Monday, 28 February 2011

Outfit Post... The end of Summer. Knitted Coolness.

Hey all!
I thought I would never get to post this outfit post until next Summer... But thanks to this random heat wave that is sweeping through Australia (actually I think there is a random weather wave sweeping the world apparently warm areas in America are freakishly cold... Who knows...) Anyway I wore this outfit a little while ago when I was spending the day with Mum, the date it was worn was 28/Jan/2011....  If that matters. Anyway this outfit is kind of celebrating the last night of Summer.... In 2 hours it is March 1st & Autumn!! *YAY* I love cool weather. But when it's hot you need to dress for the weather, so this is the outfit & it consists of...

  • My little denim shorts - bought from CityBeach (that is the actual link to them... They are the Bubblegum brand.
  • The white knitted top is actually my Mums from when she was young, I have a few similar ones that I love wearing... It is handmade...
  • Yes I wear flat shoes!! The thongs are from Big W...
  • The yellow bra is as always Playboy from Bra's 'n Things.
  • The sunglasses are Guess...
I like this outfit, it's comfy, it's pretty & casual (well I think so...). My hair was just brushed out & natural, see how LONG it is getting!! I have a healthy hair tip post coming up soon, so stay tuned... Make up was my normal routine with like brown/gold tones, which is pretty much what I always wear!
So here we go....
Really basic hair & makeup... :)
Inside photo!! Spot the Mishka!! <3
argh I would love this photo if I actually smiled!! :(
Outside photos...
Look at how long my hair is!!! YAY... That's all REAL hair!!

Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think...
Love you all.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Life blog...

Hey everyone,
OK... So this week I've been a little slack on the blog front, SORRY!! I do have a really good hair one coming up though (how to grow your hair long & just how to keep it healthy tips!!) So I hope you all love that... Let me know (comment, Facebook or Twitter me) any suggestions you have for blogs you will like to read... Oh & I am also currently working on a new layout which explains this average looking one!! LOL... Sorry! It'll look better again soon!
This blog is kind of a venting letter to people who keep being hurtful in my life. What we all do is of our own doing, no one forces us to make the choices we make. And we all stuff up (& it happens...) we can either accept the fact we were wrong, own our mistake, apologise & move on. But lately I've noticed some people find it very difficult to own their mistakes & say sorry. And so they continue on making more & more stuff ups & one day they will make a really big mistake and maybe then they wont have anyone left to come back too. Because if you continue hurting people and pushing them away at some point those people will throw their hands in the air & say 'fine'. And normally by that stage you've also crossed the line that it maybe too hard for them to forgive you. But honestly, it's never to late to seek forgiveness or change. It's never to hard to stand up & say 'I'm sorry, I was wrong' & try to ask for forgiveness... But at some point one day it maybe to late to try and mend the bridges you burnt. You don't want to test time, you want to mend things & change now. But I guess everyone is different.
I don't know if it was the whole turning 20 thing for me & leaving behind my teenage years, but when I turned 20 something clicked. I had to move on, Rockhampton was dragging me down & I knew living there I would only just continue to make more & more stupid mistakes, I had to move on. I left, I moved back home & I tried my best to be a better person... I met Trent & well the rest is kind of history (read more in depth blogs on my life before & when I met Trent Here #1 & Here #2) Anyway, the point I am trying to make is you can keep blaming people for your own mistakes & hating others for pointing out your mistakes, but at the end of the day you HAVE to own your mistakes. You have to say 'well I really e'fed up there, I'm sorry'. And you have to work out what is important in your life. What your values & morals are. What you stand for. I value a few things in life, first is my family. I will love them & want to be apart of their lives forever. No one is ever worth leaving your family for. And if someone lets you leave your family for them, they are a scum bag, because no one should ever expect you to leave your family & a decent person would know that. There are a few more after that but 'family' is my main one as is love, honesty & well I also value my pets! Lol.
So where is this thought stream coming from, well lately some  really ugly family stuff has been happening. If you are on my Facebook or a friend of mine you know what I'm talking about. But to sum it up, some people don't give a crap about family & seem to think they don't need us. Which is fine, as I said at the start of this, everyone makes their own choices. It just makes me so mad that one person constantly time & time again wishes to inflict the same stupid pain on my family. It's just like we have hit the rewind button & this is all happening again like it did 5 years ago. Honestly, learn from your mistakes. Also I've been told that I may have upset someone on my Twitter account by publicly calling out what I hope was a mistake they made (because if they did it purposely, well you kiss the chance of you ever getting my forgiveness away). My dear, you can deny hurting my Mother physically all you want, I'm the one who had to take her to the doctor & watch her be in pain. I guess it's easier hurting someone then running away so you don't have to deal with the  guilt... Answer this, what kind of person hurts their own family constantly? You seem to do it A LOT, with physical (because you are so tough) & emotional pain!... One day you may just hurt us to much & we will just give up. I don't want that day to come, I want you in our lives but you need to wake up & own what you've done & say sorry... It's not hard, but I know anything to do with you admitting you are wrong is like hell freezing over.
Anyway... Family is family. Everyone has issues, no ones family life is perfect. But there are certain situations that can be very easily avoided & are totally unnecessary. I just wish people would own their mistakes, apologise (if this happens I will be very surprised, as we are still waiting for an 'I'm sorry' from the last time this lame crap happened) & just GROW UP. Family will always be more important to me than anything else, obviously to others we are on the lower end of the importance stick. Which is sad. I don't know why others find it necessary to always hurt, be mean & cut people out of their lives, especially when the people you are hurting have ALWAYS loved you, ALWAYS forgiven you, ALWAYS helped you out & ALWAYS been there. But time will tell... Maybe you will one day magically turn around and see what is slipping away & want to grab on to it & save it & we will be OK again. But I'm not holding my breath. I can't expect that much from you. But maybe you will (& I pray you do) surprise me & change. But then there is a chance you will continue leading your life the way it is, putting down others, criticizing other peoples life choices but then going out & doing the exact same thing (or better yet worse). And I would just like to reinforce that, nothing I've EVER done will ever compare to what you've now done, NOTHING. When you are in high school, you can write off stupid mistakes as exactly that, stupid mistakes, everyone makes mistakes when they are teenagers. When you pass 20 & are pretty much 21, your mistakes count. What you've done now is an adult mistake. So don't even try to compare anything I've done to what you are doing now, none of it adds up. I was grown up by the age you are now & done making silly mistakes, clearly you are late bloomer.
I am praying for you, for you to see what you will be missing out on, for you to want change, for you to always know that we love you & will always be here for you. But if you keep treating us like we are disposable, well maybe one day you wont have anyone left to come back to when it all goes sour.
I Love you, you know that. Even though you go around writing & claiming we hate you. I don't hate you right now, I don't think I'll ever be able to truly hate you. I am dissappointed, hurt, upset & well I was furious at you. But that all dies down & all that is left is love... You know that. So I love you, I don't really LIKE you right now. But love always wins. Stop hurting the people that love you. Be kind to them, because when it comes down to the tough stuff, family is really all you often have left... No one is ever worth hurting your family over...  I hope you realise that sooner rather than later....

PS: SORRY guys for such a depressing blog, I promise this is the end of it. I just had to put it out there... <3 Love you all... Writing this blog really makes me much more appreciative of the life I have & really puts my life into perspective for me. I know I have great life & I try to remain 110% positive all the time (TRY to!) & I feel very lucky to be in my position, but sometimes I need to vent. So thank you to anyone that actually read all of this!! xx

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A REAL outfit post...

So this outfit posting thing seems to have me a little worried. I don't want to keep doing all these 'pretentious outfit posts', that paint me in the light that I skip around all day shopping, wearing heels & pretty clothes. I often read outfit posts by people that say 'oh I only EVER wear vintage clothes' or 'I only wear designer clothes' or 'I only dress in this certain way', I am sorry but that's a load of bull, everyone has those days where it's nice to just lounge around in comfy well worn in clothes or the days where you have to do house work or yard work, no sensible persons wears designer clothes to do that!! I think some bloggers just write like that as perhaps they like to feel superior to their readers? Who knows. I love dressing nice in beautiful clothes & shoes with my hair all done up pretty with all my makeup done but that happens only a few times a week (if that!!). Most of the time I am worn in shorts & a t-shirt. I stay at home & Trent works, we like it like that. Anyway that means that I pretty much do it all around here, I keep the house clean (TRY), do laundry pretty much everyday, cook/bake for Trent & lucky me I also do the yard work (well mowing...), I like mowing I think it's a great exercise (& I never exercise, I dislike it, I get so bored very quickly...). I get Trent to do the more difficult stuff like the whipper snipping. I HATE whipper snipping, I am scared of the thing, as well as cutting down trees, clearing the jungle we had at the back of our place etc... So he doesn't do nothing, he also works very hard... Lol...
Anyway doing all this stuff (which normal people do, I know...) means I don't wear all my pretty clothes & my hair isn't perfectly curled. It's just thrown on top of my head in a messy bun, if I wear any make up it's my sunscreen & that's about it...
People seem to get the notion that I live this life where it's always happy & perfect & well I really do nothing (to those people I say go fudge yourself), people seem to think if I post things on Facebook or Twitter it instantly reflects my life (happy posts = happy life) this isn't true, I just try to think of the positive things from that day & post them, it makes me appreciate my life more. I TRY to steer clear of negative crap but it's hard, if you are on my Facebook last week you would've read some more 'negative' stuff from me, it's rare but it happens. But now I am back to posting the positive snippets of my day! I just wish people would realise that all my Facebook updates are 'little snippets of my day' not my whole life, I post what I want you all to know, not every minor detail. Just lately I've had some crappy personal stuff happen where someone from our 'family circle' has decided to be a total loser & hurt not only my Mother physically but everyone emotionally. That kind of stress, pain & just disappointment really starts to take a toll on everyone. But then I just remind myself what this person does is 110% out of my control, what they do is their decision & if they choose to not be apart of our family well once again they can go fudge themselves...
Anyway I wanted to show you all an 'average outfit' that I wear often if I am outside mowing the lawn or inside cleaning... On this particular day (yesterday) I had come home from shopping (explains why my makeup was done, even though it's kind of all sweated off!) & there were severe storm warnings happening, so I knew my lawn had to be mowed & if we got major rain (which lately as soon as there is a storm warning everyone freaks out thanks to that stupid rain that caused the inland tsunami we had a few weeks ago...) my yard would be soaked for a few days, which would mean a jungle like lawn for me... So I decided to power mow the lawn. And dude, I totally power mowed it!! I think I easily got it all done in under an hour. Normally I stop, take water breaks, stop readjust my Mp3 player (yesterday it was flat), stop check my phone for messages, take a lunch break - you know pretty much do anything to take a break. But yesterday it was full on no breaks, just power mowing!!
So I wore....
  • shorts by Lorna Jane...
  • shirt by Supre like over 5 years old... It was my favourite shirt for ages!! I loved it & wore it to death, now it has hair dye & bleach marks & has holes in it :( Good yard shirt though!
  • I was wearing shoes... Well thongs from Big W.... Lol.
So a very glamorous outfit... Enjoy... (I look like a grub!!)

Filthy & sweaty... Sexy eh!!
One of more glam' outfits LOL....
Very very filthy... LOL
Totally exhausted, so hot & sweaty!!
The storm clouds I was racing against...
As soon as a storm is around Daisy will find the smallest corner and squeeze into it. Because I thought it would be a bad storm I opened up our outdoor toilet and she scooted into there LOL...

Anyway after I showered & scrubbed myself clean I felt much nicer & cooler... It was such a boiling hot day!!
I hope you enjoyed this much more 'natural & real' outfit post...
Love you all.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Surprise cake is the best cake!! (+outfit post!)

Hello my beautiful readers,
How are we all? How was everyones weekend?? Well mine was FABULOUS. My weekends tend to be a bit all over the place as Trent does shift work so sometimes my 'weekends' maybe during the week. But this week they started on Thursday... It was nice to spend time with Trent, doing not much. We visited my Mum everyday this 'weekend', simply because it was her birthday on Tuesday (so it's her birthday week) & because well, she has been a little sad & in pain lately due to some crazy twit. (This said crazy twit pushed her away & injured her... people are ridiculous sometimes... That is me putting it nicely.) & well I like to check up on her, do something stupid, you know make her smile :) So anyway on Saturday I accidently slept through my alarm clock & woke up to my Dad banging away on my front door... Woops. We had told him to come over in the morning (it was 9:30am.) & help Trent cut down 2 trees out the front we don't really like. (They were like Christmas-y tree type of things...) Anyway after that was all done & the trees had gone to the tip & Dad & Trent had picked up some timber from where ever you buy timber we headed over to see Mum. The boys set off building Mum a privacy screen/display fancy screen thing in the yard... It looks really good. And whilst they were busy building things Mum & I wrote out my 'bridal shower/Tupperware party' invites... How exciting, I am having a bridal shower... Because I will be a bride soon!! (You have no idea how weird that sounds & how excited I feel when I think about it...)
Because Trent was working on Mums birthday we never got to go out & celebrate her birthday with a 'dinner'... So we planned to go to one of our newest favourite places to eat, 'The Spotted Cow' in Toowoomba. Now this place is AWESOME. (We went there the other day for lunch & with our meals we got this little, teeny tiny puff pastry cow... SOOO Cute!!)
Anyway after we finished dinner (which was really good) our waitress bought out a white chocolate mudcake with sparklers on it & everyone started singing 'Happy Birthday'... My Mum didn't know what to do, she was sooo surprised!! I was so happy that we successfully pulled off a surprise!!
I had bought the cake earlier that day from the 'Cheesecake shop' & dropped it off with instructions to make it sparkle & sing loudly when they bought it out, I wanted Mum to be surprised! And she was!! I have never made up so many lies in one night, I had to go talk to the waitress like 4 times!! There was 'oh I better go check she got my order right' 'oh I better go see if we can split the bill' 'oh she forgot our drink order'... Bla bla bla, I thought Mum had clued onto me, but she didn't!! I surprised her so good!! She looked so happy & was surrounded by everyone who loves her so much... I really hope she enjoyed her night, but from where I was sitting across from her she seemed to have a great night & couldn't stop smiling when the cake was bought out... I love you Mum very much, we all appreciate you very much & all you do for us!! I hope I made you laugh & feel special.
Love you Mum!!
On Mums actual birthday she popped over to my house for some tea & a Valentines Day Muffin & then I gave her my impressive card :)
My cute card for Mum. She loved it...x
On Wednesday on Trents day off, we went at had lunch at the Spotted Cow in Toowoomba. It's pretty good!! I suggest you skip on down and check it out!! Oh & with our steaks we got these little puff pastry cows... How CUTE!!!
The T-rex & I had some time on Thursday to snap some silly photos & drive around and test out some... NEW CARS!! Oooo... That's right we are car shopping... Hmmm, it's just hard to decide between the simple BMW, or perhaps the Mercedes but then there is the lamborghini. SO MANY CHOICES... LOL
Dad murdering my trees out the front... 1 little fella left now... Let me know if you want a 'house tour' blog...I finally have some house photos done now... So let me know ok.
Building the screen... I forgot to get a finished photo... But it looks really good :)
About to head to dinner... Surprise time. :)
Driving to dinner... Trent was pretending to be asleep at when I snapped these photos (don't worry we were at traffic lights...) silly T-rex... :)
Everyone out at dinner... My other brother was also there, but he wasn't in the mood for photos yet...
My beautiful Mum... I am so happy when she smiles like this... She deserves all the happiness in this world & those that make her upset can go to hell. I love you Mum...xx

This is the video of the cake being bought out... I am so happy I got to surprise her... Love you Mummsie.xx
Cake cutting...
At the Spotted Cow they have a big spotted cow... And just like any blogger would I had to get photos with this spotted cow...
Cows are awesome & taste even better LOL... (Yes I am aware you don't eat Jersey cows...)
Mum, the cow & I... :)
Some quick final family snaps at the end of the night!!
My hair & makeup for the night... All done in easily under an hour (I took longer as it was super hot & I was dancing around to Taylor Swift Lol...) Let me know if you want a makeup or hair tutorial (even though it's pretty average & easy)
Shoes for the night were by Novo... (I can't find them on the website, but I know they are still available in stores).. They look really high (well they are really high) but are very comfortable once you wear them in...
Ok starting from the top... The hair bow is from a carshow & by the designer 'My Little Rockabilly'
The top is by Valley Girl (& is last seasons...)
The jeans are new!! & by Guess jeans...

Well anyway lovelies, that is that blog done & out of the way... Some up & coming blogs I will be doing is a few more 'outfit posts' (feedback on these would be awesome... do you like them... or not really?) I will make an effort to get my shoe collection blog up next month, maybe some cooking blogs?? (yes/no??) My squirrel collection & maybe some tips on growing your hair out really long (yes/no???). Anyway let me know what YOU want to read...
Love you all.