Friday, 7 January 2011

Project 365... Jan-07-2011. Bye Rudi.

Project 365.. Jan-07-2011... Bye bye Rudi, I'll miss you until next December... (Well Nov 29 2011) I will be pulling you out of the xmas storage box. :)
This was my fav' Christmas decoration this year my reindeer 'Rudi' that I customised myself (I gave him a red nose)...
& Yes I am one of those people who hold out on packing away Christmas decorations as I LOVE Christmas, but now I must pack them all up until November 29 :)  



  1. I packed mine away last night too. Place feels so empty now :(

  2. :( Yeah I just took the tree down I'll d the rest in the morning, my lounge room looks naked & boring. I love Christmas... x


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