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Chris Humfrey's Wild Life. TV I LOVE!

Hey all...
I just discovered something totally awesome!! Now I watch the normal and often mundane TV shows everyone else in Australia tends to watch (Home & Away, Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Glee etc...) & now I love some of those shows. But they are just missing something... They are missing that really captivating factor for me...
So Trent is on night shift tonight, so I was doing a bit of channel surfing at 6:30pm'ish and I flicked onto the ABC1 & I found such a wonderful show... Chris Humfrey's Wild Life! Now this show is kind of a cooler version of 'Steve Irwin - Crocodile Hunter'... Honestly full respect to Steve & the Irwin family and all the interest they've created in the 'Australian wildlife'. But sometimes he was a little full on. And I don't know a little to excited... I just seem to prefer Chris Humfrey & his family, they seem a little more normal I guess! I honestly hope Australia gets on board with this show & he becomes a house hold name. Chris Humfrey's Wild Life is on at 6:30pm on Sunday nights on ABC1. It's a fantastic show & I highly recommend you check it out!! If not for the Wild Life, Chris is pretty good looking!! ;) - Ladies he is married though to Nicole and they have 2 gorgeous little girls that appear in the show as well!
Now 'Chris runs a unique conservation project that houses everything from crocs to koalas' as stated on a trailer for his show. He has a 12 acre property in Victoria. He also has a mobile Zoo that can come to you (for birthday parties, functions, school events etc)!! Check out this website for WILD ACTION!! He is a zoologist & has had a love for Australian Wild Life from a young age...  I think that's awesome, I never understand some people that aren't fully interested in our wild life, it is really shocking to me. What on earth could be more interesting!!
Now if you personally know me or have been following this blog from the beginning you are aware that there is one thing I am passionate about & absolutely love; Australian Wildlife & pretty much just animals in general. Except frogs - I am sorry to Chris (the star of the new show I love, he has a 30 year old - I think - green tree frog 'Jabba') but they just freak me out! I am terrified. Snakes I could work with, I could work with crocodiles but a frog, well I would faint!! I love flicking on documentaries on the TV about animals, I like reading about them, I just think they are fascinating. Caring for 'Paddy' the swamp wallaby increased my interest in Australian animals. I realised that we really need to preserve our native animals. They are really important. I would love to care for more animals. I am sooo interested in caring for maybe a possum next. But trying to plan a wedding + a wildlife baby is pretty much impossible!! These little guys need 24/7 care & I would feel guilty going out and not being there for him 110%. As we have just bought our first home (which unfortunately is situated in town it makes caring for wild life tricky) we are planning our next home to set on some acreage (keep in mind our next home will be in like 10+ years!!) so hopefully then I can do some raise & release projects with Australian Wildlife. Honestly I like to dream big, some days I just sit there & dream of having a place where I could raise orphaned wildlife & let them go close by my home and have all the right facilities to raise them for successful soft releases. I would love to work with koalas, they are beautiful, but unless I get my own carers license it is something I will never be able to do as you do need a special license for those guys (& the licenses are pricey, from what I've been told). Where as with Paddy the wallaby I was able to care for him as I am registered with the Ipswich Koala Protection Society. And well they kind of have a blanket license that if the organiser has the main license, then they can supervise & teach others to raise certain animals. I think that's how it works! :) I think it's really rewarding work helping our wild life, it is really hard as wild life is all touch & go & sadly sometimes the little guys just can't make it, but trying is what counts. So if you know of a Wild Life association in your area & you want to help out but don't think you could handle a baby animal, DONATE! Donate, $5, old towels, a packet of paper towels, tissues, fleece fabric to make pouches, old pillowcases, anything you think that could be helpful! Just call up & ask!! Honestly, I think it would be really appreciated, as when I was raising Paddy the one thing that surprised me is that I met & spoke to women who have been doing this for years & they do NOT get paid. No government assistance, no wages, no holidays - Nothing. They buy the formula & supplies all out of their own pocket. Now that is love & devotion. Now in another blog I will get into what you should do if you find an injured animal or orphan & talk a bit more about wild life caring and if it would be right for you!
Sorry if this topic is a bit off track for what I normally blog about but I wanted to all inform you of this great show! I really hope it's a huge success & it goes really well!
I'm so jealous of their lives, it seems so rewarding & fun! I would love to help out at a zoo or a wild life reserve like what Chris & his family has down in Victoria. But lucky me Toowoomba really doesn't have any. So for now, it's just a dream & watching TV shows about other people doing it...
Anyway guys, make sure you check out some of the episodes of Chris Humfrey's Wild Life on the website or watch it next Sunday night on ABC1 at 6:30pm! It's interesting TV & you actually will learn something & Chris is much better looking than most Wild Life presenters!! :)
** The following photos I do not own, they are results of a quick Google search on Chris :)

See I wasn't lying when I said he was good looking!! So watch the show!! :)  - Plus he loves animals = even better looking...

One of the shows promo' posters. Chris, Nicole & their 2 daughters & the rest of their 'wild family'!!!
Chris checking on a baby koala. :)
A baby Quoll showing Chris who is boss!!

Ok now for some of my favourite Paddy photos, because honestly I love & miss that little guy so much & every chance I have to use a cute photo of him I will!! The following photos are property of ME! :)
Hehehe, what a funny photo!
Passed out, sleeping on my couch... Big lazy baby...
All tucked in for his afternoon nap.
This is why he needed his nap, he was sleepy!!
My baby Paddy & I... He has prepared for babies. Seriously I am pretty confident baby humans do not jump on your head with huge claws at 2am!! Lol
Caring for him has been the most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life so far. The love I felt from him was indescribable. And I know not everyone is as lucky as me, because I got to experience a wallaby hug & dude, it's awesome!! I love him!!
My Paddy... My little swamp wallaby... He rocked!
For those of you that doubt that animals have personalities, take a good hard look at these photos. My wallaby was a little camera whore, he loved having his photo taken & was sooo sarcastic. I imagined if he spoke he would sound like Stewie Griffin off of Family Guy!!

Ok guys you all know I have 100 thousand photos of MR. P.Melon on here & on my Facebook so feel free to look at some of my old post on Paddy if you want to see more.
Some of the interesting Paddy posts are...
 It's getting late & I'm not well, so I best be off to bed with my laptop to watch some back episodes of Chris Humfrey's Wild Life... Remember guys 6:30pm next Sunday night on ABC1! WATCH IT & let me know what you think...

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  1. I am really overwhelmed seeing the love towards animal. I was also having a dog of mine but he left me some days back.


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