Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bride to be Celebrations...

Last Saturday (the 26th of March 2011) I donned a fancy sun dress & a bright pair of heels, I did my hair fancy & made myself look pretty. Today was the day I was going to celebrate the fact I am a 'bride-to-be'... My lovely Mother & my Matron of honor & bridesmaid had thrown together a fancied up version of a Tupperware party. I was so excited, I had never had my own Tupperware party. I was beyond excited. The day was beautiful, we sipped Melissa's yummy punch, nibbled the over-load of food we had prepared, played silly games, won Tupperware prizes, chatted and just had some girl time. It was fun. Thank you to everyone important who were there, it was a lovely day & I am so grateful to everyone who popped an envelope in my basket :) I have picked out sooo many wonderful items (I can't believe how far almost $500 goes on Tupperware, I was spoilt!!) I also get a bonus gift for the HUGE amount of orders you all placed :) THANK YOU to you all!!! I am pretty sure the Tupperware lady (who did a great job!!) said it was the biggest & fanciest Tupperware party she has ever done, & she's been doing them for over 4years!! Also double thanks to my Mumma & Daddy for our beautiful white bird cage for our reception, I love it!! Thank you (also thanks to Melissa for finding it!!)... Another big thank you to Melissa for all her help organising the party & for her wonderful wedding shower gift!! I LOVE them so much & I love all the fun novelty 'Bride-to-be' gifts :)
I am looking forward to a few more 'bride-to-be' celebrations with a smaller close knit group of ladies :) -not that I didn't love this big celebration... But a few ideas we have rolling around is perhaps a 'high tea/kitchen tea'... Then we are also planning our hens/bucks night celebrations. And well we aren't so keen for the 'traditional piss up/drunk/ embarrassment' fest. We are thinking either a guys day out at the go-kart track or paint ball for the Trex or perhaps a combined big celebratory dinner at Dracula's Cabaret restaurant on the Gold Coast. I think that would rock!! But we are still deciding & are open to any suggestions... So suggest away :)
Anyway here are some photos summing up the day...
My wonderful Mum surprised me with this beautiful balloon display. Isn't it fun, a week on it's still looking pretty & is right in front of me in my lounge room!!
Bridal Shower...
Bindys Bridal Shower... <3 This sign was attached to Mum & Dads front fence so our guests knew where to go. There was also a trail of hot pink balloons leading the way through Highfields for everyone to follow, Trent thought up that idea...
Bridde To Be...
The shoes... pretty hey!!!
My lovely gift from Melissa!! I loved all my goodies!!
My beautiful bird cage Mum & Dad got for us!! It's soooo gorgeous!! It was a lovely 'extra surprise' gift. Thank you. x
I maybe a bride-to-be & in a pretty sun dress but I can still be silly!!!
I'm sorry for the constant dress photos, but it's just so absolutely beautiful - I LOVE IT!!
Me and my gorgeous fiance' Trent. The man who made me a bride-to-be... Thank you Trex. I love you.x
The Tupperware party....
Woohoo I won a prize, a jar opener... Mum has had one for years & I've always wanted one.
My Beautiful Mother who worked so hard to make my day a day to remember...  I am so sorry we didn't get a photo together, but we will make up for it... But thank you, you are such a great Mum, I appreciate you. xx
Playing Tupperware games, we won!! WOO HOO!!
My romantic fiance'... Isn't he sweet :) I love him, but maybe he was just sucking up because he was headed off fishing the following day with Dad & my brothers :)
This day was fantastic. I am so happy to have celebrated it with so many lovely people. I love looking back at these photos & thank you to my brilliant little brother Tristan for all the photos. I love you. x
Mum even got me a 'shower cake'... I love you Mum. x
Trents Mum and I & some of his relatives...
2 of my gorgeous ladies... :)
My two very beautiful friends, Melissa & Tammy and myself. These lovely ladies have been there for me when some who should have wasn't. Thank you, I love you both, you are both fantastic friends!! xx

Anyway guys that's the look into my first bridal shower, I am sure Mum & the girls will possibly throw me something else... Which I will be happy to accept, because who doesn't love a party & an excuse to either buy a new dress or even wear this one again, because this is one hell of a pretty dress... I've never owned a dress like this & I LOVE it!!
Thanks for reading, love you all. But I love those mentioned in this blog just a tad bit more....

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