Thursday, 10 February 2011

Outfit post. Summer Feb 2011.

Hey everyone!!
Well I've been kind of doing a poll on all my readers lately (if you haven't done it's right there -> see that big pink box thing on the right side bar? DO IT!!)

Anyway I had a request for some 'fashion topic' blogs... Well I don't think of myself as 'fashionable'... I never wear 'in-style outfits'... Pretty much because I think they look like you got your dog to design it. Seriously, look at the half crap that is 'fashionable' right now, U-G-L-Y. Anyway, I prefer normal, classic outfits that suit my body shape & personality. So you may not like what I wear but oh well. Anyway, I figured as I don't really have much 'fashion experience' I can do outfit posts. Pretty much, a blog every now & then (maybe once a week, comment let me know if you like them... I don't mind doing them!) on an outfit I wore that week... My style I think is a little different to other peoples, I like pretty girly & really classic pieces, so let me know what you think of them...)
My fashion 'must haves' are always;
  • Jeans. I really don't think I need to stress how important a decent pair of Jeans are. I just bought 2 new pairs of Guess Jeans, very nice.
  • A classic button down shirt (I like stripey ones & plain white, I own a fair few)
  • Good shoes. Any shoes. Every pair of shoes need love. I have to many. (Ooo I can do a shoe post for you guys... Interested??)
  • Denim shorts for Summer. I seriously own over 20. Addicted much.
  • Your own sense of style. Stuff what the magazines say are cool, dress how you wish. Don't follw the crowd. Seriously I've been into sooo many fashion stores lately & I've wanted to set the places on fire, they would have to have some of the ugliest clothes I've ever seen. Sorry. My clothes or fashion sense may not be awesome, but it's a heck of a lot better than someone who wears harem pants + a body suit (or one of those retarded crop top looking things we use to wear when we were 8) + brogues (or those hideous strap on sandals that go up your ankle with like suede, my god ladies get a clue, they are HIDEOUS!) + ray bans (which are cool, but teamed with all this it's just stupid!) & they think it looks decent. Some people need to do a mirror check before leaving the house, just sayin'.
  • Confidence. If you have none, whatever you wear will be crap. Seriously if you are confident and wear the above outfit cool. If that's your style, sweet. But if you are doing it because someone else is get your own ideas. I wear my clothes because  I love them. I'm comfortable in them & I think they suit me..
Anyway they are just some of my fashion rules I follow. Make up your own. What are yours? I'll go further with the list next outfit post.. :)
Anyway this is my first 'outfit post'... I wore this outfit when I went to order my wedding dress, it was a super hot day & I wanted something pretty but cool and also super easy to slip on & off. I had never worn this skirt before, I won it in a clothes pack last year & well it's honestly not something I would normally buy as I think it looks a little silly on me... But it seemed to work in this particular outfit...
So where I got everything for this look;
  • Floral singlet top: Valley Girl last season. I love it, it's so pretty!!
  • Skirt: I won it from Milk & Honey (it's from Spring - Summer 2010 & is called the 'river of diamonds skirt'). I am undecided if I like it...
  • Shoes: These fabulous shoes that I have named my 'house wife' shoes as I think they are so Stepford were picked up in Rocky like 3 years ago from a random little boutique & they were reduced to do like $20... The brand is delicious & I've honestly never seen a pair like them. I kind of search for the weird 'quirky' shoes though. I hate seeing someone else with something I have.
  • Sunglasses: They are Guess & I got them probably almost 3 years ago from Myer in Toowoomba. I love the classic shape & gold 'Guess' detail on the side... They have been a terrific pair of sunnies, but are on their last leg. I went shopping today & saw a pair I like (Roberto Cavalli or Bvlgari, gosh I can't remember, I just remember the $950 price tag!). What insane normal person pays that much for sunnies? I will pay up a few hundred dollars, but not $1000! Then the sales girl says to me 'oh the swarivski crystals on the side have are under warranty for a few years'. I felt like saying 'You think... for $950 they better be under warranty & they also should come with a free pair of shoes & a set of steak knives...' Gosh, I will keep hunting for new sunglasses. I'll do post when I find them!
  • Earrings: Large gold, euro balls, gift from Trent. From Wallace Bishop.
  • Top Gold bangle (Right arm): This was my 21st present off of my Parents. Very pretty & no clue how much it cost (solid gold, so yeah somewhat pricey...) But it's from Wallace Bishop.
  • Gold chain link bracelet (right wrist): This thing is just a cheap bracelet from Esteem Jewellery... I think it cost me just over $100. Looks cute, one day I will get a solid gold one... Hmmm... first wedding anniversary present or my 23rd birthday?
  • Gold chain bracelet (left wrist): This once again was a birthday present from my Parents (20th birthday)... It's also from Wallace Bishop (I swear Mum is their most valued customer, they would go broke without her!)
  • Massive gold Playboy watch (left wrist): Gift to myself from about 4 years ago when I lived in Rockhampton. I like big faced blingy watches. This one is obviously by Playboy & I haven't really seen another one around.
  • Blue bra (damn thing can be seen in photos!): It's by Playboy for Bra's & Things. It was my get well present from when I was sick in hospital in November from my Mummsie... I love these bra's they are AMAZING... They make my small boobs look half big!! Lol...
  • Tan: My one of a kind casper tan comes naturally. Jealous ladies, I would be. Lol.. Normally I will fake tan if I have to 'go out' somewhere nice, but for everyday stuff I embrace my ghostly coloring. ;)
Well that's the list of where to get everything if you like any of it... So here are the photos...
Outfit... Like?
My flowery, Stepford wife heels... Love them :)
It was really hot that day, so this is how I wore my hair most of the day. In a ballerina style bun...
My favourite part of this skirt... It's swishy & twirly...



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