Thursday, 28 April 2011

A girly Easter weekend ending with some gun shots!!

Hello lovelies!!
How was your Easter? What did Mr. E. Bunny bring you!?

My Easter weekend was lovely, I spent it with my Mummy... As Trent, Dad & the boys were out hunting until Sunday!
Well Friday we set off for Ipswich, every year we have fish & chips for dinner on Good Friday with my Nin (Nan). During the day we caught up with some other relatives in the Ipswich area, it was great!! :)
On Saturday Mum & I did what we do best... SHOP!! We hit all the shops Toowoomba has to offer (& dude, there is a lot!!). That night we headed out to a local 'hot spot' in town - 'Fitzys' (or Fibbers Mcgee) which not only is a cool pub that Trent & I like to visit but they also do a good feed in their fancy restaurant area. (Thumbs up to Mum & Dad for finding that out!!)... When we were finished our dinner & heading to leave Toowoomba got smashed by rain, like we had minor flash flooding AGAIN! What the fudge, I swear T-bar has the worst drainage in QLD. Easter Fest was cancelled as we were leaving so there were a bunch of young people all over the roads, crazy rain & the streets looked like rivers!!
So we got home safe, had our showers, we popped on a girly movie (Steel Magnolias), did face masks, did our nails & just hung out. It was lovely!! Then we did a present exchange for Easter as by then it was midnight!! (I got Mum a big stone ware gravy jug she wanted, some Lindt chocolate goodies, a breast cancer thing plastic air freshener she wanted & a little 'Mammy Doll' - or "Golly wog" to match her other 2 larger ones)....
On Sunday we were up early & headed into the markets in town & then to the ones just out of town! It was about mid-afternoon when the guys got back tired & smelly from being out hunting all weekend!! We all had a yummy roast chicken for dinner (lovingly prepared by my Mum - her roast chicken is the best!!) & Dad & I shared a bottle of wine.
It was a fantastic Easter weekend, I spent it with all the people I love & Mum & I got to have a really nice weekend together!! Thank you Mum for such a lovely weekend! I love spending time with you!!
My beautiful Mumma...
Spending the weekend at my parents = spending the weekend with their house cat/wild Australian bush tiger. This cat is the most mentally unstable & scary thing I've ever met, I love & fear him.
All ready for dinner!!
Then the Easter Bunny stopped by....
Easter Loot; cutting board, massive Tupperware bowl (perfect for rising dough!!), some stone ware accessories (a used tea bag holder & a sink caddy!!), a BIG pink heart sugar egg, a Gold Lindt Bunny (all from my parents!) A the chocolate Bilby is from my lovely little brother Lachlan!! xx
Seriously out of all the Easter loot photos snapped with me in it, this is the only half  decent & isn't dark & grainy. Argh never mind I look special... But YAY Easter shirt & sugar egg!!!
Locky & I...
Tristan & I...
My T-rex & I... I was so happy to see him! I missed him!!

And now for some GUN SHOTS!!!
So after coming back from hunting all the weapons must be safely stored away, well before they got stored away I 'borrowed' them for an impromptu photo shoot!! Yes I was surprised as you all that they let me handle the guns!!
** ALL GUNS ARE UN-LOADED & ARE OWNED BY A LICENSED OWNER, THEY ARE NOT MINE** & when using guns always use common sense, use them under the supervision & instruction of a license holder & behave in a safe fashion. Accidents with guns are cannot be reversed & often can't be fixed!! I was holding these all under my Dads supervision & they were NOT loaded. I do NOT condone irresponsible play with guns or misuse of them. Guns are a serious weapon & are to be used only by responsible people.... Once again the guns were not loaded.
And the compound bow does have an arrow with a tip on it but the string part was so tight I was only holding the arrow out straight (I couldn't pull the string back at all!) So it was of no threat to the person (Trent) taking the photos or anyone else around!! All these photos were taken in the privacy of my parents shed & away from the public!!
Once again they weren't loaded, I do not use them. I just wanted some photos with them!! (If I did use them I would more than likely break my shoulder, I would love to do target 'clay' shooting, but the gun shop guy & everyone else has said I was too little!) LOL
The Easter Bunny hunting bunnies? Lol
With the guns!! Once again both were unloaded. I wasn't even allowed to test the trigger!
My little 'bigger' brothers & I... Hurt these 2 & I may learn how to use this thing!!!
The compound bow & I. Once again, this thing is so hard to use the arrow is just sitting there, so I couldn't fire it even if I wanted to. I do not have the strength to... I wish I could use it, it would be fun!!

Anyway my loves, that was my Easter weekend. What did you do? What did Mr.E Bunny bring you??
Let me know!!
Love you all...


  1. "This cat is the most mentally unstable & scary thing I've ever met, I love & fear him"

    This made my night! hhahaha

  2. Thank you... :) It also makes me giggle. It is a strange animal though. x

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