Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Skirts, beach walks, a pegasus & more! Holiday blog #3!

Hey my loves!!
OK this is the final blog in the 'holiday series'...
If you missed part one read it HERE & part two HERE...
On Friday afternoon we decided we wanted to take a stroll along the beach. Well super smart me only bought jeans to the coast & no shorts!! So we headed over to Pacific Fair to buy some shorts or 3/4 pants... First shop we went into I didn't find any pants, but I found a super cute singlet which was $7.50!! It's just a simple black singlet top with a gold flower detail on the side. I thought it was cute & for $7.50 - BARGAIN! (I'm sorry I can't remember the name of this store, it was a surf store).
I think it's cute... What do you think!?

Then I skipped off to Peter Alexander to admire the pretties there... (I found a gorgeous blue sweater with a deer on it, but it was $120, like I really wanted but no way am I paying that much money for a knitted jumper... Well I would if I wasn't paying off a super expensive veil for the wedding...) I found nothing there, well I did find some cute pyjama pants but they weren't in my size. (Surprise, surprise nothing ever is!!)
Kitten D'Amour time!! Love this store!! Even the bags are cute!!!

Then a few stores down is my favourite clothing store of all time - Kitten D'Amour! (Yes I have mentioned this store 1000 times, but I love it!) I love this store because it's pretty, girlie, vintage & sexy!! And to make this store even better they are decorated so damn pretty & the sales staff are nice!!! :) 
See how pretty!!! It makes shopping even more fun when you get to buy clothes in a gorgeous store!!
I would have LOVED to have purchased these outfits (actually if I had my way I would've purchased everything in the store!) But these few items really caught my eye!! How amazing!!

On Friday they were having a SAMPLE SALE!! But seriously all the mega cheap items (like $20 shirts & skirts - normal retail price is $140'ish for shirts & $200+ for skirts) were all in size 10 & 12. Like what the hell!! I understand it's a sample sale & a sample size is a 10, but :( No fair!! I'm a 6, so buying a 10 or 12 is just silly even if it is like 70-80% off!! Then I was scurrying through a basket of skirts that were reduced and I found a 6!!! YAY!! And this skirt was so pretty and girlie. I really like it & it will be perfect for summer & walks in the park & it's a pretty color which could be nice for Christmas time... It wasn't as cheap as the sample sale stock, but it was reduced YAY. From $149 down to $69... Which is still a good sale!! :)
Do you like it!? I think it's so cute!!

So I decided I didn't need shorts I would wear my new skirt to the beach!! :)
So we went back to the apartment got changed had a drink & went to the beach for a nice walk. It was so nice to walk along the beach even though it was very chilly!! We saw some nutty tourists swimming in the ocean, like really?! Why... We dipped our feet in the sea, but that was enough for us!!
beach time!!!
Down on the beach - I love him. He makes me incredibly happy. I am grateful to have someone so amazing in my life...
See my pretty new skirt is fit for any scene!! I love the beach, it was so relaxing to be down there even though it was chilly!!
How pretty...
One of the best feelings ever - letting your toes sink into the sand & have the water race up to you & when it's way colder than you thought you scream & laugh... So fun...
The Gold Coast... :)
When we headed back to the hotel I found this critter out in the court yard!! It's bloody Frankie the pegasus, my pet unicorn Fleecy's cousin!! ( I co-own Fleecy with a super close friend...)

Then we headed back to our apartment Trent decided to go do some laps in the indoor lap pool & I relaxed in a hot bath :)
Yes I am reading the latest Sweet Valley book. I loved them when I was growing up. :) Nothing beats relaxing in a hot bath with bubbles, wine & a book!! :)

After all that, I started on my makeup & got all pretty to head out for dinner.
Trent & I. = Love.
Getting ready for dinner :)

We went across the road to Jupiter's Casino for dinner at the P.A. I had the fish & Trent had steak (I think he got the big T - LOL).
Trent and I at dinner....
Mine is the top meal & Trent's is the bottom. How cool is that basket my chips came in!!!

Once dinner was finished we had a walk through the casino, I got a $5.50 frozen cocktail (these are the only reason I agree to go to the casino as gambling in casinos bore me & I think it's stupid). We then decided to head into Surfers Paradise for a little while. We walked through the night time markets along the esplanade & admired all the fancy new work they've done down there (like seriously it's pretty fancy now & the little blue lights in the foot path are cool!)... We then checked out a few night clubs & got pretty bored pretty quick as clubs & their crappy music really isn't our scene!
Evidence we were in a night club. This was taken at Sin City on the Gold Coast...

So we left the night clubs, grabbed a slice of pizza (pizza by the slice always taste sooo much better than full pizza!!) And we headed back to the apartment! We were seriously back in by 11:30pm!! Exciting kids aren't we!!
Being silly in the elevator when we were going back up to the apartment...

On Saturday morning we pretty much just woke up, packed up & left. We grabbed breakfast on the road & we were planning to go to Dreamworld that day as I have some free passes but the weather was pretty bad & it was a long weekend which would = 50,000 kids! So we decided not to bother... And we headed back to Toowoomba!! :)
Ready to leave our short holiday! Wish it lasted longer!!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about our 'short escape'... I think sometimes you just really need a little break to recharge, reevaluate things & just relax & remember whats important in life. All the negativity we seem to attract from friends, family & people on 'Facebook' is kind of pretty pathetic. I've never ever been so surprised at how hard it is for people just to be genuinely happy for others. But I guess in this world there will always be bitter, spiteful & negative people. The trick though is just to rise above it all. :)
So thanks to everyone who was nasty & negative & caused us so much stress, thanks to you we went on a really enjoyable & fun holiday & spoilt ourselves because we deserve it :)
Thanks even more to my parents for coming over to our house whilst we were gone & feeding our babies!! :)
But a sincere thank you to everyone in our lives who is positive & happy for us & so supportive. We love you all.

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