Sunday, 1 May 2011

Life update...RANDOM.

Hey my loves,
How are we all??
This blog maybe a bit random, odd & make very little sense (for some reason I am exhausted, what the fudge? It's 1pm, I should be wide awake... I think I over slept, it's sooo hard to sleep with Trent on night shift & when I'm tired I ramble & make little sense).... Anyway...
Just wanted to address a few things, the 'shoe collection' & 'squirrel collection' blogs are coming. I promise!! I was planning to do my shoe one this weekend whilst Trent was on night shift, but I've had tech issues!! *ARGH*... My laptop decided to be a filthy thing & catch a virus, my PCs memory was full, so I just purchased an external hard drive & cleaned it out!! YAY - finally.... So it will be up by the end of this month, swear. I am also thinking of selling some of my heels, as honestly I don't even wear half of them anymore :(
I may do the squirrel one tonight... :) SQUIRRELS!! YAY...
Also I have created a Facebook 'LIKE' page (I am NOT calling it a fan page, it's just some where I can ask my readers question, notify you all of new blogs if you don't follow via google etc). I am a few 'LIKES' short of 50 - so help me get to 50 'LIKES' by the end of the weekend - click HERE to go to the page & 'LIKE' away. Also on that Facebook page I will be uploading all my Project 365 photos... I love love love doing this, sometimes it is sooo hard to find a photo. Especially if I'm cranky or sick or just over the day, normally on those days I use photos of the "fur-babies".... But it's great to be able to look back on all my photos :)
Yesterday was the T-rex's birthday - YAY... Happy Birthday Trent... I made him this super yummy chocolate cake, I want to eat it all... But I won't, because well, it's his birthday cake.... It would be kind of mean if I ate it all....
Today I really am not doing much, it's Sunday. Trents asleep so I have to be quiet *shhh*... I've done the laundry, played with the dogs, ate, watched YouTube (SchuermanShow! It's pretty funny & Phoenix is sooo cute!!)... Like a really riveting Sunday.... But it's his last night shift tonight *YAY*!! I don't really like night shift, I enjoy maybe the first 2 nights. Because it's like a novelty, like 'Bindy alone time'... But then it gets boring. Fair to say the B-rex misses her T-rex... (Awww...)
On the topic of us, our wedding, invitations should be ordered this week, so if you are loved wait by your mail box!! I've booked a meeting with the Priest who will marry us in under 2 weeks time! I wonder how that will go.... ?  We are still on the hunt for classic wedding cars, so if you live near Ipswich & have a really nice (or know of a really nice) classic/vintage car let me know!!! PLEASE! I am still undecided on my hair, but I really like the idea of long, dark & curly!! There was some 'wedding drama'... Oooo I had to find a new bridesmaid as one of my other ones had something personal happen. Which I am OK with & very happy for her <3 I asked another really good friend to step in & she said YES! Yay - thanks Selena <3 So now I have Mel & Sel. Lol - I think it's funny. It actually works out well, they are 2 blondes I have dark hair. Will make good photos... :) Now I am sure if you are reading this & you've read some of my earlier blogs, you are wondering 'you needed another bridesmaid, who was blonde? Ummm... you have a blonde SISTER'.... Well my delightful buttercup of a sibling refused to be apart of my bridal party, nice 'eh! Apparently her 2nd year nursing uni course has "work experience/prac" on that very same Saturday as our wedding & she would fail her whole course if she took that one day off... Hmmm... sound like a lie to you? Sounds like a BIG fat lie to me. Especially because I have friends who have finished nursing courses & I also asked her universities nursing department & all said the same thing 'IF she has prac that day, you can take sick & personal days'... Christ, it's only nursing not training to be a brain surgeon!! So yes, she is very nice. There was a whole other nasty list of reasons she didn't want to be apart of our day. So thanks Noodle :) You are super!! On that note, I think I will start taking applications for a new sister. Must be loving, friendly, value the word family, like me (this helps a lot!!), have a decent partner, not think she knows everything & is a genuine nice person who isn't a backstabber!!.. Apply within!! ;)
Oh and I am thinking of reviewing some 'beauty products'!? Opinions???
I've been asked to do 'make up tutorials' on here or YouTube as well, I am keen to try them out... I will wait just a few more weeks as I maybe getting an Apple laptop & from what I hear the video editing soft ware on them is pretty damn awesome!! :) So I hope that all works out really well... And if there are any 'looks' you want me to do, make sure you let me know!!!!
What else... What else...
Sorry that this is such a dull blog, I may post another 2 tonight... WOW, spoiling you all eh!!
So make sure you LIKE my Facebook page :) Especially if we aren't "Facebook Friends" as this is where you  will find out when I update my blog & you can see my Project 365... :)
Ok I am going to go, because this blog has been sooo damn random!! REALLY random!!
Love you all...

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