Sunday, 29 May 2011

The McClymonts 'WRAPPED UP' their Australian tour real 'GOOD'!

Hello loves!!
How has your weekend been? Well mine has been great!! I had a pretty average Saturday, but that afternoon I was sent a text by a good friend (Kiki!) asking did I want to go to 'The McClymonts' Toowoomba concert with her in a few hours (it was the last show on their Australian tour!) I was like "heck yes"! I listen to Toowoomba Country FM (91.5) so their songs are often played on the station & they sounded like a good band! I had heard they were touring & in town as I knew my brother wanted to go (I felt a bit bad saying yes, knowing how much he wanted to go!). But anyway, I frantically packed Trent's lunch, saw him off to work, had a shower, did my hair & makeup, tried to pick an outfit (Trent picked a nice one for me before he left for work, I said I wanted to wear high heels out... :) But I kind of wish I had just worn my cowboy boots & a button up shirt... It's a bit more me.)
**If you don't know The McClymonts are an Australian country music band & they are all sisters! Brooke, Sam & Mollie! They have just finished touring Australia & are heading over to America to tour (they are heading to some county fairs, festivals & events there check out their tour list HERE ) & record their next album!!**
Anyway Kiki, Mel & I arrived at the concert bought some merchandise (I bought 3 stubbie coolers & some photo cards for signing - I buy 3 because 1 each for my 2 little brothers & 1 for me!) & then we headed up stairs to the bar had a drink & then went to our seats! Which by the way were totally AMAZING! Like we were in a little balcony box thing in the front row! Awesome seats, so THANK YOU sooo much Kira-Lee!!
The concert was really good, the support act 'Harmony James' had a really good voice!! The McClymonts were fantastic, they are great entertainers!! A funny point during the show was they asked if anyone was 'dragged along by a friend', well I don't think Kiki dragged Mel & I along as we did really enjoy ourselves... But it was a bit funny!! After the show we got to meet them & get all our merchandise signed!! We even got a photo with them! It was so much fun to go do something with 'the girls'... Thank you once again Kiki for asking me to go!!
I've uploaded some videos of the concert to my YouTube account if you want to check them out!! (They are great!!)
This cover of the 'Mercedes Benz' they did was really good!!
How pretty is the Empire Theatre!!
My lovely friend Kiki & I! Thank you love for the tickets...
Mel, Kiki & I at the McClymonts... :) Thanks for a great night ladies...
Kira-Lee's really pretty Guess bangle - I want it soooo bad! It matches pretty much everything I wear (I love browns, tans - you know the neutral colors...)
The McClymonts... (thanks Kiki for snapping this photo!)
The band starting up...
The McClymonts!!
The McClymonts... :)
They are such a talented trio! And really entertaining!!
What a fun concert!! Thank you again Kira-Lee... :)
The Empire Theatre in Toowoomba is sooo gorgeous inside (it makes me want to go to more shows there now!!) There were tons of people as well!!
The girls and I... (I just LOVE the crap quality of iPhone pictures...)
The McClymonts & us!! (From left; Kira-Lee, Sam, Mel, Brooke, ME & Mollie!!)
Home snuggling my kitty cat in my PJs & gown by just after 11pm!! (Exciting aren't I!!)

Anyway that was my Saturday night!! Thanks once again Kiki for the tickets & thanks Mel for driving!! I had such a fun night!! Make sure if you aren't familiar with The McClymonts you head over to my YouTube account & check out some of their music from the concert (or just google them!) They are really nice girls & great musicians!!
Have a lovely Sunday y'all, I think I'll just be resting (maybe another blog come!)

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