Friday, 15 April 2011

New glasses same rose colored lenses!

Hello loves!!
Last night I posted a dodgy photo of a scruffy me side on in my new pair of sunglasses... This is how I got them :)
So the other day whilst browsing Twitter I noticed 'Vodka Cruiser' - 'CruiserRange' had sent out a competition tweet, the prize a $100 Sunglass Hut gift card. Something like; 'What is your ideal party outfit'... I went with sexy jeans, heels & a cute top & included a photo from when I was in Sydney last year & I met Jason Derulo... (read the blog on that trip HERE)... & dude I won!! YAY. Like this prize came right at the perfect time, I was in desperate need of new sunglasses as my old 'Guess' ones were kind of on their last leg (& you have no clue how sad I am, I love those glasses!!). So when they tweeted me saying I won, I was like YAY!! I hurried into my local Sunglass Hut (Grand Central - Toowoomba) & started picking some of my favourites & waited by my mailbox for my gift card to come. Now I LOVED the Bvlgari & Roberto Cavalli ones but seriously, $950 for sunglasses. Yeah maybe if this blog ever gets super famous I will buy them. Prada & Dolce & Gabbana really had nothing that impressed me, they were way to 'fashion-y'. And I've been a big Ray Ban fan for ages, my Dad use to rock them in the 80's! But I am not one to follow 'trends', to many people wear them & there are too many dodgy knock offs out there for me to want to buy a pair. Like I don't know if you have picked up on this, but I am kind of anti-fashion. I refuse to wear some hideous outfit that the style editors of some girly magazine claim is fashionable & just 'so in right now. Honestly a good pair of jeans, nice dresses, classic shirts, awesome heels & just classic designs is what I like. I like my clothes to last, so I really don't mind spending more money on clothes I know will last me a few years & always appear some what 'classic in style'. Anyway anti-fashion rant over, I promise I will do a blog on my 'love of fashion' shortly...
Anyway, back to the sunglasses... Now I had a check list for my new pair of sunglasses;
  • They had to be brown (it goes with everything I own...)
  • They had to be square in shape, they had to be slightly big (but not over-sized). I love square/oval'ish shaped glasses!!
  • They had to have some arm detail & be a little different.
And I think I found them, they could have been a little more 'blingy' on the arms (I like sparkle) but hey, I think they are pretty damn snazzy...
So my pick was Ralph Lauren sunglasses. They are a brown tortoise shell color and have a really cool blue backing. The blue reminds me of the Tiffany & Co. blue it's so pretty! The arm just has a simple metal line with the word RALPH printed on it (I use to love my cursive GUESS word...)  & they are the classic square look that reminds me of movie star glasses in old Hollywood vintage glam look. Every time I wear sunglasses shaped liked this I feel a little like a movie star. I am really happy with these, they are super nice & comfy!

** I would've bought another pair of Guess sunglasses, because I bought my favourite glasses that need to be replaced about 3 years ago & they are still really good, the arms just are really loose (because I always wear them on my head, apparently this ruins sunglasses. WOOPS!) But, Sunglass Hut no longer stocks Guess eye wear (apparently they don't like their quality? Honestly I own 2 pairs & I think they are fine!) I know a lot of people 'dislike' Guess, who knows why. But I love it, I think the brand is fun & isn't to 'over the top' in the way of fashion & always has good quality items so I've found & I honestly should be their brand ambassador I own that much stuff! (Pretty much at least one of everything except the shoes because the smallest size is half a size too big!!)

Thank you so much Vodka Cruiser for a fun competition & if you don't follow them on Twitter (follow them HERE) I suggest you hop on over right now & do so! They are always doing fun & random competitions. I now see my world through a new pair of glasses, but baby I still kept those rose colored lenses in... ;)

Let me know what you think of my new 'sunnies'.
Scruffy me last night trying to get a decent photo of them... Was much in a photo taking mood...
Some shots from this morning with my new glasses**.
** I know you can see you arm holding the camera in the reflection on my glasses - sorry, I am seriously running on no more than 4 hours sleep & couldn't be bothered setting up the tripod. So it was happy snap style! xx
My new Ralph Lauren sunglasses!! Thanks so much Vodka Cruiser & Sunglass Hut!!

Now I don't think it's fair that my new glasses get all this hype & my old faithful gorgeous glasses get no credit. My pretty Guess glasses have seen me through the past 3 years. And a heck of a lot of stuff has happened in those 3 years. I have moved towns like 4 times, I've gone through a few jobs, I've gotten engaged, raised a wallaby, released the wallaby, I've moved into our OWN home & now I've just bought a new car... So it's all really happening & 99% of the time if I am doing something my glasses are permanently attached to my head (dead set check the photos, I always have sunglasses on top of my head LOL - a habit I have to break!!). I think a good pair of sunglasses are important because honestly there have been times I look like crap or I am crying my eyes out (when I released Paddy!) & in photos they make me look fine :)
So here are some of my favourite photos with my Guess sunglasses, which no doubt will still be worn occasionally...
One of the first events I wore them to, Caulfield Cup in Rockhampton 2008 (I think...)
Love this photo & this dress. It's vintage & from the 70's, I need to find somewhere to wear it...
See they even glammed up my farm outfits LOL.
See always on top of my head!!
Lots of random adventures were had in these sunglasses. Even Trent wore them sometimes LOL.
These are my other Guess glasses that I now use for like swimming, the beach, yard work etc...
Paddy & I.
The day he left, I am crying my eyes out here...

I wont post any more wallaby photos as you have all probably seem them a 100+ times! LOL. If you do want to see more go HERE, HERE, HERE, HEREHERE, HERE, HERE & HERE...
(WOW that's a lot of 'here's...) But I love my old Guess sunglasses but I really LOVE my new Ralph Lauren ones, do you?! Let me know which ones you prefer!

Love you all,

PS: With the whole less than 4 hours sleep it wasn't because I was up partying all night or anything. I have no idea why, but I just couldn't sleep. I went to bed normal time about midnight'ish and I was really tired but I didn't go to sleep fully until like 7am & then I woke up at 10am!! :( NO FUN!! I assume I had mini sleeps until 7am but they were really short because I was wide awake for ages & kept being uncomfortable & restless, then hot & cold! ARGH. I've tried everything to improve my ability to sleep, nothing works... Any suggestions guys would be great!!! Because I am so exhausted.


  1. Loving the new glasses, very cute :)

    As for sleeping here are some tips ~

    Create a routine that allows your body know to begin preparing for sleep, ie ~ a warm bath, a cup of herbal tea, reading a book in bed and doing this repeat pattern the same time each night.

    NO coffee, chocolate, sugar, caffeine after 4.00pm and especially not after dinner.

    I have used a natural product called Valerian which works also about an hour before bed. Also a completely dark room helps release sleep hormones. Another thing that makes me restless is if I've had a glass of wine or two and I imagine this goes for other alcohol. It may make me fall asleep but then I tend to wake early hours of the morning tossing and turning.

    And of course there is the use of lavender and chamomile tea which I have used from time to time also.

    Hope that helps.


    PS And as for passing my house more than likely yes. We live in a cream QLD'er xo

  2. you should wear that vintage dress to my wedding

    psyche you'll be wearing a bridesmaid dress :)


    you're like hot soup on a cold winters day

    x lib lib the lib monster


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