment.
Love is forgiveness & looking past flaws. Because flaws don't even matter when you love someone, you don't even see them! When I look at Trent I see nothing but pure perfection. He is the greatest person I know, he is strong, loving, kind, smart, incredilbly good looking, funny, beautiful & most importantly he loves me.
We have taken a some what tough path to get where we are today, our relationship started off with a one hour car trip separating us, we moved in together after only a few months of dating, we got engaged early. We had only been dating 8 months when Trent proposed at my 21st. But in those 8 months we knew exactly what we wanted, we knew that this was it for us. We have been engaged for almost 2 years (in September it would've been 2 years!). We moved towns which was no big deal for me (as I've moved towns sooo many times, but for Trent who has lived in the one town his whole life it was a big step) & we moved house a few times. We accomplished goals we had set for ourselves. We wanted to buy our first home before the wedding, that's done. We wanted a safe, reliable 'family' car, done. People haven't always agreed on our relationship our how we live our lives. But that's fine, everyone is different. We love each other & honestly care very little for the negative opinions of others, no matter who they are. But we stuck with it, we stayed together. We have never 'broken up' we have never had 'time apart', we knew exactly what we wanted from pretty much day 1 and that was each other. I couldn't be more excited about today, I can't wait to get to the church say 'I do' & become Mrs. Trent Scott forever. I love him, I know he loves me & honestly that is all that matters. I couldn't care if no one else turned up to our wedding, as long as he is there waiting for me at the end of the aisle I will be happy. I am grateful our family & friends will be there to support & celebrate our love. Because it makes it that much more exciting for us! Today we are celebrated, our love is celebrated and our decision to spend the rest of our lives together is celebrated!
I cannot wait.
Thank you to all my readers & friends for your constant love, support & sharing my excitement!! I love sharing the details of our wedding with you guys, I can't wait to start all the detailed 'wedding blogs' filling you all in on details, show you all photos & describe it all to you.
Thank you all for helping me through some of the stressful periods of planning the wedding & to those friends who had similar 'wedding dramas' making me feel not so alone.
I love you all & wish you could all be there today!
Thanks for everything, I am off to marry my best friend & the guy I love, Trent (my T-rex)
I love him more than anything.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Wedding update! 1 week to go!! 23/July/2011

Hey my loves!!
It's kind of late.. Ooo it's 11:11pm - wish time... Anyway, I just thought I would do a super quick blog bringing you all up to speed on what's happening with the wedding... Well it's 1 week away! This time next week I will be hopefully dancing my heart out with my husband (ooh I can't wait to introduce Trent as my husband!!), family & friends at our reception! I am beyond excited for our wedding...
The past week has been very full on Mum & I have done so much work!
  • All the table favours are organised. I cannot wait to show you all pictures, but for now it's a big surprise for our wedding guests! All the ones for the ladies are mostly made by hand!
  • The place cards have all been made (Trent made them all, Mum & I did the pearl detailing!)
  • The suits have been collected.
  •  I have my wedding bag, it's sooo cool! It's very 'un-wedding bag'ish'. If that makes sense, I didn't want a little fiddly bag as I never fit what I want in there & I would never re-use some ugly white silk bag that is the size of my phone. So I got a bag big enough to probably carry my cat around in. It's by favourite designer & that's all the hints I'm giving out. (I'm sorry I really want everything on the day to have a surprise element to it!)
  • I have purchased our 'wedding memories/guest book'...
  • All the bridal party gifts are now sorted.
  • I had my hair trial... My hair will be somewhat simple & elegant but still very similar how I wear it normally.
  • We have picked most of our music for our wedding. But still stuck on some songs (cake cutting, garter toss, entrance, leaving etc...) So any suggestions would be fabulous. Leave me a comment on here on the Facebook 'Like' page for the blog :)
  • Both our hair has all been trimmed & mine is freshly dyed.
  • Seating arrangements are done.
Still to do though...
  • I have to finishing editing the programs for the church & print them all.
  • I have to do up a seating chart for the reception.
  • Monday I pick up my dress & veil. I am beyond excited. I love this outfit. I wish I could wear it more than once!!
  • Tuesday we are taking the EK (our classic car) down to Ipswich to be stored safely. This is the car all the boys will arrive in.
  • Wednesday is 'beauty day'. I get my eyelashes filled, eyebrows waxed & nails done... Hopefully by this stage everything is pretty much done & I can relax.
  • Thursday I will be packing for the night before & wedding night. I also get my spray tan done on this day.
  • Friday I drive to Ipswich. I will double check that all the decorations are set up correct & set up the place cards & table favours, I spend the night with my bridesmaids & Trent is spending the night with his family.
  • We need to purchase the fragrances we are wearing on the day.
  • Make table numbers.
  • Finish decorating our church candles.
  • Finalise our music for the reception.
  • Make a CD with all our songs to be played in the church. Trent's cousin Madeline is doing us a MASSIVE favour by playing the music for us. I was stressing on who would do this job!! Thank God she said yes!
  • Finalise the reception schedule.
  • I need to write my speech. I have some ideas, but I don't know how to say it exactly :(
  • And maybe try to relax!?
Well I know it looks like a lot to do, but we are almost there. I almost cannot wait for Saturday, just so after the wedding we can get on with our lives & eliminate the stress that comes with planning a wedding. I have now lost count on the amount of times I've snapped over the most stupid things because I feel like I'm under so much stress or I've just felt like crying. And I feel really bad, because the people who deserved to be screamed at aren't it's normally my parents who get the rough end of the stick. Sorry for being bratty Dad & Mum :( It's honestly such a crap way to feel & it's not that the wedding part is so stressful it's the people that I have to deal with. When I think of weddings I think of loving & supportive people being excited to celebrate the love of two people. Well my eyes have been opened lately, when weddings are being planned people turn nasty, envious, spiteful & just plain mean. Well this probably isn't news to the people who know me, but for those who don't, I can hold my own & whatever someone throws at me they better be willing to get thrown back at them double. I am tiny, but I know I can be one cranky thing! I am glad I've had my Mum helping me out so much & pushing me along to complete these wedding tasks. I am pretty certain I would've stayed curled up in bed for most of this Winter if it wasn't for her & ignored the fact I am about to be married. Simply because my bed is super comfy & warm & this winter is chilly. But it is almost here & I know this week will race by. I am not nervous, well I'm nervous something may go wrong. But on that topic I am not stupid enough to think everything will be perfect, if it rains; big deal, I have booked a beautiful B&B lounge area that is colonial style for our photos. (This is also the location I will be getting ready). The weather doesn't phase me, but if something goes wrong with the cake or my hair or something I can't fix then I may start to freak out. But that's it, I am so not nervous about marrying Trent. I know this is what is meant to happen with us. I can't wait. I love him, he loves me. Seriously, what else could I need? I have someone who loves me as much as I love them. I feel blessed.
Thanks again to my Mum for helping me out so much, without you we know this wedding wouldn't be as beautiful & fantastic as it will be! We appreciate your help.
It's now 11:42pm, this time 1 week from now Trent & I will be saying goodbye to all our guest and getting ready to go back to our room to sleep off the biggest day of our lives! I cannot wait!! So excited!
I love him. & can't wait to be Mrs. T.Scott.
Love you all!
PS: Sorry about the whole no photos/pictures on this blog. I am exhausted & to lazy to upload photos to photobucket, edit & then load them onto here.... I promise after the wedding I will show some photos on here! But most will be on my private Facebook page, simply becuase it is kind of a private day to us & our personal photos will be only shared with our close family & friends. But I will still post some photos on here! X.B

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

School holidays = FUN with my 2 favourites...

Hey loves!
So today the minions of Australia headed back to school after the 'June/July' school holidays... Now I don't have kids, but school holidays to me = fun with 2 of my favourite males in this entire world... My brothers. This school holidays consisted of sleep overs, late night ice cream runs, movies, a trip to Dreamworld & junk food!!
I love spending time with them & my love for them is indescribable with words, I'm sorry I just cannot explain to you how important they are to me. How I never want to miss a single big moment in their lives, how we can fight with each other & be fine a day later, how we can almost telepathically communicate by just looking at each other (this comes in handy when we all have to go out to dinner somewhere & we are bored and someone stupid says something, dude you should see our looks to each other)... Like honestly I couldn't be more proud of either of them. I have no doubt these boys will be amazing men! (Well because if they act silly I will just umm.. punch them?!) Seeing them grow up makes me so proud but at the same time long for the days when they were little cute kids I could pick up & pick on! I no longer stand a chance, I try to fight back but I just get laughed at, they even pick me up now! They seem to love to call me their 'little, big sister'. I love them very much & tend to spoil them as much as I can. Now to prove how much I really love them, Trent & I took them to Dreamworld the other week. Now planning it wasn't an issue, the issue was I was sick as a dog. Like I mean cold/flu dying!!! I wanted to curl up in a ball and die! But I rallied on! I force fed myself tons of fruit juice (in hope to absorb some vitamins!), rugged up super warm & tried to rest as much as possible on the car ride down. There was no way I was missing this day! When we got there it was drizzling rain!! :( But that was good!! The rain put off people, which is fantastic, as it was school holidays! So we didn't have to wait in lines for rides, the rain soon cleared up & it was a lovely day!! I felt a little better in the middle of the day & by the end of it, I felt like I could quiet possibly drop over dead at any moment!! But I am so glad I got to spend another amazing day with them & make more memories!!
So anyway, basically I love my brothers, I would do anything for them! They are pretty much on the top of the list for the very few people I would die for & truly love. My brothers are awesome, it's just that simple! :)
 I took a few photos at Dreamworld so enjoy...
Typical Dreamworld photos!! (I am never to sick for stupid photos!!!) Much to my Brothers embarrassment!
My crazy brothers & Trent went on the Giant Drop. Seriously no bloody way would I ever get on that!!
This ride is much more my style... The log ride!!
Trent & I...

My favourite part... ANIMALS!!
Tristan, Lachlan & I patting some kangaroos... (I laugh at the last photo, the kangaroo looks evil!!)
One of my favourite Australian animals, the BILBY!! I would LOVE to work with these little guys & help rehabilitate them... They are gorgeous & sadly almost extinct!! I hope this is one species we can help preserve! Isn't she beautiful!!!
Me and a koala behind me!
Dreamworlds most famous attraction - the tigers!!
I LOVE this photo!! How funny... It's like the tiger is over the crowds & annoying kids, so he is telling them what he thinks!!
My younger brothers & me at the end of the day!  I can't believe I am the eldest & the shortest!!
They love me, even though I am pretty weird...
Aww I really love him. Like really, really, REALLY.
This photo is from one of our many sleep over nights!! We had pop corn, cup cakes, cheese toast, movies... :) I love those nights!


Monday, 4 July 2011

Wedding update!! 26 days to go!! + a FREEBIE!

Hey my loves!
How is everyone? I'm doing ok... Sorry about being a bit quiet lately (I've even been way quiet on Facebook!!) & I predict over the next month or so I may remain quiet... It's just a bit hard to fit everything in when I am sick, have wedding stuff to finalise & life to live :) But when I get a free minute I will try to get on here! Oh & this is blog number 150!! WOO HOO!! So to celebrate at the end of this blog is a present for you ;)
This blog is more of just a wedding update blog for those that are interested... We are down to the final few weeks now!! Less than a month to go, 26 days to be exact!! How exciting!! People keep asking me if I'm nervous! I'm not nervous at all, that's probably the last emotion I think I will experience & I doubt it will happen (if it does it will be that I am nervous about tripping as I walk down the aisle... Not about being 'married). Like honestly not a lot will change for Trent & I, except my last name & some added blingage on my left ring finger!! We now have all our RSVPs back so thank you to everyone that RSVP'd! We are so excited to share our special day with you! On the topic of invitations & RSVPs, argh how frustrating are they!!! We wanted our wedding to remain small, but we both have BIG families! So we cut out people we don't speak to/don't see. And only invited the major people in our lives... Well, suddenly people expect invites, like people were emailing my Mum asking where their invitation was... Like what the hell!? So out of kindness, we mail an invite & they don't even bother RSVP'ing or coming... Argh, reason #68421 why I dislike people sometimes. And when it comes to wedding people seem to become less & less reliable! I swear I should have sold the rights to MTV or E! or something for this wedding there has been that much drama!! It would've made awesome TV! But anyway everything seems to sailing along much better now & I hope it continues to go smoothly until our big day!!
On a more positive note here is a check list of what I have done recently for the wedding...
  • Flowers; they are ordered & paid for :) I'm very excited to see them, they should be beautiful!
  • Flower girl dress is all organised! She looks so damn adorable!!
  • Wedding rings!! Mine has now been picked up & is STUNNING! It's exactly what I wanted! I love it!! Cannot wait to show you all!! Trent's is also organised!
  • I had my tan trial the other day, I have decided to go the lightest shade of tan (it still is pretty tanned though!) Being super pale doesn't suit me (even though naturally I rival Casper for the most white look!) I am really happy with the tan!
  • Suit fittings were done the other weekend, all the boys look very smart in their suits!!
  • Trent looking snazzy in a suit...
  • I have made contact with my photographer (I had to email him a copy of the 'rules' set out by the church for him!)... He seems really nice & should be easy to work with on the day & seems to understand my 'vision' perfectly!
  • I've booked in my nails & eyebrow wax & tan for the wedding :)
  • Accommodation is sorted for the wedding night before/night.
  • DJ is sorted & paid for.
  • I have my gorgeous friend from Melbourne coming up to M.C. the night :) I am so excited to see her!!
  • My veil & dress are being kept safe at the bridal store until I want to pick them up :)
Now for the slightly longer list, stuff still to do;
  • On Wednesday (6/July) I have my make up trial!! YAY!!
  • I am going to get 'eyelash extensions' done very soon!! So I will do a blog on that when it happens!
  • On Thursday we are meeting with the caterer & decorator in Ipswich!
  • I have to find a pretty guest book & pen...
  • This week I will be getting my dressed fitted & ready for alterations.
  • I still have to decide what shoes to wear! I have 2 pairs!! I think I maybe going with the slightly smaller heeled ones, as I am paranoid I will hook my big stiletto in my dress & trip! But both shoes are VERY different & NOT white! (Why waste money on white shoes, I would never re-wear them!!)
  • I will also be sending my engagement ring away to be cleaned & serviced this Friday! :)
  • On the 16Th of July we have the church rehearsal with our bridal party.
  • I am still soooo stuck on what the fudge to use as our wedding songs (i.e: cake cutting, walking out of the church, bridal waltz etc...) I have my walking down the aisle song, I have my father/daughter dance song, but that's it... HELP!? :'(
  • We have to organise the little table favour things...
  • I have to do place cards - fun.
  • I also have to work out how to make church programs...  Any advice!?
  • I have contacted a hairdresser & should be doing a trial in the next week or so, but I am soooo stuck on what to with the hair. Like I have a picture in my head, but I cannot find a photo on the Internet or in a magazine of what I want!!!
  • OK none of these pictures really capture exactly what I want... I like long curls that don't start exactly at the top of my roots & I want volume... And a nice fringe... SOOO Confused!!! But this is kind of it... Thoughts?!
  • I have to get my hair re-dyed probably the week before the wedding.
  • We have to find Mum a top, shoes & bag to go with her pretty new suit for the wedding. So far no luck.
  • I have to find a wedding bag. Well I have found one, by Guess & it's HUGE. Like big enough for me to take my big camera, make up bag & anything else I may need. Mum doesn't want me to get it. But it's white & I will use it again :) If I get a fiddly little clutch it will irritate me & I will never use it again. I hate small bags, they suck!
  • I have to have a final meeting with my videographer...
  • I have to work out the seating plan, which should be oodles of fun!
  • I have to write a speech... :) I don't mind speeches...
And I think that's about it, I probably have forgotten something... But oh well... We just cannot wait for the wedding day to be here & get all the 'formalities' out of the way & relax. Then our lives can go back to normal & not be constantly focused on the wedding! But anyway, I am sure it will be here soon enough & it will be a fabulous day!! Sooo excited!!!
Here are some images I've just been playing around with let me know what you think, I love nice quotes and stuff, but I don't know where I could use these for the wedding... I think I like the 'T&B' ones... Opinions?!
What do you think!? :)

 Oh and before I sign off & forget, present time!! Just because I LOVE sharing things with you all, I have been informed about this fabulous 'freebie'! Head on over to the Kerastase website & down in the bottom right hand corner you can apply for a FREE in-salon hair treatment personalised to your hair type! How awesome is that!! I just received mine in the mail & so I just make an appointment for the Toowoomba Stefan's store & = free hair treatment! YAY. It's nice to get little things like that, that are free (or inexpensive) and treat ourselves :) I think it will be nice to get done before the wedding! So YAY for free things!
So I hope you ladies head on over there & sign up!! :) (expires; September 4th 2011!)
Let me know if you have any advice for the 'month before the wedding' or any helpful tips on making church programs... Leave your comments here or email me or even on the Facebook page for this blog! I love reading all your feedback!
Love you all.