Thursday, 26 May 2011

You are invited...

Hey lovelies...
How are you?! Boy Toowoomba is chilly!! I love it!
Last weekend Mum collected our invitations from our printing place... So Sunday was a full on day of writing out addresses and licking envelopes & placing stamps. And boy, they look fabulous if I do say so myself (I like to think I'm a good paper/ribbon/buckle picker!!)...
So just some details on the invitations, I had in my mind what I wanted them to do be. I knew I wanted them to be pretty, classy & not to over the top! I wanted simple yet elegant. I think I got it... Anyway enjoy these shots of our pretty invitations which so far have been described as 'regal' 'gorgeous' 'fabulous' & 'exciting'!! So let me know what you think...
** Invitations were only sent to our close family & only a very few close friends. We were going to have a bigger day, but we decided to cut the list & keep it as small as we can. (This all being said both of our Mothers have pretty big families & just inviting close family & friends has equalled to be like 100 guests!!) Seriously our wedding is mainly family or those we wish were family... So sorry if we didn't invite you.
Fancy schmancy box the invites came in!!
Fancy stamps!!
Marlin was pretty annoyed he didn't get an invite...
Invitations and RSVP cards!!
The detailing... I think they are GORGEOUS!!!
I LOVE them!!
Half the invites done!! YAY... (I like the looks of lots of letters at the moment.? Go figure...)
All ready to be mailed!! YAY... That's just the postage ones, some were posted before this & some were handed out... Soooo many letters.
My beautiful Mum posting some of the invites!! (This was just before she got her new baby!!!)
Posting invites!!!
Yes I look a bit scruffy... This wedding business is exhausting - glad I only will ever do it once!!! (Hopefully!!)...
We got our first RSVP card back today, we posted them on Monday got our first RSVP card back on Thursday!! I love that people are excited to attend our 'special day'.... Thank you!!

Ok guys!! Well I hope you enjoyed this blog!!
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Love you all.

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