Sunday, 1 May 2011

Priceline beauty product reviews... Revlon, Nair, Bio-Oil, Sally Hansen...

So the other week I had a little 'shopping spree'. Suprisingly enough to most peoples opinions, I don't often spend money on myself. I will buy gifts for my family & things for our house, but normally when I shop for me, I search the sale racks & wait for sales, just because it's how I am - I love a good bargain!
But I've been holding off on buying new 'thick' foundation. I have been surviving on Covergirls 'Clean' foundation, it's good, but not as thick as I like my foundation... So I knew the Priceline 'A bag full of beauty' sale was coming up... I thought perfect! I will pick up some Revlon Color Stay foundation, I use to wear this stuff in Highschool & I still love it. (I am on the look out for a more 'high end' thick matte foundation, so if you have any suggestions let me know!!) I also needed from Priceline some Bio Oil (for my surgery scars & it's just good for your skin!). So I had 2 things I needed, but the catch is you have to spend $50 to be eligible to recieve the free gift bag... So I picked up some new wax (for something new I am trying Nair Salon Divine Sensitive Wax - I normally use Nads - the one in the red box!)... & then I also needed some nail polish to help my nails become stronger as they seem to break quiet easily; so I popped some Sally Hansen (I really love this brand) Miracle Nail Thickener... So that got me over the $50 line (more like $80 - woops, but I needed it all!) The gift bag has the value of over $200... I love 'free gifts' like this, because it gives me the chance to test out products that I normally wouldn't purchase.
I will do my best to review each product & because I bought each product I can gurantee you an honest opinion on each item (not that I wouldn't honestly review a product if it was a sponsored post!)...
Now for some photos of the products!! I guess I will review them in groups..? 
These are the products I purchased.... I will do a quick review now on each of these...
Revlon Color Stay Foundation: I used this foundation all through out High School & it remains to be my 'go to' foundation if I can't be bothered searching for a new brand. It's reliable & last well. It has good coverage & a good consistency & is easy to use. They have a wide range of colors so it's highly likely you will find a shade to suit your skin tone :) I really like this foundation for an everyday wear. I am on the look out for a more high end foundation for when I go out to fancy places. Suggestions?
Nair Sensitive wax: I have never used  this brand before, I normally buy the Nads wax (in the red box...) Anyway the other night I waxed my umm... lady area or 'bever-housen' (to much information?) Lol. Anyway I really love this wax. It's a glittery purple color (much better than evil looking red color that looks gross!) It has a plesant smell, but it also smells a little bit like hot/burning rubber!? (I've spent a fair bit of time around cars & drag strips etc.) I thought this was a strange smell, but once you apply it you understand why it smells a little like hot rubber. The wax is really flexible!! When you spread it on it's like stretchy.  It is hard wax (which is the only wax I like, I hate those strip ones) but it doesn't snap in half from being to 'hard' like the Nads formula does, it sets firm but isn't rock hard. It's a really good formula!! The only thing I would change is make the tub & amount of product bigger (as I used like half a tub on my first use). Maybe include some extra wax applicators. But really I liked this product & I will be purchasing it again :)
Bio Oil: Since having my surgery (click HERE to read about that) in November 2010 I have been left with some tiny but not so pretty scars on my tummy... I do not wish to keep them. And from all the reviews I've read, this stuff rocks!! (And my Mum also loves it!!) Now not only do I put it on my scars I dab a little on my under eye area. The other day I noticed my eyes were looking really old/tired thanks to my lack of sleep. I put some on & the skin seemed to look fresher & less thin the next morning. I am not saying this is a miracle formula, but it did make my under eye area look healthier. The instructions say wait about 3 months before judging results, so I haven't seen an miraculous results with my scars yet. But going by how well it works for my Mum, I am fairly confident they will disappear soon!! This product is also highly reccommended for new/expectant Mothers for stretch marks!
Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener: Now I keep trying to grow my nails long, but they break all the time!! So I decided to buy this formula & my nails haven't really broken since. They feel a lot stronger & harder and I can see that they are slowly growing... I think Sally Hansen does some fabulous nail products, I've tried so many. And I can always notice results when I use them. The price is a bit high (I think this bottle was $18.95) but they do last a long time!!
This is the bag all the *Freebies* came in... It's huge! I am just using that water bottle as a size comparision... It's a BIG bag. perfect for a beach bag, carry on, even maybe an over night bag. I would probably use it to store toiletries when I travel or perhaps a hand bag, but it's fairly big!!
All the "free" beauty products!!!
The 'make-up' product lot. 
The body & face products.
Hair products & a stain remover pen (sorry it was a random product so I just put it in this group LOL)...

 Let me know what you would like to know about a certain item, or if you have used any of these products, what did you think?


  1. Revlon is one of my fav brand, esp the lipsticks.

  2. just seeing this post now. It's funny how even on the other side of the world I would have the same brands/ products in my shopping basket when I go to Boots! Love all the free stuff you got too - cool! :D

  3. :) That's cool you buy the same brands, great minds think alike!! xo


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