Sunday, 5 June 2011

To market, to market to buy a...

Hello loves!!
How was your weekend? Mine was lovely, even though I spent it by myself, it was so nice. Like I have not just had 'time for me' in what seems like ages. Not that I mind spending time with my family or Trent but sometimes it's nice just to chill out. And today was the first kind of real day I've gone out on my own in Toowoomba. It was really nice to have a 'me date'. On Saturday I did nothing interesting, just jobs around the house laundry etc. But on Sunday (today!) I got out of bed kind of early-ish (OK I was up at 8am but didn't actually get out of bed until 9am, I had every intention to... It's just my bed is sooo damn warm & comfy & these Toowoomba mornings are chilly!)
I am LOVING Toowoomba this time of year, the trees are pretty colors & it's cold!! YAY
Anyway, I scooted off to all the markets on Sunday morning! In Toowoomba we often have a fair few markets on every Sunday!! As normal my first stop was the big Toowoomba markets held around the PCYC. These markets are great, tons of fresh produce, plants, crystals, second hand items, pet things, wine, things made out of wood, books pretty much anything you would expect at a market is here!! I can often be found rummaging around the second hand books or old home wares & ornaments looking for squirrels!!
Some snaps of the PCYC markets in Toowoomba. I am really regretting not getting those fabulous orange pants!!! (For all those who aren't fluent in sarcasm, that WAS sarcasm!!)

Then I popped over the road to the City Council building and just behind there is some lovely Farmers markets. Now these ones a very small as they are still kind of getting 'established'. Lots of farmers selling everything from goat products, to homemade chili products, peanuts, coffee, bratwurst, breads & meats. These markets are also really nice & there products are of a really great quality as most of the people selling the products made or grew them themselves!! So when you buy the product you often are meeting the farmer!
This goat was at the Darling Downs farmers markets giving rides to the children in his little cart!! I really wanted a go!! I am the weight of the average 10 year old... But I didn't ask I was to shy. Lol

And then today was also the Toowoomba Winter fashion markets that were located at Salt Studios just behind Lincraft (which is located on the corner of Ruthven & Margaret Street). These markets were also small, but located in a funky photo studio/warehouse style building! Very cool!! There were lots of vintage clothes sellers, some craft sellers & a lady there selling sweets & seriously I had to stop myself from buying anything because I think if I would have bought one I may have bought all of them!! (since the braces have come off, I've noticed my sweet tooth has come back!!)
The fashion market happens at the beginning of every season! I can't wait for the spring one!!
The cool kind of almost sneaky location the markets were held at. I liked finding them, they were just tucked away & it kind of felt like only people in the 'know' were heading to this market! :) When I turned to go down the alley way I heard some people behind me say "I wonder what's happening down there" - then they read the sign & followed!! :)
These lovely items are from Nerida's Little Shop of Oldfangled Beauties find them on Facebook HERE! I really REALLY wanted the blue dress & the purple one. But I was 90% sure, they wouldn't fit me. Actually I am like 100% sure as they were pinned to the mannequins. I wish they were tiny sizes!! One day I will find the perfect extra-extra small vintage dress!!! :)
This jewelry was adorable!!
Whilst browsing the shelves of stuff I recognized some items!! They are made by a Ipswich designer Kyla! I've met her once before at an Ipswich market! She is really lovely & she blogs to!! Head on over to her blog HERE and check out her 'Little Bird' stuff. It's fabulous & really creative!! :)
This adorable set up is by 'Sweet Stella'... Check out the website HERE! I seriously had to drag myself away from the stall as if I was afraid if I bought just one thing it may result in buying A LOT more!!
There was a steady flow of people the whole time I was there in the morning!! It was a really nice market & had a really 'cool' atmosphere to it!! :)

In Toowoomba there is always markets on every weekend...
  • Every Sunday is the 'Toowoomba Markets' that are located around the PCYC building. Like normal markets they start early & end around noon - 1pm. *TIP* If you head later in the day, they normally mark all the fresh produce down super cheap!
  • On the last Sunday of every month is the Cabarlah Markets (about 15 minutes out of Toowoomba). Find them on Facebook HERE.
  •  Black Forest Hill markets (which are also located at Cabarlah) now I'm unsure when these are on, I've heard a few different times. I think they are on pretty much every Sunday the Cabarlah markets aren't on. ? I could be wrong. I've been once, they aren't too bad but are still getting established!
  • Darling Downs farmers market. They are held the 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month from 7am - 12noon. They are located on the 'village green' behind city hall. (Pretty much behind the Council building!) Find them on Facebook HERE.
  • The fashion market is held the first Sunday of every new season! (I think) Find them on Facebook HERE so you know when the spring one is happening!
  • The Queens Park markets are normally held on the 3rd Sunday of each month :) These markets are often advertised around Toowoomba a few weeks prior.
I think that's all the markets... Sorry if I missed any...  If you live close to Toowoomba I suggest you plan a day trip on a Sunday to visit these fabulous markets ASAP!!
I picked up just a few items at today's markets...
Some fresh produce, silver beet (spinach), corn & broccoli YUMMM... This produce was purchased at the PCYC markets.
A new dog collar for Daisy as some unmentionable Dalmatian decided to eat her last one which was a very pretty pink crystal studded one. :( Some people need to learn to control their pets or just not have them if they can't manage them! I bought this collar from the PCYC markets. :)
New gloves!! YAY. They are a touch too big (but I've found every pair of gloves I try on are too big!!) But I love the pattern & they are brown!! YAY... I got these from the Fashion Markets :)

And then after all the market shopping I sat down & treated myself to a coffee & a lemon meringue pie at the Shingle Inn on Ruthven Street.
After that I visited 2 local antique stores & holy crud-moli they are expensive!! No thanks that $250 squirrel can stay right there! I will stick to finding my treasures & squirrels at garage sales, markets & second hand stores!!
A very expensive squirrel. (I will accept her if anyone would like to buy it for me!! LOL) x

 I then headed home to do some work. I mowed & whipper snipped the lawns, detailed & washed my car (I really love saying MY car), vacuumed, did laundry & made a roast for tea.
So I am exhausted & ready for bed!!
Hope your weekend was as fun as mine!!
Love you all.


  1. What a great day in Toowoomba...some of my fav things to do...ta for putting it altogether...

  2. Thanks for the blog love Chrisy!! :) xo

  3. Thanks for the kind comments about my stall, it was a great day and a very cool market! Just to clarify Queens Park Markets are on third Sunday of every month, the next one is on the 19th June and combining with Endeavour Challenge and The Chronicle Community Fair so it should be an awesome day for the market. So the market is extending there hours from 8am-4pm, love to see you there.

  4. Awesome!! Thank you so much for clarifying that about the markets!! :) I hope to be there. xo

  5. A dog chewing a collar.. Isn't always the owners fault. Many reasons why. Get off your high horse girly.

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  7. Clearly by your 'anonymous' comment you are a great person ;) thanks for your love, the view from my 'high horse' is fantastic I will choose to stay up here! Thanks though!!!!

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