Monday, 13 June 2011

Cooly Rocks On ROCKED! Holiday blog #2.

Hey loves!!
This is a follow on blog from my last one about our 'holiday'... If you haven't read #1 check it out HERE.
So on Friday morning we rolled out of bed kind of early, about 8am'ish. We wanted to get an early start & head to 'Cooly Rocks On' early so we could look at all the cars & markets!! Now for those who don't know 'Cooly Rocks On' was formerly known as WinterSun. Last year was the last time Coolangatta hosted WinterSun, the WinterSun organisers decided to change the location to Port Macquarie on the N.S.W north coast. Which is about another 6hours drive from the Gold Coast (Coolangatta is maybe a 15 minute drive from the Gold Coast & from Toowoomba to the Gold Coast is almost a 3hour drive for us!! So we were much happier to attend 'Cooly Rocks On') Honestly, I'm not 100% sure what happened and why they changed location. I've read/heard a few rumours. But either way the organisers decided it would be better further south?! But the Gold Coast City Council decided they still wanted to run a festival at the same time each year, with the same feel. Somewhere people can bring their vintage & classic cars, somewhere all the nostalgia market stall holders can congregate & show off their new products & a event that will bring people not only to the Gold Coast but together. Now we don't go to all the events that the festival has to offer (there are dance workshops, concerts, model competitions, poodle parades, talents shows & surf competitions!) We go have a look at the cars, markets & grab some lunch. We would probably hang around to see all the other events that are held through out the week if we had the time, but we simply don't. This event is a fantastic event & I see us going as much as we can in the coming years. We have been once before to the 'WinterSun' festival (2 years ago in 2009) & it was pretty good. We took the EK down in 2009 (we couldn't take her at the moment as she is getting some work done before the wedding!) but I almost think 'Cooly Rocks On' was better than that 'WinterSun' festival! Either way, I am sure both are good but I can't see us attending 'WinterSun' anymore as it just too difficult & expensive to travel too! 'Cooly Rocks On' is only a short drive down Toowoomba & from the Gold Coast & it's a familiar place to us, so this will be the festival we will attend! :) I say every time we go to a car show, I want to wear my Kitten D'amour outfit (black tight skirt with my pink & black button up shirt with high heels) & each time I end up wearing jeans & my car show t-shirt! Go figure, please next time I say I am going to a car show PLEASE someone remind me to wear that outfit!! Because I see tons of ladies/girls wearing vintage outfits & I know my Kitten D'amour outfits are just as nice!!
I had a great time at 'Cooly Rocks On'... Next year I highly suggest you get on down there & check it out!! It goes for about a week & each day has lots of events going on!! So you won't be bored!!  Check out the Cooly Rocks On official website HERE!
Anyway here are some photos my loves...
Market photos.... (Oh from the markets I purchased a hair bow (blue bow with a flamingo!) from the lovely Kat at 'My Little Rockabilly'  she is on Facebook check her out HERE. And Trent got a shirt with an EK on it from another stall)...
The markets were really good!! I enjoyed browsing through all the stalls. There was everything there from vintage home wares to white wall tyres to vintage inspired recreated pieces to actual vintage clothing to hair bows & ladies doing vintage hair & make up looks!! I really want a sailor style dress but seriously almost every stall I went into had nothing that would fit me or in my size for me to try on so I just didn't bother! But I love my hair bow from My Little Rockabilly! Thanks Kat. xo
See, isn't that the cutest damn bow ever!! I love these bows!! :)

My dream car wish list... Well, not wish list just cars I would be happy to own & I would appreciate them as gifts!! ;) One day we may own a huge garage full of classic cars....
There were a LOT of Ford Mustangs at Cooly Rocks On, I think they are lovely cars!! I wouldn't mind owning one!! I think these are the 1960's models... I THINK!! I am no car expert... I am just guessing.
I have no clue what this one is but it's gorgeous!!
Now I am not a massive Chevy fan... But I do love this one, it's from about the 1930'ish era. I think it's just beautiful & I LOVE the color!!
I LOVE this Ute!! I really want an old Ute!! Gorgeous car!!
How cool is this car!! It's a Buick Woodie Estate Wagon!! I love the matching boat!! I have a thing for wood grain finishes lately, I think they look so cool!!! This car was made in the 1950's!
I think this 1961 Plymouth Valiant is sooo damn awesome! I would love to own this car. I could see myself cruising around in this bad boy & it would make a nice friend for our Noleea (the EK)...
My beautiful car parked along side some classic cars!! :) LOL. The car parks, side streets, main streets, footpaths all turn into car showing areas!! We did see one idiot there though who thought his recent Holden SS ute was worthy to be included in this classic/vintage car display... (Like he had his hood up & everything!) What an idiot!

Then we stopped for some lunch... Lately we have a new obsession, Grill'd burgers!! These burgers are really tasty & since having my braces removed eating burgers is my new favourite thing to do!! (My order is always the Simon Says burger!!)
Boy do I love him... & the burgers weren't bad either!! :)

Then we looked at more cars... Some are funny, some are a bit umm... different? & some are cool!! What do you think!?
My gorgeous Trent checking out all the cars!
Cars lined the streets all through out Coolangatta for the 2011 Cooly Rocks On festival!
There were some very unique cars at Cooly Rocks On. (see the hand poking out of the fuel tank!!) LOL
Interesting cars with interesting stickers...
These seagulls got a free lunch from the boys in this car. They were tossing chips onto the roof of their car for the birds!! This made quiet a scene!!

Then we headed up to the look out just around the corner (I'm sorry I've forgotten the name of it...)
Me at the look out, it was a beautiful day!! :) - You can see Surfers Paradise in the background...
Trent at the look out...
We could see the car show from the look-out...
The view...
Scrub turkey!!
I love him!!!

Stay tuned for the rest of my Saturday adventures in my next blog!! :)
Love you all.

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