Friday, 27 May 2011

Brace yourself for a 'new' Bindy...

Hey guys...
So last night night I tweeted a kind of cryptic tweet (oh if you don't follow me on Twitter, go follow!! I'm 'bella_k') it was something like 'By tomorrow at 11am I will be prettier'... Then I said a similar thing on Facebook this morning & I was asked what I meant, well... Today was the day I got my braces off!! YAY... I've had them on for just over 2 years!! And I am soooo glad they are gone. I know they have improved my teeth & made them nicer, but boy are they annoying & painful!! Even now they are hurting!!
So this morning my appointment was at 9:30am & I was terrified, my brother just had his off at the end of last year & he said it kind of hurts (my sister had hers off a few years ago & she said it wasn't painful, but she's kind of a freak who enjoys pain, like she watches her blood be taken! Weirdo...) So I was a little worried as I am quiet sensitive to pain especially in my mouth!! So they start off by cleaning the back of my teeth & fitting a wire retainer to the back of my teeth to stop movement & then they remove the wire & then start breaking the brackets off :( Now the ones on your far back teeth do not hurt at all, it's simple. But the front teeth they really hurt, I hate pain & I hate having people touching my teeth so I was really uncomfortable. Like the staff at the practice are friendly & nice, but I just hate pain of any degree!! So after all the brackets are removed they then have to grind off any excess glue. This is the one part of the whole experience I can't stand. I feel my teeth getting hot, it feels like almost a burning sensation & the sound is horrible!! If there was one part of the day I could erase it would be that, everything else is bearable. After grinding off the old glue, they then polished my teeth & gave them a professional clean... Then they showed me how to floss behind my back metal wire & took some teeth impressions! The hardest part of that appointment was the horrid grinding tool & keeping my mouth open for so long. I have a really small jaw & you have to keep your mouth open for so long & it starts to cramp up & ache. NO FUN!! Oh and when they are grinding or polishing your teeth they often spray water into your mouth & it ends up flicking all on your face - YUK! So either use a setting spray on your makeup or bring some touch up stuff!! But I was so excited to see my new smile!! I like it!! It's a bit weird at the  moment as I am so used to the braces covering my teeth, so I'm a bit like "woah, my teeth got wider", but I know they didn't... That afternoon I went in & picked up my retainers (that I only wear at night time!)... I do have another appointment in one month to get a second set of retainers made & to check how they are going! So YAY I no longer have braces!! It feels sooo good. To celebrate next week when Trent is on days off we are planning on going to this new burger place in town called 'Grill'd' it looks pretty tasty!! I can't wait to finally be able to eat a cob of corn again, eat a steak burger, chew on an apple & just not have to worry about my damn braces!! YAY YAY YAY... (This being said, I still need to avoid hard or super chewy foods as the wire behind my teeth can still be damaged!)
Now a few tips I have for people getting braces or have them already;
  • When you go to get them on, take pain killers before!! Seriously & bring a few in your bag to take straight after your appointment, for about the first  3weeks - a month your mouth will be sooo tender & sore!!
  • Pretty much keep a small box of pain killers with you to take after any consultation especially if they change the wire or elastic bands!!
  • For the first month you wont want to eat anything hard or chewy. Eat yoghurt's & soft foods. But remember the sooner you can push through the pain & exercise your mouth (eating, chewing gum) you will adjust and the pain will slowly go away. But that being said, eating a big tough steak the day of getting your braces on is plain stupid. Eat sensibly!! 
  • Brush in circles. You should brush in a circular motion anyway, but make sure you clean your braces really well & always brush your gums!! As dirty gums = infected gums!
  • You will have to change what you eat & how you eat. You will have to avoid tough, crunchy or sticky foods. (Some examples are; Steak sandwiches, apples - you can eat apples but cut into smaller bits, crunchy bacon & sticky lollies or caramels etc...) And when you eat you have to cut things into really small bites & chew with your back teeth. Pretty much if it's hard to eat or chew really rethink eating it! Or cut it into smaller pieces or suck on it (if it's a lolly etc.)
  • Do not tear food (or anything else) with your teeth. So if you want a burger from McDonald's order a cheese burger or a soft similar burger as tearing & chewing the bigger burgers are really hard...
  • You will possibly feel pretty stupid after getting them on, your lips feel like they are sticking out as they have to cover the braces...They aren't sticking out, they just feel that way as you aren't use to having something attached to your teeth!
  •  Don't let people make fun of you though or make you feel ugly or stupid. I was really embarrassed when I first got mine, especially because I had just started dating Trent (yep, that's right for the majority of our relationship he has had me with only braces...) But I got over it... I think they look cute in some photos (in others though I really hate them...) LOL
  • Try to avoid using the wax they give you when you first get your braces on, only use it if you really need it. As the sooner your gums/cheeks adjust to the brackets & wires they will become tougher & get used to rubbing against the braces...
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions to your orthodontist or one of the dental nurses. Anything you want to know, ask!
  • Just remember having them on, no matter how annoying they are pays off in the end!!
So they are just a few of my personal tips! I am not a dentist, orthodontists or anything like that. That's just tips I've realised from having my braces... Don't let nasty people make you feel unattractive or anything, it's possible they are just jealous as they can't afford or will never get braces... People are only nasty to others because of jealously....
Anyway here are some photos of me before braces, during & then today!!
Before braces... You can see they were never terrible, just slightly crooked & uneven...
You can see kind of in this photo the gap between my two front teeth, this was about the time I really hated my braces. The gap formed as a result of moving the teeth & then it was corrected...
Melbourne Cup last year... I feel totally fine with my braces in this picture, I kind of got so use to having them, that I think my mouth kind of looks weird without them now!! LOL...
Braces, you can even rock them or be embarrassed. I think I rocked them pretty damn well! I always find it weird when people never show their braces when they smile, like sometimes I will not smile with teeth in photos, but it's rare... (I did when I first got them as I mega embarrassed) but a few months in I was fine with them. They hurt & I hated them, but how they affected my look I didn't mind. It's always so obvious too when people try to show teeth in photo... It's WEIRD! Lol
Me this morning... I was pretty damn nervous!!
Trent & I this morning... I got my braces 3 months into our relationship, so him seeing me without them was a pretty big shock! He loves the result!
Mum and I this morning just before I had to have my braces removed!! Thanks Mum & Dad for giving me a nice smile!! :) I appreciate it...
All over!! I snapped a photo as soon as I sat up after they were all finished!!! TA-DA!!!
I was pretty impressed/shocked by the result...
New smile!! YAY...
Introducing the new 'metal free' Bindy!! YAY... What do you all think!? Let me know!!

Ok guys well I'm off, I will try to do another post before the weekend is over... :) Have a fabulous weekend and make sure you all smile!!!
Love you all.


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