Friday, 24 June 2011

New jackets for our fur babies!

Hey loves!
So in Australia we are in the heart of winter right now. The days are short & chilly. And yes I am aware our 'winter' is pretty mild compared to some... But still it has been getting cold lately, like zero degrees at night time around here... So if I'm feeling the cold I am pretty confident our furry friends are as well!! So our beloved hounds needed a bath, but I am not that cruel I will wash them with the garden hose in winter (I wouldn't want an ice water bath) & bathing a German shepherd in a shower is impossible!! So we took them to our local Pet Stock store where we can hydro bath them our selves for like $10 each & then we can blow dry them!! :) Whilst there we also purchased them a snazzy new winter coat each!! I think they look very smart in their new jackets... The jackets are by the brand 'WeatherBeeta' & are in the 'Landa' design. These coats cost us $60 each, which is not bad for a big dog jacket! The 'Landa' dog jacket is durable, warm, water proof, breathable, can be washed in the washing machine & is designed to be seen at night (in case they get out!) Duke had a jacket (not a 'WeatherBeeta'), but he nibbled on it... So he better not eat this one!! Mishka has 3 jackets that we swap around, she has her famous 'moo-cow' jumper & 2 puffy jacket style ones. One is red and says 'DIVA' & the other is pink & says 'Drama Queen'. (hehehe.) Anyway, we figure if we won't to be warm, our 'fur babies' probably want to stay snuggly warm as well. The dogs love wearing their coats, but Mishka kind of walks funny in her jackets... They don't hurt her & they aren't tight on her, I think it's just the feeling of having something around her middle that makes her walk silly. (I will try to film it and put it on YouTube!!) So we often let them inside (the dogs, Mishka is a strictly indoor cat only!) & we let Daisy sleep on our bed & Duke on the floor beside me (Duke has to sleep on the floor if Trent is home as he takes up wayyy too much space & always wants to sleep right on top of us!!)... They are normally put out early in the morning though... :) We love our pets so much & they are our children for now...

So here are some photos of our pet store adventure, the hounds & Miss. Moo showing off their coats...
About to head to the Pet store!! (Daisy is laying down, she curls up as soon as we get in the car LOL. Duke how ever likes to watch everything!!!)
Bath time!! LOL
Daisy May and I just chilled out on the couch together when we came home... She is so snuggly!!
Mishka in all her coats... She is pretty spoilt!!!
Our pets are so co-operative in photos...
Photo taking is boring to Duke...
My girls... Typical sisters though, they don't really get along that well, but then at bed time they will sleep right beside each other!! (Well until Mishka decides she wants to snuggle Duke...)
Sleeping arrangements!! :)
My big beautiful first baby!! I love him.

And so then the pets wanted to thank us for their new jackets (well Mishka didn't, but she is never grateful for what she gets - typical cat!!)
Kisses for Daddy...
Hugs & kisses for Mummy... Awww, I love my babies, I would be lost without them!!

Well my loves that is all, I'm off for the night. I think I will bring the dogs in, have a cup of tea & some biscuits & watch the DVD I just got today 'Milo & Otis' (a childhood favourite!!) with them as Trent is on night shift!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!!
Love you all.

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