Monday, 28 February 2011

Outfit Post... The end of Summer. Knitted Coolness.

Hey all!
I thought I would never get to post this outfit post until next Summer... But thanks to this random heat wave that is sweeping through Australia (actually I think there is a random weather wave sweeping the world apparently warm areas in America are freakishly cold... Who knows...) Anyway I wore this outfit a little while ago when I was spending the day with Mum, the date it was worn was 28/Jan/2011....  If that matters. Anyway this outfit is kind of celebrating the last night of Summer.... In 2 hours it is March 1st & Autumn!! *YAY* I love cool weather. But when it's hot you need to dress for the weather, so this is the outfit & it consists of...

  • My little denim shorts - bought from CityBeach (that is the actual link to them... They are the Bubblegum brand.
  • The white knitted top is actually my Mums from when she was young, I have a few similar ones that I love wearing... It is handmade...
  • Yes I wear flat shoes!! The thongs are from Big W...
  • The yellow bra is as always Playboy from Bra's 'n Things.
  • The sunglasses are Guess...
I like this outfit, it's comfy, it's pretty & casual (well I think so...). My hair was just brushed out & natural, see how LONG it is getting!! I have a healthy hair tip post coming up soon, so stay tuned... Make up was my normal routine with like brown/gold tones, which is pretty much what I always wear!
So here we go....
Really basic hair & makeup... :)
Inside photo!! Spot the Mishka!! <3
argh I would love this photo if I actually smiled!! :(
Outside photos...
Look at how long my hair is!!! YAY... That's all REAL hair!!

Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think...
Love you all.

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  1. Wow nice outfit and you're such a good poser!


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