Saturday, 12 March 2011

23 years of love....

So today is a special day. This day 23 years ago two beautiful & inspiring people made their love official & said I do! My parents. Now today my parents & I are off to one of our close family friends weddings (& another friend is also getting married today!) So maybe it's a good date to get married. The 12th of March, maybe a lucky day to get married!
My parents, I believe have a pretty perfect marriage. Their relationship is inspirational, they are not only good friends & are super cute but are also very much so in love. I can't wait until Trent & I can say 'well we've been married 23 years'... I feel very blessed to have grown up with two parents who love each other & love all of us kids (I know that not everyone is as lucky as us). And if my marriage to Trent is half as great & we achieve half as much as my parents I will be very happy. Anyway I could talk & talk about how great my parents are.. But I thought I would just make this short & sweet.
Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad, I love you both very much!!
(I realise this video isn't the best thing, I need to get a good scanner!! But I find making a 'music video/photo slideshow is sooo much easier than uploading like 100+ photos & writing 'Bella In Bindyland' on them all... & positive point of YouTube videos, people can't take my photos!!) So sorry it's not perfect... But I think it's sweet.
So enjoy...  & I love you Mum & Dad very much... Thank you for being such perfect parents!!

And here are a few photos...
When my parents when they first met, awww young love :)
I think my Mum was the most beautiful bride... I hope I look this beautiful!!
My Mum & Pop...
See, she is soo beautiful. Aww I really hope I look this pretty. x
My Dad looking very handsome at their wedding... He hasn't changed at all (well except his hair, hehehe)
I think these photos are so beautiful, yes I know they are bad copies (I just snapped them on my iPhone I am buying a good qaulity scanner/printer very soon!!) But they look so in love & young... I love it!!
Yes I will say it again, my Mother is easily one of the prettiest ladies I've ever seen. She just looks so beautiful all the time :)
Mum & Dad...
My parents when they renewed their vows on their 10th anniversary. It was very nice...
All fancied up...
Mum and Dad at Fraser Island.
My parents... Looking very snazzy...
I love seeing my parents like this. Smiling & very happy. :)
Getting into the festive spirit... They are very cute!!
I feel very lucky to have not only just beautiful & supportive parents but a whole family who loves me as much as I love them... & that is a whole lot of love!!

Thanks for reading...


  1. Thankyou very much it was so beautiful. Dad and i love it <3 Mum and Dad xxx

  2. hi girl,you have a lovely family with pretty mum and handsome dad and of course you're pretty like your mum too..I hope that I'll have a happy family and happy ending life with my boyfriend Nick too :)


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