Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Our 'Queen Mary Falls' adventure.

Hello readers!! How are we all?
Well this blog is just a tad late... Sorry guys! After all the rain we had around Christmas & New Year Trent & I thought we would head up to the Queen Mary Falls for a day of hiking, photographing & just to relax and unwind... Now the Queen Mary Falls are about 2 1/2 hours away from Toowoomba and they are so beautiful.  We headed up to the falls on the 2nd of January 2011, I had been there when I was very little with my family I remember loving it & coming home to find a new friend living behind my ear the next morning (a tick - the only time I've ever had one!). The Queen Mary Falls are located in the Main Range National Park 11km east of Killarney on the Killarney–Boonah Road. The Queen Mary Falls is the start of the Condamine River. There is a caravan & camping park there with a kiosk that do a HUGE and great feed of hot chips & gravy!! The main bush walk we did was the standard Queen Mary Falls walk which is about a 2km return walk (so about 40minutes depending on your fitness level). It's a pretty easy walk with a few bits of uneven ground and there is a bridge that goes near the waterfall (be careful when it's wet it can become slippery!). It is a fantastic walk and really beautiful. But be careful we saw a few water dragons on the trail & there could be other creepy crawly reptiles such as snakes out there. If you see a reptile (or worse a snake) always give them right of way. It may take a little while but just wait until they go off the track. If it's a lizard just toss a stick near it (not at it!) it should scamper away. But if it's a snake, take a few slow steps back keeping an eye on it and do it try to scare it off or cross it. If there are other hikers coming, perhaps try to signal that there is a snake on the path. It should slither off the path in time, never provoke a snake, they have right of way out in the bush! But they have very good senses and often will sense you coming before you will see them and get out of your way. But take my above advice if you do see them & remember snakes are also scared of you.
And some more tips for bushwalking or hiking...
  • Always research where you are going before hand & check out weather conditions.
  • Try to call a family member or friend before you head out on each bush walk. Let them know where you parked the car, where you are walking too, when you should be back (give about an extra half an hour in case you are going to do some photography etc) and let them know you will contact them when you return. It may seem a little over top, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  • Charge your mobile before hand and let family/friends know where you are going.
  • Always pack your camera. I take 2. My little hand held & my big SLR (now that I own one!)
  • Also pack an extra memory card & camera batteries if you wish.
  • Pack wisely. Don't over pack & don't bring pointless items.
  • Wear sensible shoes. Thongs are a really stupid choice. Good quality sneakers are a smart choice if you don't want to buy expensive hiking boots. Sneakers will also protect your feet. Thongs (flip flops) will not protect your feet from anything, sunburn, snakes, cuts, blisters, dirt, nasty insects and you also run the risk of hurting your feet (i.e; rolling/spraining your ankle).
  • You will need water & snacks (lunch also if you aren't planning on buying it). Pack high energy food, not food that will make you feel sluggish. Muesli bars, fruit, a bag of lollies is also handy, a healthy sandwich & some snack foods.
  • Sunscreen and Insect repellant (and make sure you apply it!!)
  • Pack a light jacket or sweater (depending on the weather, but it's smart to have one)
  • Wear suitable clothing; I wear jeans or 3/4 jeans, a singlet & light jumper or a t-shirt that covers my shoulders, always a hat, sunglasses, socks & decent sneakers. Oh & comfy undies the last thing you want to be doing is hiking for a few kilometers with a wedgie!!
  • Also take a backpack with supplies in that you may need (always pack your wallet with basic I.D, health care card, debit card & also cash because some smaller kiosks on Mountains don't take eftpos or have a limit you must spend first etc)
  • Pack salt. You pour salt on a leech if it attaches itself to you & it should drop off.
  • I always pack a little box of matches or a lighter, just in case.
  • I always pack a small standard first aid kit & some pain killers & antihistamine tablets.
  • I've said this already, take water!! We normally do a water bottle each + an extra one.
  • Whilst hiking always watch your footing. Loose ground, rocks & sticks can cause injuries, be smart.
  • It's better to hike with someone else. I always take Trent, he is great & he is also nice to look at! LOL 
  • In the car we always have umbrellas, a flash light & toilet paper. Sounds silly but if we ever needed them, I would be glad we packed them (we've never needed the toilet paper yet! LOL)
  • When you get home when you have a shower make sure you wash your hair & really do a good check of your whole body for any ticks or leeches. If you find one get help removing it (call someone for advice or get someone who knows how to properly remove them to take them off. If you incorrectly take a tick off, it can make you sick!)
  • I also take Trent (so pack a guy) this may sound 'sexist' but whatever. Trent does all the driving so I can play with the music, nap or read. He also carries the back pack which I am very thankful for!!
  • If you don't want to take any of this advice... Fine, but at least watch an episode of Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls before you head out. 
 I highly reccommend taking a trip to the Queen Mary Falls, it's amazing & is honestly breath taking when you see them. There are a few other smaller water falls on the range, they are also great! If you have a spare weekend or day, head up there. It will not disappoint you... Let me know if you know of any great hiking places or beautiful places around South East Queensland I could check out or any good hiking/bush walking tips!
Here are some photos I took whilst on our day trip! Enjoy...
There are these gorgeous birds at the Caravan Park & kiosk that you can feed. It only cost $1.00 for a pack of bird seed and it's worth it!!
This is us up the top of the lookout at the top of the range. It's great.
This is a water dragon (well 2 of them) that we saw on the hike. They have back legs like frogs legs for swimming. They are pretty harmless, but will bite (& it can get infected). So do not try to pick them up or get to close. Just admire from afar & snap a few pictures, toss a small stick or little stone so it'll land a foot or so from the lizard and he should just run off into the bush. Don't hurt the wildlife & be a hero and try to pick them up or touch them.
Our first glimpse of the falls. Awesome eh!!
Me hiking... :)
Me in front of the Queen Mary Falls. I am short (like 5ft 1") so I look tiny compared to the falls as would a really tall person be, these falls are MASSIVE. They are 40m!! It's crazy!
Trent infront of the Queen Mary Falls
The Queen Mary Falls. Amazing.
These are some of the photos I snapped whilst walking. What do you think? I like them. :)
Can you spot the dragon fly? I tried to edit so he stood out a bit better... But I think I may have ruined it. But he is so cute...
The view of the Queen Mary Falls from the top look out point. Pretty damn spectactular hey!!
Trent and I up the top of the look out with the Queen Mary Falls behind us.
Trent bush walking :)
one of the smaller water falls, sorry I've forgotten the name!!
One of our final walks. We ended up turning back, we couldn't get to the water fall at the end of this trail as we had to cross a creek & it was getting a little late. So we turned back... This trail is located at the bottom of the range.

Anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed this blog I will be doing one shortly on the Glengallan Homestead we visited after being at the Queen Mary Falls.
Love you all.


  1. Some really good advice! But please don't throw sticks at lizards. Just making noise will usually cause them to move away.

  2. Trust me noise would not move these lizards. And I said DO NOT Hit the lizards, just toss a stick near them. Tossing a small stick will not hurt a lizard. If you throw a huge stick or poke a lizard it will get hurt, but I like to think people have some common sense.
    But thanks anyway :)

  3. Haha you just can't win with some people Belinda! I love the photos and it looks like a stunning place to visit.


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