Friday, 4 March 2011

EK cruising, heat wave & a picnic. + Outfit post.

So what do I do when it's a hot day, even though it's meant to be Autumn (March 2nd), Trents got a day off & we are bored... We get off our butts and do something! So lately I've been feeling a little sad, I haven't used my new picnic basket that I got for Christmas from my parents. The other day was a perfect day to use it. We did kind of cheat though... We picked up burgers & chips from KFC & put them in the basket, LOL. We drove to Queens Park in Toowoomba in our Holden EK (yes we have NOLeea out of the shed & going to start driving her more!!) & found a shady tree, spread out the blanket & relaxed. It was great. Just to lay around, eat, laugh & then act like 10 year olds and go play on the swings & play equipment.
It's finally raining!! After days & days of heat hopefully this rain will be the start of some cool weather & it'll feel like Autumn really soon :)
Anyway here are some photos celebrating the last days of Summer...
My beautiful picnic basket & our picnic set up... Yes we cheated & bought KFC. LOL
He is easily the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
Relaxing on the picnic rug.
I've said this once before & I will say it again... Swings are AWESOME...
Yes these photos are of me swinging. :)
T.rex & B.rex.
Some greenery photos...
He is just like me, a big kid. :)
Now for the outfit post...
I wore....
  • The dress from Citybeach a few years ago...
  • Gold sandals also from Citybeach at about the same time
  • Both beaded chunky bracelets are from Diva awhile ago
  • Hair is in a fishtail braid, easy & looks really cool. :) 
The whole outfit. :)
Hair braided + sun dress + sunglasses + sandals = Picnic perfect outfit
Bracelets :)
Shoe shot. & Trent wanted his shoes included in this blog, also from Citybeach & are Billabong brand...
Make up for the day...
Cruising in the EK...
Then after our picnic we went to pick out our new car... Well we've found one, put a deposit on it :) And now just to sell our ute... Anyone want to buy a turbo diesel 4x4 holden rodeo (2008)?? Great condition but we want a nicer car...

Anyway it was a lovely day. Hope you enjoyed this blog.
Love you all.


  1. Seems like you had a great time, nice environment, I would have love it too.


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