Monday, 16 May 2011

Dreaming of a felt hat!

Hello my loves!!
So 'tis a new season... And with new season comes changes... A change/trend/whatever it is I am testing out at the moment is keeping my nails polished & kind of experimenting with lipstick. Now it's not like I'm a virgin to lip color. I often use it if I am heading out somewhere nice (dinner, parties etc...) But I am starting to wear it more regularly & test out new shades...But I am torn, I don't know if I like it or not...? I do like the red lipstick, I feel very glam/old Hollywood'ish, but I am still working on my tecnique so it doesn't bleed/smudge etc... But I feel maybe I look stupid!? Opinions!? This lipstick obsession kind of started after Trents Christmas party when I first wore some red lipstick & I think it looked really nice!! But I don't know, I could be nuts... What do you think!?! (Christmas party photos/blog - HERE)
Red lips - YAY!!! or YUK?! (sorry I look like a serial killer in this photo...LOL)

I have never really used red nail polish on my fingernails before as I thought it was a really harsh & unflattering nail color that was only appropriate for Christmas time, but the other night I tested out and old bottle I've had for ages (it came in one of those big make up kits from like Big W or Woolworths around Christmas time, maybe like 9 years ago!! LOL) So I am really surprised it is any good, but I love the bold color! It's awesome & because I'm trying to grow my nails & they are getting longer the nail polish looks soooo nice on them!! So *YAY*!! I'm on the hunt for a durable red polish though that doesn't chip (as the nail polish I'm using at the moment does chip soooo easy, even with a top coat on!!) So any suggestions on good nail polish!?
I'm loving this red nails. I alternate between pink & red. So half the week it's pink (right now is pink!) & the rest of the time is red... What do you think!?

So the season is Autumn now & it is cold!! Toowoomba has been having some super chilly nights & days lately & I really love it! I sleep better, I can wear nicer clothes, I am more comfortable etc... I just love the cooler months. Now I LOVE winter fashion. I LOVE wearing my cowboy boots, jeans, jackets, scarves, hats, gloves etc...
Now each season I don't really buy 'fashion "must-haves" '... I buy 'fashion staples'. Items that will last a few years in my closet not a few weeks. Honestly I have sooo many tops & jeans that I bought when I was in my teens that I still wear today!! So it's fair to say I buy quality not quanity(within reason, I am not into spending obscene amounts of money on clothes, I love sales. I just am not a big "trend" person!!) . This season I am on the look out for a few good pieces...
  • A felt hat!! Yes you read right, I want a felt hat sooo bad!! But because it is just an accessory I don't want to pay a huge price tag!!
Felt hat!!! LOVE IT!! (sorry these photos are weird, they are taken on my iPhone with the front camera, so they are bad quality!!) x
This is the shape I want, I loved this hat (but it was $100'ish & I cannot justify paying that, for a hat!!!) But I would like maybe a few colors, like a red, tan & maybe black!? But just a tan/brown & a red would be fine!! And because I live in Toowoomba & it gets cold here, people actually wear nice things like hats/scarves/gloves etc... So I totally want one, I hunt for it everytime I go shopping. I am pretty confident Mum is sick of hearing about my dream felt hat! So if you see any stores doing felt hats for reasonable prices let me know!!!
  • A black jacket...Preferbaly fake leather as I am not paying for real leather at the moment!! (Yes sorry to those who are anti-wearing animals, I eat meat, I wear leather,SORRY!!) Now I love jackets. I have my brown one I wear everywhere (as it goes well with my brown boots) But when Trent & I go out at night or if I am wearing black shoes I need a black jacket... I would like it to be kind of 'cool' with a zipper (maybe one of those diagonal zipper jackets)... Something kind of edgy, but nice... I did get my brown one from City Beach so I will check there. (Yes I am not the biggest fan of City Beach but they normally have a big jacket selection in Winter and I've had mine since last season & it's in perfect condition still!!)
  • A black trench coat... I have a nude/beige color one at the moment, but I need a black one.
  • Brown gloves... I have black gloves (scored them for like less than $10 down at the Gold Coast at the end of last Winter in one of the warehouse sales!!) But I need brown gloves (obviously to go with the brown jacket & boots!!)
  • A red sweater, trench coat, jacket - Pretty much red anything!! I am kind of red obsessed at the moment. Maybe because it's Trent favourite color, but everything I seem to drawn to at the shops lately has been red!!! Weird, but I would love a red sweater this winter!! I love the Tommy Hilfiger ones at Myer, but really $160'ish, come on... It's a jumper! But the quality is sooo good!! Maybe after we finish paying off what we need to for the wedding!! (I can dream...)
So that is my shopping list for Autumn/Winter... Are you shopping for anything in particular for the cooler months? Let me know if you see any of these pieces out in stores at a good price!! I will keep you updated IF I buy any of these items!!
Love you all.

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MWA... Love you all... Just wish I had a felt hat to love... LOL. I WILL find the perfect felt hat!!

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  1. Hi Bindy,
    Red is so in right now, It's such a beautiful bold colour... unfortunately, one I can't pull off :( Anyway, just a quick message to let you know that there are nice brown faux leather jackets at dotti, and nice, but cheap ones in Temt.

    Hope you find one :)

    Amy B xx


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