Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A day out in the field with Lee Kernaghan; FarmFest 2011.

Hey guys!!
Each year in Toowoomba there is one event that brings all the farmers & suppliers together in one big place - FarmFest! It is everything farmers need pretty much in one place! All the suppliers are there to do good deals & give away merchandise! There is everything there from cars & tractors to cows & dogs to shovels & mops to grass & crop demonstrations! Now I know we don't really live on a farm anymore :( But my parents still own our property in Ipswich, QLD. And well Dad had a few things in mind he wanted to look at & my younger brother wanted to get some prices on tools for his apprenticeship. So we all went as a family (Trent did not come as he was sleeping as he is on night shift). Of course Tristan & I were mainly excited about seeing the animals!! There are LOTS of cattle there for showing & also for sale. Lachlan had to meet up with his class for an hour & then hung out with friends & Tristan kind of ditched me for his mates as well :( I don't think it's really cool to hang out with your big sister... So it was just Mum & I & Dad when we could find him! Trust me, if you attend FarmFest (or a similar field day!) Make sure everyone has a mobile phone as it's sooo easy to get lost & separated!
Anyway we saw lots of interesting things & also got to see Lee Kernaghan perform a few songs live!! It was fantastic, I've listened to Lee's music since I was pretty young when Dad use to buy his albums & he has pretty much stayed a family favourite since. We all pretty much know each song word for word & like all his music!! So that was lots of fun to see him perform!! I got to see some beautiful cattle and learn about some new breeds & I saw some adorable kelpie puppies (oh my lord, I so wanted a puppy but they are $1200 working dogs!)... It was a really nice but COLD day out in the field. I love spending time with my family :)
So here are some snaps from the day... (sorry I only took my small digital camera & iPhone so they aren't of the best quality!!)
I also uploaded some videos of Lee Kernaghan performing at FarmFest on my YouTube account... So click HERE if you want to go there!! And yes I know there is a ton of singing in some parts of the videos, but everyone in the crowd knows all the lyrics & were singing along!! Lots of fun!!!
Anyway photos;
Yes that is one big bale of cotton!!!
Mum & I feeling the cotton!
The very expensive working dogs that make me wish I owned a property so I could own them!! Aren't they gorgeous!!
How awesome & smart are these dogs!! That little pup was helping the older male dog do the rounding up. And that puppy is really young! Soooo intelligent. Love Kelpies!!
I honestly want this cow!! How cute is it!!
Belted Galloways having a lay down at FarmFest.
A very big bull waiting to be showed and me. :)
Just chilling with the alpacas...
GOATS!!! I love goats. And yes I found the same people from the markets who did the Billy Cart rides. Once again I was to shy to ask for a go & I am pretty sure I maybe to big :(
The Red Poll Cattle area at FarmFest...
Me patting the Brahman bull at the Brahman area at FarmFest (isn't he gorgeous!)
Tristan patting the big Belmont bull. Funny story about this. Tristan, his school friend & I walked up to pat this bull & the lady was standing there & she thought she was a bit smart/funny/whatever & said "Oh I bet you all can't guess this fella's weight" my brother takes a look at it, thinks for a few seconds & says "980kg?". The look on the lady's face was priceless!!! She was said "Well, umm... yes that is um.. exactly right". Seriously this kid knows everything there is to know about anything. He is so smart! And he knows his cattle & farm stuff! I don't know maybe he fluked guessing the weight that good, but either way it was brilliant and I wish I had filmed it!
Lee Kernaghan at FarmFest 2011!!
Lee and I :) - damn it he blinked in the one I look nice!! LOL
Mum getting her iPhone signed!!

My Mum at FarmFest...
Mum & I :)
My Outfit for FarmFest.
  • My brown coat I wear everywhere!! (CityBeach)
  •  My JUNK jeans that actually had a hole near the back pocket the whole entire day LOL lucky I wore dark undies & no one really noticed (like seriously I could've been wearing bright colored skimpy Lacy things that stood out so thank the lord I wore something boring!! LOL) These jeans are like 4years old & are ready for the bin, but I can't find jeans anywhere that are this shape & fit so well :( .
  •  My R.M Williams boots!! - Of course I would wear these!!
  • My handbag is by Forever New & was a gift from my Auntie :).
  • The shirt under the jacket is by American Eagle.
The coolest freebie I got all day was a little stress squishy cow!! YAY for a cute cow!!
Yay my cow won a ribbon!! Hmmm... except she has an udder & is a cow (obviously if she has an udder...) but she won the junior bull section? hmmm... I maybe lying :P

Anyway my loves that's my blog on the 2011 Toowoomba FarmFest. It's an interesting day out & you are guaranteed to learn something new. It's really cheap to get in ($5 adults, kids are free) & food prices are standard 'show food' prices (a hamburger was about $5.50 I think & hot chips $4 a cup, but they were a generous serve of chips!) So really if you are bored tomorrow (Thursday is the last day) & live around Toowoomba I suggest you go. Check out the animals, see if you can get yourself a bargain on something for around the yard or just go for a look. Will I be returning next year?! Yeah probably, especially if Trent or my family wish to go back!!
Well I hope you enjoyed this blog...
Love you all.

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