Tuesday, 12 April 2011

T is for Terrific Thoughtful Tea Set Gift!

Hey everyone!
So back in February I tweeted/Facebook updated about being VERY spoilt after a shopping adventure with my Mum! My Mum bought me not one but TWO absolutely beautiful vintage tea sets from an antique store here in Toowoomba. I felt so lucky, it was very unexpected! I love vintage anything especially kitchen stuff like tea sets, canisters, tea pots etc. So when we found these Mum said "Oh would you like them" & of course I said "YES"! Not at all expecting her to say "Ok, I'll get them" - I was like whattt?? Like we were spoilt kids in the sense we were always dressed neatly, well fed, had toys, always got gifts on our birthdays & other holidays but we normally don't get expensive fancy gifts for no reason. But this day Mum was feeling super generous, so I was not going to complain! So we had them wrapped them up to go & I'm not going to say how much they were, but I will say they were enough for me not to jump out straight away and buy them (and yes I am a very impulsive buyer). So we carefully strapped them into the Land Cruiser and took them home. Thank you Mum I am very appreciative of them!! Mum said they were an early 'bridal shower/kitchen tea gift' so THANK YOU!! :)
Anyway because they came from an antique store and were made around the 1930's they needed a good bath. So how do you wash any type of vintage home wares? (I also bath my squirrel collection this way!)... So the way I did it & the tips I have learnt (from my Mum who kindly taught me to do) is simple & easy.
  • Well first up DO NOT put them in the dishwasher, the heat can cause them to crack & the pressure can take off the painted designs.
  • The main thing to remember is BE GENTLE. Vintage anything especially tea sets are very fragile, the main way 'pretty old things' get broken is in the washing up. So always wash 1 item at a time, do not dump them all in at once!
  • Fill a sink with hot as you can handle water & dish washing detergent.
  • Lay out 3 or more tea towels out on a bench, table, just a safe space where the items wont be knocked over. So they can drip dry.
  • Gently wash each piece one by one.
  • Use a sponge to clean the larger areas & an old tooth brush or scrubby brush to get into the little corners.
  • After each item is washed place it upside down on the tea towel.
  • They should dry quiet quickly (less than half an hour).
  • Have a space set out for your new pretties, a good place is somewhere safe, up high from wandering little 'grabby' hands, possibly behind glass, but somewhere they can be seen & admired.
  • Stand back and admire your new pretty additions to your home.
So guys you know I am not an antique professional. I just like pretty things & I am more inclined to buy 'older looking things' then 'new modern fancy things'. I  just own a fair few & kind of have developed my own way for caring for my 'pretty things', so this is just how I do it. Someone else could do it better :)
The beautiful tea set before it's bath!!
Hot soapy water... BUBBLES!!
Tea towels...
Squeaky clean tea sets...
I'm so proud of them. They are so beautiful!!
My pretties, locked away all safe & clean :)
Two other random tea cups I have collected from Op-shopping. :)
I thanked my Mum by making her little muffins & a cup of tea :)

Once again thank you so much Mum for such a beautiful gift, that I will look after for ever... I look forward to sipping a lot more tea from these pretty little cups and nibbling on yummy baked good off of the pretty saucers...
Thanks Mum, you are amazing...


  1. They are Tea for Terrific....I adore them. And loving your kitchen table too xo

  2. PS Love the Antique Shops in Toowoomba....thinking I need a day trip up there soon :)

  3. Thank you I love them & my table as well :) Toowoomba is beautiful, I feel so lucky to live here :)


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