Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bella In Bindyland; M.I.A.!? Holiday blog #1.

Hello loves!! How has everyone's weekend been? Well ours was great :)
We have returned!! :)
On Thursday we decided to get away, we had been talking about taking a trip but leaving on the Friday as 'Cooly Rocks On' (formerly 'WinterSun' at Coolangatta) was on & we like to attend car shows & check them out. We have kind of been fairly over the whole 'drama of wedding planning' (seriously I advise anyone planning to marry to elope!!) & we just needed a break from it all, from everyone else's opinions on how we should handle things & what we should be doing & pretty much all the nasty & negative people! We needed to forget it all & just be by ourselves! I fare welled my social media accounts (seriously I haven't updated them in like 4 whole days. If you know me, that's a pretty big deal, but yes I was checking them every now & then!) I booked some accommodation, we packed the car, fed the pets, said goodbye to the pets, considered how we could smuggle our pets into our accommodation, realised smuggling Mishka in is possible however smuggling to fully grown dogs is pretty much not going to happen & remembered Mishka gets travel sick & if we can't take them all we couldn't take any. :( So we waved goodbye to our pets & started the 3hour trip to the Gold Coast. Now Toowoomba is a cold, foggy & misty place (I LOVE it) & on Thursday it was freezing! (Seriously I was in a shirt, jeans, a knitted pull over, my brown jacket, a scarf, gloves & my cowboy boots & I was still cold!!) When we got down to the coast it was a bit warmer, but still cool :) We went and checked into our accommodation, which was really nice!! We stayed at the Meriton serviced Apartments at Broadbeach. (We normally stay around the Broadbeach or Mermaid Beach area as it's closer to Coolangatta & well we don't like staying right in Surfers Paradise... ) Our apartment was right across the road from the casino & Pacific Fair shopping centre (YAY). So we took our stuff up into the room, checked it all out, called my parents to let them know we were down there safely & headed over to the shopping centre for a quick dinner! I love this shopping centre simply because it has 2 of my all time favourite stores pretty much right next to each other. Peter Alexander & Kitten D'amour. I LOVE the clothes by both of these companies. Sooo gorgeous. On Thursday night I didn't buy anything (I'll get to shopping later on in the next blog or 2!).... But then we headed back to the hotel to relax with a few drinks, have a bath (YAY a bathtub!! When we bought our house one of the things I gave up was a bathtub as this house only has a shower... So I was VERY excited to be able to relax in the tub!!) & watch some TV... It was a lovely relaxing night.... It was nice just to be somewhere different & be able to kick back & not have to worry or stress over anything...
When we got down to the Gold Coast, first thing we did was hire two Corvettes!! Trent got the red one (his favourite color!! = why my nails are always red...) I got stuck with the silver one as it didn't come in gold :( Aren't they gorgeous!! - Just joking... These cars must've been guests staying in the same place as us as they were here the whole time we were! We parked beside them almost every time. Gorgeous cars, I wish I owned one :)
Our studio apartment at the Meriton. I think it's really pretty & modern!! Excuse Trent, he was watching TV & didn't realise I was taking photos!! LOL.
Nail painting time & a glass of Brown Brothers white wine :)
Ahhh how perfect, relaxing in bed... :) I got to read & Trent got to watch some bizarre show on Foxtel about building things. I didn't understand, it was weird. LOL

Anyway lovelies, that was part 1 of our holiday adventures. The next one will be all about 'Cooly Rocks On'... :) So stay tuned!! :) It should be up by tonight :) I was so glad we got to get away & recharge. It was lovely to stay in a nice apartment & just chill out....
More later. Missed you all, well I missed my positive, fun & kind readers & friends, not the nasty, negative nuts!

(PS: If you leave an 'anonymous' mean comment, it makes me laugh. If you were any type of 'decent' person you would leave your name!!)

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