Monday, 27 June 2011

Cupcakes, Cocktails, Friends & Kings.

Hello loves!!!
How was everyone's weekend!? Mine was fabulous... Saturday I had my flower girls dress fitting in the morning (she looked adorable!!!) & then I got ready for... GIRLS NIGHT!! YAY. Like seriously, I never go out. And that's my own choice, I just am not a fan of clubs or stupid idiots (which often fill night clubs!) But this night was like cupcakes (I can't say no to sweet treats!!) & cocktails. I was planning on driving back home after the party (I was planning on not drinking!!) So we nibbled cakes & sweet treats, played Pictionary (which is tons of fun, I can't believe I have never played before!), attempted & failed miserably at charades & chatted! It was great... But then Trent texted me & asked if I would stay the night as he didn't want me driving home alone at night (the party was a 1 hour drive away.) So I stayed, which meant I did have a few drinks, purchased Slushies & a toothbrush  from 7-11 down the road, headed out to a local bar, met some new friends, came home, played Kings (which in case you have never played is the most hilarious & confusing & evil drinking game! *GECKO*), then we all went to sleep at some crazy stupid, "I haven't been to bed this late since I was a crazy single girl" time... The night was amazing! Loved it!! Thanks to Libbi & Caitlyn for the best night!! Lots of fun!! The party was originally planned to be a strict 'girls night' get together, but the kind of ungrateful girl it was thrown for decided she didn't feel like attending, well we rocked that party & made it awesome! I am so glad I went & kind of glad she didn't turn up as maybe it wouldn't have been as good as it was if she had come!? It was brilliant! The next morning I woke up a tiny bit seedy & made the 1 hour long drive home, had a shower, climbed into bed beside Trent & didn't get out until I had to cook a roast for dinner :)
A fabulous weekend!!
My outfit for the night... Yes I am aware the top image looks very 'female inspector gadget'... My trench coat is by Billabong, grey knit high neck dress/top (I'm short I wear it as a dress) is from Target like 3 or 4 years ago, I wore black tights under the dress also from Target kids section & I wore little grey boots from Payless... I liked the outfit!! The pearl headband in the bottom picture is Libbi's I borrowed! And the funniest thing about this outfit is another girl (Steph) was attending this party, I have never ever met her or knew of her. She wore a grey knit dress, black tights & boots as well!! Freaky!!
Aw what a pretty 'girls night' spread. Thanks Libbi & Caitlyn for making everything so pretty-ful & very tasty!!
Fairy lights make any party super cool!! :)
I met my grand-baby this night... Fleecy my unicorn I co-own with Libbi had a 'love child' to some other drugged up unicorn & couldn't manage the baby... We now have full custody.. But what to name it!?
I knew instantly the first time I went to Libbi's house we were meant to be friends. She had up my favourite poster from 'Frankie' Magazine on her wall!! I love the one on the right!! :)
Libbi & I :)
Girls nights ladies... :) Steph, Caitlyn & Libbi...
Oh my lord... Clearly it was a fun night!! :)

So that was our girls night recap! I had an absolute ball!! Best night out in a long time!! :) And I leave you to ponder this question...
Do animals in different countries make sounds with accents?
Love you all.

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  1. Awesome recap of the nights events xx we made so many crazy memories! xx thanks again for coming xx until next time, caitlyn


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