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A bunny hops from the mansion days before the PLAYBOY wedding!

On December 30Th 2011 I reported Hugh Hefner (85) was officially off the market as he was engaged to Crystal Harris (24) (read that blog HERE)

The couple decided to marry on June 18Th 2011, yes in a few days time... Well that has all fallen apart...
This morning I woke up to a phone call from my Mother telling me Hugh Hefner's fiance' (Crystal Harris) is a runaway bride!! Of course I had to check this out, so onto to Twitter I hopped... And sure enough there was a small blog written by Crystal Harris & a confirming tweet from Hef.
How very sad. But honestly I can't say I'm not surprised....  Holly called this back in January... Read this interview HERE where Holly says Crystal is a  bit of a 'mysterious character'... & I agree!! So Holly simply said she was worried about Crystals intentions for marrying Hef. And surprise, surprise she has run away from the mansion less than a week before the wedding during the week her first single 'Club Queen' is due to be released! Like really, how dodgy!!
"I've seen a lot of girls try to date Hef, and some have ulterior motives. I don't think it would be a bad idea for him to get to know her a little better. I think it's possible Crystal could break Hef's heart. They could end up divorcing, and she could take half his money."

Is she jealous that the man she once wanted to marry has asked for the hand of someone else? No. It's simply: "I just don't want it to be a girl who's using him to start her career."

And how spot on was Holly!! #TeamHolly all the way!! :)

The original girls next door stand by Hef!!

Playmates, fans & mansion staff have taken to Twitter to defend Hef, but Hef seems to be somewhat OK about the whole thing (I'm sure he is heart broken though).
He has tweeted that Crystal took their little king Charles spaniel dog 'Charlie' & that he misses him very much. :( How sad!!
Now what caused the sudden 'change of heart'? On Sunday night Crystal decided that she couldn't see her future with Hef & moved out. They reportedly had, had quiet a heated argument over the phone on the weekend & she took some time to reconsider things (TMZ reported this & Hef has tweeted that this is UNTRUE!! And that no argument happened!!). Today her new song 'Club Queen' is released on iTunes & the July Playboy cover is meant to feature her!! I would say cancel the cover!! But I can be bitter, Hef seems to be handling this in a classy & cool fashion!!
What convenient timing, decide to pull out of a wedding 4 days before right when your song is about to be released. Hef decided to release a press release this morning! Reports are re emerging out that started a little over 4 months ago that Crystal is seeing Dr. Phil's son, Jordan Mcgraw. They worked on some songs together & apparently formed a 'close relationship' and they were spotted at an exclusive Hollywood Hotel together (Chateau Marmont Hotel in March). True or false I don't know, I'm just reporting what I've read! Another guess is that she has learned that Playboy isn't worth as much as she first thought & knows the millions Dr. Phil has & has jumped ship to be with Jordan... Once again this could all be tabloid rumours. But it could also be very true.
He isn't the best looking guy! I would've stayed with Hef... If he really is the reason she left!!

Clearly there is more going on then what they have let us know on Twitter... But either way it is a pretty dodgy thing to happen! Playboy mansion regular visitors are attempting to defend Crystal saying she is a very sweet girl & the public doesn't know half of it. Well... up until everything is told (which I doubt will be) the public will continue to speculate & honestly it doesn't look good. No person that respects their partner (or honestly themselves) bails on a wedding a few days prior! Like what a sick stunt to pull!! Especially when the whole thing seems very coincidental that she simply used Hef to gain fame & have him pay for her career to launch!!
Former girlfriends (Bridget & Kendra) have tweeted saying they are coming to visit and offered there support, his ex-wife Kimberly Conrad has come to visit with her Mother to offer support. Hef has a large circle of friends that will support him & stand by him...

 Crystal has her family that have tweeted saying how sad they are about the whole situation.
Claire Sinclair with Hef & Crystal at her PMOY party 2011.
Claire Sinclair (Hefs son Marstons girlfriend & the 2011 Playmate of the year. -PMOY) fired out this slightly nasty but supportive tweet causing Crystals family to retaliate calling her 'trash' & 'nasty'.... So I guess this is it, no third wedding for the 85year old. I feel kind of really sad for him, he took a big step agreeing to marry Crystal especially after deciding Holly wasn't right for him (I still think Holly would've been a better choice!) I doubt he will ever remarry now & as for new girlfriends, well I don't know who they will be... Maybe he will take some time out of 'dating' & surround himself with friends.
On Saturday instead of the wedding Hef is hosting a movie night & is screening 'Runaway Bride' he tweeted. At least he still has his sense of humour!
Anyway if anything huge comes to the surface on what really happened I will let you all know!! If you hear of anything let me know, or what are your thoughts on why they split days before the wedding?
Sorry this is a bit late on the news front I was waiting to see if any new tweets came through from Hef or Crystal...
Love you all & I my thoughts are with Hef, I know he will get through this tough time!! :)

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