Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Shoe Collection #2; flats, hideous shoes & shoe storage!

Hey loves!!
This blog will be following on from part 1 of my shoe collection blog which can be found HERE if you haven't already checked it out (it's got all my high heels & boots listed there!!) 
 So now for shoe collection part 2!! I often get told I am silly for owning so many heels and no flats!! But I do own some!! I am on the hunt for some new cute ones as these ones are pretty worn out!!! So I may have some new editions shortly!! Lol... So lets get started....
Flat shoes;
27. I bought these pair before I headed to Winter Sun 2 years ago. As I wanted a cute, black, flat pair of shoes I could walk around in that looked a little vintage. Well, 2 years on they still hurt to wear!!! These shoes give me constant blisters, but I really like them!! Argh, pain is beauty I guess! Maybe I just need to wear them more than twice a year ? Lol
28. These silver shoes were bought from Cotton On awhile ago & need urgent replacing! I like them because they are cute & comfy!!
29. I like these snake skin flats, but my Mother can't stand them. She says I look silly in them. I just chuck them on if I'm heading to the store or if I'm not bothered to do make an effort as they go well with a plain t-shirt & jeans. I like the print of them but I would like it if the sole was a little more structured. I think I got these from PayLess shoes...
30.  If I am heading out anywhere out night (or anywhere I'm wearing heels!), I always toss these shoes into my purse! They fold up super small & are soooo comfy to slip on when you take your heels off if you don't want to ruin them when walking on roads or if your feet are hurting or if you want to do some dancing. I even wear them sometimes shopping. They are really light weight & comfy. And the bow detailing on the front of them adds extra cuteness. I actually got sent this pair for free, but I'm so glad I did. I just wished they bought out a white or blue color so I could buy some for my wedding!! They are adorable, I highly suggest you get a pair!!
31 - 33. My thongs!! Or 'flip-flops' or sandals... Whatever, in summer I love these shoes!! I did have a massive collection of Havaianas but last year whilst living with my sister for like 5 months or whatever her damn Dalmatian puppy chewed like every pair!! (Keep in mind those shoes are like $20 each & I had like 7 pairs!!) Stupid dog. Well not stupid just untrained. But anyway I think everyone should have casual shoes that are easy & low maintenance to wear. I will eventually rebuild my 'Havi' collection... :) I love my 'thongs' Lol. Everyone needs a pair & if you are an Aussie you need a few pairs!!

Now for some shoes that I have had for years & just can't throw out as their ugliness makes me laugh & I hope it makes you laugh as well!! (Let me know if you have an shoes from your 'younger days' that you just can't part with!)
34. These ridiculous pink elf looking shoes, I wore them when I was like 15 when they were 'trendy', I just think they are sooo cute but so weird & ugly at the same time!! I just like them & can't toss them...
35. When I was 18 and was living out of home I wore these shoes all the time!! They were 'in fashion' at the time you know that shiny patent look with a wood grain base... They came in like white, red & black. I wish I had bought the red ones as I would probably still wear them Lol. I wore these things everywhere! To work, out clubbing, shopping and anywhere else I could. I have another similar pair. They are pretty much dead & super gross but I don't know, can you have emotional attachments to shoes!? Oh God maybe I have a mental disorder!? Maybe I need to be on Hoarders or something!? :(
36.  This pair was purchased from Big W or K-Mart around the same time as the pink elf shoes!! Another hideous pair of shoes I can't throw away because their ugliness is hilarious!! Like seriously what the hell, these were cool once!?
37. This pair, like oh god, wedges.. Back when the toes were wider & they weren't 'ultra stylish'. How ugly are they!! Lol!! I think I had these in grade 10 maybe!? I can't remember, but they now just sit in the bottom of my cupboard & sometimes I try them on & laugh!!
38. Oh Lord, another pair of hideous shoes!! These ones are not that bad, but still from the same era as the others. Lol. Seriously does anyone else have shoes they keep that are sooo out of fashion?!

And now the shoes I am wearing right at this very moment. That are super comfy & well a little worn out already (I need a new pair already & I only bought them a few months ago, proving how much I wear them...)
39. My slippers!! I got them from Target & they are furry & warm!! But I've worn them too much & need a new pair. I wear this soooo much!! Lol. But in Autumn/Winter who doesn't live in slippers!? :)

Ok with my 'shoe storage' I don't really have a big fancy cupboard I store them in like Carrie does in her apartment with Big (Sex And The City reference for those clueless folk out there), I just keep my favourite, regularly worn pairs in the cupboard where my clothes live & the rest live in a cupboard in my make-up/hair room.... I wish I had a big shoe closet so I could display them & then buy them super expensive new shoe friends that have names like Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik or Louis Vuitton or even I would settle for Guess (I would own a stack of Guess shoes but the smallest size is too big on me, I am yet to find a pair that fit me!!) & one day that dream may come true (if I win the lotto or this blog becomes mega famous!?). But for now I keep them all in their boxes & as close to how they came packaged as possible. (But with some cheaper shoes they seriously just come tossed in the box, but like my Peeptoe ones they are stored exactly how they were shipped to me, padding, paper, etc...) The stack in my clothes closet reaches my clothes... LOL
 I know I have a lot of shoes (& before I get any bitchy comments about me wasting Trent's money on shoes, keep in mind I bought 90% of these myself when I was single & working & supporting myself!!) & I honestly wish I wore them more,  but it's ok. I guess I know they are there if I really need them. I guess in away they are the some of the most reliable things I have (apart from Trent & my brothers & parents & pets). I love them & seriously I can almost guarantee each pair I can tell you a story or 5 about. :) And seriously days I feel like crap I can throw on a pair of jeans, a basic t-shirt & an awesome pair of shoes = me feeling good! I love shoes. I don't know why, I guess nearly every girl does! So I hope you have enjoyed my shoe collection blog, stay tuned for the final one 'my favourite shoes'... :) - Also there will be another 'final' one after our wedding when I show you all my 2 newest pairs of shoes!! Oh Lord I hope I don't buy another pair, it's hard enough choosing between the 2 I have now... Lol. They aren't typical 'bridal' shoes either (as I would never really re-wear white shoes anywhere) so I figured I should just buy shoes I love & will re-wear!!
Anyway I best be off!
Love you all.

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Shoe Collection #1 + blog sale.

Hello beautifuls!!!
So at the start of the month I promised you all my whole entire shoe collection by the end of the month. Today is the 31st of May 2011, so as promised here it is... Now I own about 30+ pairs of shoes. Some flats, heels, boots, thongs & sneakers (I didn't bother including the sneakers, I own 1 pair of runners by Asics & 1 pair of Kustom sneakers - I need a new pair of casual sneakers though, I am thinking black low cut Converse?!) Anyway... I have photographed each pair with me wearing them & then on top of their box, but some (like the flats) I just did 1 photo with... I will also state where I bought them from if I can remember :) Please keep in mind I try to wear these shoes as often as I can & not all are in perfect condition as some I wear a LOT more than others and I've also had most of them for about 4-5 years now... I am contemplating selling a few pairs as I don't wear them all as much as I would like to, so if you do spot a pair you LOVE make an offer I may just say yes! (Seriously feel free to make an offer, but I may not accept if I really love them, as they are like my babies!) LOL!! All of these are equivalent to a size 6. So I better start listing them all, I will start with heels & just work my way through, my favourite pair will have a blog all of their own!! (It will be the next one!) These shoes are in no particular order (like the top isn't my favourite or anything, it's just which ones come up first!)
Ok High Heel Collection;
 1. These are my 'housewife shoes'. I bought them years ago in Rockhampton from a little boutique store they were on the 'cheap table' for like $20 & they were in my size! I bought them hoping one day I would be a pretty house wife like the ladies on Desperate Housewives or the Real Houswives of whatever city... :) I've worn them a lot!! I love that they are floral & just sooo feminine! They are really comfy & sooo damn pretty! The brand they are is Delicious!
2. Ok I don't know why these photographed 2 different colors, they are more true to the bottom photo color! These are my 'Alice in Wonderland'/'Bella in Bindyland' shoes. I bought these years ago when I was living in Rockhampton from EBay (back when I was a single 'working girl' & I could waste money on shoes! LOL)... They are from the store East Layne on EBay.
3. These pair are another EBay buy from when I was a bit younger, they are Amelia Jayne brand & are just sooo damn awesome! Like I love all the random details. The tartan fabric is so cool, then if the kind of belt/buckle detailing wasn't cool enough they added lace! It's totally sooo brilliant!! Love this shoe, I just wish I could wear it out more!!
4. I bought this pair of some random girl in Rockhampton as they didn't fit her (I think she got them off EBay). I really like the different sort of round toe. I love the big buckle detailing & the tiny little love heart cut outs. I think they are really sweet & cute little shoes :)
5. These shoes are by Zola & were a spur of the moment purchase as I needed black & white shoes for the races in Rockhampton one weekend & this is all I could find. They are from one of the stores in the mall in Rockhampton (I forget what it is called, fancy store, I think they used to be/still are linked with Fusion from Stocklands?!) Anyway, I love them, they have this vintage glam feel to them. I just wish they were like half a size smaller & they would be PERFECT!!
6. These shoes are from Novo & are fabulous!! I have worn them sooo many times this year, you ladies probably have already seen them mentioned on here in random outfit posts... I think they rock! I love the height of them & I think they are a bit cool but at the same time are just plain black heels so they can be dressed up or down.
7. These are a VERY well worn pair. They are Tony Bianco & I've worn them every spring/summer for the past 2 years pretty much. I bought them at Madison Jorge in Rockhampton (I use to live at that shop every lunch hour & I'm pretty sure I should have just bought shares in it!! LOL - But fantastic store! I miss it!) & I've loved them ever since. Sorry it's really hard to get a good photo of them when I'm pale & don't have a pedicure!!
8. I got this pair from Payless shoes the other year I think... I love them because they are hot pink! The only thing is I am not a massive fan of satin shoes as they stain really easy! But these were kind of cheap so it doesn't really matter, either way they are a fun & awesome pair of heels!! :)
9. These really cool shoes are by a brand Tina Liu, I got them pretty much for free after doing a fashion show for a store. I love them because they are sooo different! (I love having quirky shoes that no one else owns!!) Anyway as you can tell these shoes have been worn to death!! I use to wear them to work like everyday & then out at night. I LOVE them & it saddens me to think they are slowly dying as they are now really loose & you can feel how thin they are getting :(  I love them & hope to find another 'cool' pair like them soon! (Or just a pair of awesome bright red high heels!)
10. This is another EBay buy (brand Wild Diva), I think these ones are a little ugly. In the photo on EBay they were much, MUCH prettier. Anyway, they look cute under jeans, just not with skirts or anything... I really like the colors, I just don't think they look 'right'? They aren't hideous, they just don't sit right on my feet to be worn so the whole shoe is visible. But I do like them worn under jeans... :)
11. Now this pair is one of my favourites (I have a lot of favourites!). But I got to proposed to at my 21st in this pair, I celebrated our engagement in this pair & I just love them... They are by the brand Peeptoe & they are great. Just a tip if you are buying Peeptoe for a big event, wear them around the house a few times because they do kill your feet the first few times... The Peeptoe heels are the most expensive heels I own. They are a little steep with their pricing, but it's hard to find really nice shoes that have a good height & are quality! They also match my Kitten D'amour (Sex Kitten) outfits really well!! I know this pair is slightly similar to the Zola pair (number 5) but they are more black & this pair is more white & higher in the heel... :)
12. This pair is also by Peeptoe (I bought this pair first!). I bought this pair also for Rockhampton races. They match my pewter Guess clutch perfectly! I ordered them online & so it was a bit of a gamble if it would match & it totally did!! YAY. I do really like them, but they are just a little big... But they are still really pretty!!
13. Now this pair I really like. I bought them just the other year in hope to wear them at Christmas time as I think they are really cute shoes & perfect for summer. But I've worn them maybe twice for only a couple hours & they are like brand new. This is a pair I would be interested in selling if anyone is interested, just comment a reasonable offer or email me (email is found in the contact section)... The brand is Novo & are size 6. If they don't sell, meh... I'll just try, TRY and wear them this Christmas!!
14. I bought these sparkly gold pretties from City Beach a few years ago & they were reduced from like $70 down to $19.95 (bargain!!) I love them! I've never really worn (except in a model competition) but I found the perfect place to wear them last year. I wore them when Nikki & I went to 'WinterBeatz' they were my 'bling bling' heels... Love these!!
15. I bought this pair when I was 18 from Hervey Bay at some random little boutique store. I love them because the heel part is actually metal!! I need to find the perfect outfit to wear them with... They do look cute with jeans, but I think with the right dress they could look adorable!! They do make a bit of noise when you walk in them though & if you wear them out to the clubs, well at least I know I'm safe if any sleazy guys try dancing with me. One of these heels stamped onto someones foot, well you know, they get the idea!! :) They do have few marks on the sides that I can't get off :( I've tried Eucalyptus oil already... ?? Help!?
16. These pair I LOVE, they are like mesh black shoes with a shiny silver heel. They are so cool, but they don't fit me :( I squeezed my foot into them once for a photo shoot in Rockhampton & that's it. I've been hoping one day my feet will shrink, but they haven't... :( I got them off EBay for some ridiculous amount, you can't buy them here in Australia, they were shipped from California & they were limited stock. I really love them, but I have to sell them or they will just go to waste. I guess $50 ONO + postage? Let me know if anyone is interested! They are a very small make, I am normally a small 6/big 5. And they won't fit me. So if you are a size 5 in shoes, they should fit you! They are always stored in the box with tissue paper, wrapped in plastic, stuffed with paper & a shoe holder inside of them (like almost every other pair of my shoes). They are in PERFECT CONDITION!
17. I bought these pair off of EBay also, they were to go with the first Kitten D'amour outfit I bought & to do model competitions (I am really short, I needed extra height against the other ladies!! LOL). I use to run around Rockhampton & trek from club to club in these things, they are dirty from wearing them out so much. But I haven't worn them in years now & I don't really go out anywhere to wear them anymore. They are perfect nightclub shoes, they are really comfy & if sleazy guys bother you on the dance floor, just stand on the their feet ;) I guess if anyone wanted to make an offer I would sell them. With a good bath they would as good as new, they are in good condition apart from the satin on the toes being a little dirty!!
18. I bought these shoes (which were black to start off with)... I needed pink glittery shoes for a costume I was wearing (snow bunny), so I spray painted them!! They have gone just a little sticky from sitting in a box for so long, I probably need to start wearing them a bit more, but they are slightly big on me...  Once again I would sell these if anyone really wanted them... They were once for a model competition & then put back in the box (I have never re-worn them as they are a bit big...) So they are like a 6 1/2. Really nice fun shoes.
19. These are my formal shoes, I can't throw them away. They are so pretty! I loved them as soon as I saw them!! :) I think they were the perfect formal/prom shoes... Silver, sparkly & girly :) Sorry I'm not wearing them, they kind of look better when I'm tanned & with a pedicure!! :)
20. I bought this pair back when I was young & doing lots of bikini competitions (argh) anyway you need pretty sparkly high heels. These were perfect - I loved them!! Isn't the ankle detailing adorable - they look awesome on when I am all tanned. :)
21. These shoes I wore at my Debutante Ball, they are just plain white bridal'ish shoes. Very simple & nice. :) I don't really wear them as I have no where to wear them LOL. But they are nice to keep :)
22. I love these shoes!! I also bought these from Madison Jorge up in Rockhampton, they are by Tony Bianco. I love the buckle detailing... I saw a girl in the same pair the other day but hers were tan. I wish I would've gotten that pair, they were beautiful! But this pair is still really nice!! I love them!

Now I do own 2 more pairs of high heels, but they are my wedding shoes! Yes I bought 2 pairs... they will stay a surprise until after the wedding! I promise I will show you all them after July 30th!! :)
Now for the boots I own!! :)
Boot Collection;
23. These little ankle booties are from Payless shoes as well (you don't always need to spend tons of money to buy cute shoes... but sometimes honestly price = comfort. But only sometimes!) Anyway I love these little grey boots they are very wintery & comfy. I plan on wearing them with a little grey knitted dress & dark stockings this winter.
 24. I bought these boots from City Beach a few years ago, as I needed just some brown low boots for winter. I like them & think they are cool. I don't wear them very often, but I think I will try & start wearing them more. :) Unless of course someone wants to buy them! They are in near perfect condition & have been worn a few times.
25. This pair of boots are a nightmare!! I swear do not EVER by from a company called SHOE BOX. I went to Sydney the other year & I visited the shopping mall near China Town, anyway in there they have a shoe store that sells these boots (the company was shoe box) & I've wanted a pair of tight almost knee high boots forever. I want them so I can wear over my jeans... I thought I found the perfect pair, well I didn't. I bought them one day, that night I had a launch party to attend & the next day we were getting up early to sight see (as we had never been to Sydney before), as soon as I walked out of our hotel room my heel broke! Like snapped off. So I was like OK we will wait until 9:30am/10am until the store opens, they will be understanding & swap it for me or give me my money back. WRONG! They were mega bitchy & mean, they wouldn't give my money back & I had to hassle them for a new pair. Anyway I finally got a new pair, I wore them as we checked out Sydney that day, just after lunch time I hear a massive ripping sound, yep, the back of my boots had split!! What the fudge! I was catching a flight back to Brisbane in a few hours & didn't have time to go back to them! This pair of boots still make me sooo mad. They are really pretty but are unwearable now :'( I did ring the store when I got home, their attitude was 'Oh well, you can come in & show us' I was like 'Ummm... I'm in another state' & then they basically said 'that's your problem then, not ours.' They flat out refused a refund & I even offered to email photos. They were really rude & I highly recommend you never buy from them!! Like they were less than $100 (I think maybe $70'ish) I didn't expect them to last forever, maybe 1 or 2 seasons. I expected them though to last more than 1 day!! Really disappointed in this company! Maybe a shoe man could fix it?! I really like them :(
26. My ugg boots! I've had this pair since I was 15 at boarding school! They are pretty filthy now & I'm hunting for a cute new pair this season. But for now this babies still keep my toes toasty warm!!

This blog is going to super long!! So I will split into 3. This one will have high heels & boots & the second one will have flats, thongs & silly shoes I can't throw away!! The third one will have my favourite shoes of all time :)
I hope you all enjoyed this blog. Please let me know what you think. Stayed tuned as the next one will be coming up really soon!! :) Let me know if you want to see any other collections I have (clothes, jeans, make up, whatever...)
Ok my loves if you do seriously adore any of these make a reasonable offer, I may say yes. Some though I am to attached to & will never sell & will wear to death!! And I've been thinking of advertising some of them on EBay for awhile, but I've never gotten around to it & I would love to have a little sister or something that would fit them/want them, but I don't really have any younger girls I could give them to. So I thought I should just offer them to you guys... So if you like any just make an offer or contact me & I can give you better photos of them & sizing... :)
Love you all.