Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Father Daughter Date to see Alan Jackson!

Howdy ya'll... (hehehe.)
This past few weeks I've been really hooking my family up with the country music scene, this past Sunday my parents & brothers headed to 'Spirit of the Country' country music benifit right here in Toowoomba, they all had a fantastic day, muddy but good!! My brothers rubbed shoulders with the country music stars & they all caught a glimpse of the Prince of hearts - Prince William. (Unlike me, my family doesn't see the need to take photos of every little detail, so sorry I don't really have any photos to prove the above statement!) Thanks to Amanda & Kiki who helped me out with getting the tickets for them!! I appreciate it!!
And then...
The other night (the 11th of March 2011) I went on a date. I got picked up, we went to a concert & I got dropped off at home & walked to the door... It was very fun!! But my date was my Dad, it was one of our last Father/Daughter date before I get married. It was really nice to be able to treat my Dad to a special night out. My Father works extremely hard to give all of us in our family all we want & make sure we are always safe & loved. And he often goes without some things I know he would love to do (like concerts etc). So when he let me know about a competition with Toowoomba Country FM (our local country radio station we all listen to!) for 2 Alan Jackson tickets I knew I had to do whatever I could to win them!! I had heard about the concert a few months ago & Dad was disappointed he had missed out on tickets (as they sold out instantly!) And our whole family are Alan Jackson fans (seriously, the Bartley Family Choir does a pretty sweet rendition of 'Drive' on all our car trips...) So I entered and crossed every part of my body I could & I won!! YAY. So on Friday the 11th of March I got ready all morning so I looked pretty & Dad picked me up at midday after he finished work & we went to Mum & Dads so Dad could get ready then at 2pm'ish we headed off for the fun trip to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Boondall. The car trip was fun & a good time for Dad & I just to talk about lots of random topics. We got down there in good time after listening to an Alan Jackson CD on repeat to get us all hyped up!! So we arrive we go into the venue & have a drink (Dad see's a bunch of people from Blackwater that he knows...) & then we head to our seats. Now I won these tickets & I was not expecting decent seats as I was told they were pretty average. For free tickets they were great!! So we were pretty happy... 
So Mcalister Kemp was the first start up act, they were pretty good. They are Australian country artists... The next support act was another Aussie country singer, Jasmine Rae... She was also fairly entertaining...  And I got to meet both of these artists! So that was cool!! But the main act was Alan Jackson & when he came out the crowd went nuts! He seems like such a down to earth & 'normal' person. I loved his 'deep south' American accent, it is so cool!!
He sang so many great songs, it was a lovely concert & he gave a little personal speech before almost every song, that made the concert that little bit more emotional. It was a fantastic concert (not as good as Taylor Swifts Brisbane concert, but I am a die hard Taylor fan!!)
So I snapped a few photos (of course!!) & did a little bit of filming (naughty...) But I wanted to show my Mum Alan singing some of her favourite songs. Much to my annoyance I used my digital camera for some of the songs than tried out my new iPhone 4 for some of the others, it seems to film pretty good & I wish I had filmed all the videos on my iPhone!!
Head to my YouTube channel to check out all the Alan Jackson videos... :)
 But anyway I could just drag on about the whole concert but I think it's time for some photos... It is really hard to describe though how fantastic the night was.
Thank you Dad for taking me on our 'date'. It was fabulous & I had a great time!! That night I will always remember forever, it was a great moment in my life, thank you.
Make up for the night...
I love him VERY much. My Daddy. I think we look alike, except for the obvious coloring difference. He has an awesome tan & I look like an extra on the set of Casper.
Me being silly. I borrowed my little brothers Akubra hat. (for those interested I believe this hat is the 'rough rider'... Strange name for a hat...)
Looking all fancied up 'Country style' (An outfit post for this outfit is coming....)
On the drive down I saw this boring Holden whatever it is, with a fancy schmancy crown for the number plate... Can anyone help me out & tell me what it means? Clearly they were important, but they were just old boring people in the car ??? ... Ok they must've been kind of important they were reading paper work in the car (high five to them, I get sick if I read in the car...) but Dad & I couldn't recgonise them. So... Maybe it's like a governement car??
My Cowboy boots...
OOoo... Alan Jackson tickets!!!
Brisbane Entertainment Centre... View from our seats... Not to bad...
Dad & I in our seats, iPhone 4 you take CRAP photos!!
Mcalister Kemp performing...
Meeting the band!! :)
Jasmine Rae performing...
Jasmine and I... Dude I am taller than someone, actually I fear she maybe wearing flat shoes in this & I was wearing heeled cowboy boots, so maybe we are the same height!? Either way YAY short chicks!!
In my seat waiting for Alan Jackson to come out & perform!!
Alan Jackson performing (yes these iPhone photos are bad, but I love how the lights turned out )
Alan Jackson performing... It was such an amazing concert!! I loved it!! He seems so genuine & nice & I LOVE his deep southern accent.... Ahhh I wish I had a southern accent.
How nice is he!! He spent like 5-10 minutes just signing stuff for all the fans down the front. Damn it I couldn't get down there... Lol

Well that's that... I hope you enjoyed the blog!! Thanks again to Toowoomba Country FM for the tickets, it was a fantastic night and those memories of going to a concert with my Dad I will remember forever!
Love you all..


  1. Love the outfit :)
    The silver crown is the State Govenor's car. The Govenor General has a gold crown.
    PS definitely like the jeans tucked into the boots

  2. Thanks Jess, I figured it may have been someone important like that :)
    Thank you xx


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