Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Project 365...The next step in blogging.

Ok so readers that follow me on my blog may have noticed I've quit doing the 'project 365' thing. Well only on my blog. It's still going on my Facebook & Twitter accounts (links on the side bar...) I just think that it was 'clogging' the blog (LOL) to much... Anyway here's some exciting news I am now apart of the 'Nuffnang' blogging community which means my blog will now run some advertising at some stages... It's just a trial run to see how things progress as I've noticed my readership/views have increased greatly... So any suggestions on blog topics/reviews let me know... I am pretty excited about this step that blogging has taken me & I hope it continues to be a positive journey :) Anyway I hope you all continue reading & let me know any suggestions you may have. I'm off to continue watching Season2 of Gossip Girl, Trents on night shift so it's a night at home, alone to chill out with Mishka & watch girly drama. :)
Love you all.

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