Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hair growing tips & revitalising your hair after Summer!

Please keep in mind I am NOT a hair dresser, these are just my own personal tips... :)
Hello beautifuls!!
OK the end of Summer is finally over! That means Autumn is fianlly here!! And with every season one thing is always in style, healthy hair! Summer always means salt, sun, chlorine & hair styling for all those silly season parties (heating tools)... And that means the end of summer = hair that is on it's death bed!! Now I've been growing my hair for my upcoming wedding (July) so I've got some tips to keep it healthy or if it's a little unhealthy, how to get it back to being luscious... And some of you have asked for these tips, so well lets start... :)
  1. Book into your trusted hair dresser to get all the dead ratty looking hair chopped off!! (I TRY to get a regular trim every 6 weeks... It keeps my hair looking fresh & healthy!) After my wedding I will be a it cut shorter well not super short like still past my shoulders, but just so it can become healthier again & to get rid of the dead yucky hair...
  2. Use a good quality shampoo. At the moment I am currently using Sunsilk 'longer & stronger' (black bottle from Woolworths!) I LOVE it... It's cheap & my hair always feels & looks so healthy after it!!
  3. Buy a good quality hair treatment. I normally buy 2 different ones & swap & change them (as I find my hair can get to familiar with hair treatments & they stop having any affect on it) I am currently using, Schwarzkopf 'Intensive Nourishing Mask - Shea Cashmere' (from Woolworths about $12 & makes my hair feel GREAT!), my second one is one I just got for free from Herbal Essences, I actually like it. It's in a red tub and is called the 'long term relationship' it is a split end protector mask & is made with red raspberries & satin... I don't really see the sense in paying lots of money on hair products, I've tried a lot & the highend ones in Groceries stores are just as good as the ones at the Hairdressers. And I've tried out tons of hair products, I use to buy expensive 'hair dresser designer ones', I'm sorry I see no difference except the price!
  4. Brush your hair before you get in the shower & wash your hair. Brushing it first removes all tangles and knots. This makes washing your hair easier & keeps the hair healthy.
  5. Wash your hair only a few times a week. Try to stretch it out, I wash mine probably 2 or 3 times a week. For the first few times you go without washing it, it'll look really bad (so maybe plan to go an extra day without washing when you have nothing on & are staying at home hiding). But the natural oils that your scalp produces are the best for your hair... And constant washing can strip your hair of that. My normal hair washing timetable is Sunday (treatment), Wednesday & Friday (treatment if I have an event on the weekend). But sometimes (like if Trents on nightshift for the weekend) I skip Fridays hair wash.
  6. Try not to dye your hair to often... I went from being bleached blonde in Highschool to a brunette not only is it loads cheaper but my hair has really benefited as well. It's heaps healthier & is way less damaged & I now dye it myself (well Mummsie does!) only a few times a year (well for my wedding it will be professionally done!!)
  7. Lay off the heating tools!! Heat = Hair Death!! Only use when REALLY needed!! I style my hair by pin curling it, it's much safer for your hair & last way longer than any heating tool I've ever used... Check out my tutorial HERE! 
  8. Get a hair, skin & nail vitamin to take (these really do work!)
  9. I've heard the hair product Nioxin is a wonder product! I've personally never used it & it is really REALLY expensive like $99 for like a little 3 pack!! I want to try it really bad, but I really can't justify spending that money on a product that may or may not work on my hair!! But please if you have tried it, let me know!!
  10. I've heard of a lot of strange old 'wives tales' for helping keep your hair healthier; plaiting your hair on a full moon & trimming the split ends, washing your hair in beer, making a hair mask with raw egg, putting natural yoghurt in your hair (this I've tried, it's ok, but kind of weird... ). I don't know if I want to smell like a brewery LOL. But if you have any tips let me know! But think about it before you go & do something wacky to your hair!
  11.  Use common sense, if you need to straighten your hair use a heat protectant spray! If you need to dye your hair make sure you use hair treatments the week before to prepare you hair & continue keeping your hair healthy with treatments and just regular maintenance.
  12. Try to take care of your hair... If it's summer try to keep your hair up & out of the water (chlorine & salt is bad for your hair), you can buy leave in treatments to be used before swimming (personally never used them, but they could work? If you've tried them let me know...) in Winter it's often windy so try your best to keep your hair tangle free. Wear it in braids or buns. And always use treatments!!
  13. At night I either sleep with my hair in a bun or a braid (or 2!), this keeps it knot free (I find leaving it loose when sleeping it goes all gross & knotty!). I've also heard sleeping on a silk pillow case keeps your hair all shiny & smooth.
So these are my top 13 tips (well kind of tips!) for getting your dead summer hair looking beautiful for Autumn & basic hair care tips!!
Let me know your tips!!
My shampoo & conditioner...
My hair treatments...
My hair. Blonde in grade 11.
My hair in grade 12... still blonde.
My hair short'ish in 2007.
My hair here was just over my shoulders end of 2007 or beginning of 2008 I can't remember.
October 2008, I really like my hair here. Yes the pink is an extensions... It just looks cool.
My hair after a good hair cut at the end of 2008...
May 2009... It was starting to look healthier... :)
Easter 2010... Getting LONGER!!
In Sydney 2010...
It looks really long here!! :) End of 2010...
Keeping my hair braided keeps it knot free & makes it healthier & protected from the elements... :)
Feb 2011... See it's longer... :) My hair length now is half way down my back easily & hangs over my boobs FINALLY!! And it's still growing... I will be getting it professionally dyed shortly, so it will be trimmed then... :)
Oh and PS: if you have used this let me know... I just can't see myself spending $100 on a bottle of shampoo. Lol

Anyway guys, let me know what you think... Do you have any tips on growing your hair that I could try out (I am open to anything LOL)... I am trying so hard to grow it out for my wedding! It's slowly getting there.
Sorry this blog took so long to post I just had some drama for the past couple days as some moron hacked my email account, but silly her I got back in. Because I will always be smarter than her... Silly girl.

Anyway, love you all...


  1. Siobhan O'Connor29 March 2011 at 2:57 pm

    Nioxin is an amazing system to promote hair growth, I use to use it on a few clients at a salon I use to work at.

    It works by stimulating the blood flow in ur scalp, which means it kick starts all the goodies under ur skin. When using it on clients, ur hands actually go really cold for a few minutes, and well, thats how u can feel it working from the very first application. Alot people who are beginning to thin swear by it, but if u arent thinning, then u dont really need this system.

    I would however reccomend the Morrocan Oil complete system. Because professional products come with a professional price tag, I would firstly start off with the leave in oil treatment, sooo amazing!! (U dont have to use it as often as me) But because i have really lightened and fragile hair, to keep my length, I need a serious treatment!! I use it when i jump out of the shower, when my hairs dry, as a heat protection, as a styling product, and even on my face and neck lol. Go to a salon that stocks it, and ask to pump a little bit into ur palm, rub it in wait a minute or two and u will feel a complete difference - ull be sold :)

    Once u fall in love with it (and u deffinitly will) u will be more than happy to purchase the complete system, theres a conditioning mask, shampoo and conditioner.

  2. Thanks love for the comment, it seems like a good product. I've heard rave reviews on Morrocan Oil & also on the Macadameia oil treatment... :) Thanks for the tip, I will test it out... :) xx

  3. Great tip Bella but I always fail in coloring myself and even treating it, therefore, I do it at the salon.

  4. Yep I'd also reccommend the Morrocan Oil range. Althought once my hair got back to good condition the shampoo and conditioner were a bit too heavy. The straight oil is always good though! Nothing better for the ends of your hair and I'm always surprised at how it's not greasy.
    I also agree with you Bindy that most of the time there's no difference between the expensive and cheap shampoo/conditioners. I've spent the last 12 months using the ones that hairdressers have told me I need (that cost a fortune!) but the best ones for my hair are still at Woolies!
    Just my 2 cents worth :)

  5. great tips Bindy!!! ive never really done anything to my hair. ive dyed it maybe 3 times in my life, all semi-permanents, wash it 2-3 times a week and thats it. i had it cut so it was just touching my shoulders in november 2010 i think and its already half way down my back..


  6. I really want to try Moroccan oil so I should maybe buy a bottle :)
    Thanks for the tips & positive comments ladies :) xx

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