Saturday, 1 January 2011

Project 365...

So there has been a lot of talk lately about 'Project 365'... It seems to me like such a wonderful, creative awesome idea. Photographing something each day that could either inspire, makes us happy & or is just fantastic... I really want to do this & I think I am going to post them on here (my blog) & also on my Facebook page & perhaps my Twitter account... I thought maybe it would to be 'constant' for my blog, but maybe that's a good thing :) I think I shall start tomorrow. So my first day shall be 2nd.Jan.2011. We are driving tomorrow to see a local water fall & National park & maybe go for a hike. So hopefully the weather holds out for us as it has kind of ruined our holiday trip away. So I hope to capture some wonderful nature photos tomorrow :) I really love nothing more than taking photos of beautiful things.
And speaking of beautiful things, it is 2011& damn it is going to be a beautiful year. Well I really hope so. I had a great 2010, but 2011 I have a feeling is going to be another for great memories & big things. As for resolutions; well I don't really make them. I would love to excercise more, eat healthier etc... But really I think mine will be more realistic & achievable; laugh more, love more, kick the mean people to the curb & forget them, let myself forgive people & then forget them, be kinder, love more, write more blogs & bake more.
This year we plan to get married. I cannot wait. This year we plan to do a lot of other things. I cannot wait to share even more with you all, I really enjoy writing this, even if like 1 person reads this. I like having my blog, I like being able to look back on posts re-read them. It's awesome, I love it. And I hope at least one other person loves it too :)

Night all.
Project 365 starts tomorrow. (You should do it too, it'll rock & you wont forget it) x


  1. I want to do Project 365 too but I think I discovered it a little late!

  2. Lol - you can start whenever I think I started the 2nd of Jan... It's just 365 days from when you start :)


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