Friday, 28 January 2011

Playboy turns nasty with a pool of mean tweets!

Hello all!! I am meant to be in bed, but had to quickly whip up this blog for you all to inform you of some crazy stuff happening on Twitter!! It's mean-ness in overdrive!
Well a little while ago I did a blog on the engagement of Hugh Hefner to Crystal Harris. Read it HERE. Well Crystal seems like a nice person, I think? Personally I prefer Holly (no offence to anyone)...
But now, a war has broken out on Twitter. There has always been controversy between the Original Girls Next Door fans & Crystal Harris fans... But this is a whole other story...
So this morning Crystal Harris cheerfully posted a photo of her new cover photo shoot for Playboy on Twitter with the tweet 'Shooting underwater!! So exciting ....soooo cold!'. I'm like cool, how lucky is she... Until I open the photo.
It's of her floating around covering her boobs in the mansion pool. In a similar position to where Holly Madison did her 'underwater' photo shoot a few years earlier on the hit TV show 'The Girls Next Door' (or 'Girls of the Playboy Mansion')... So I'm like hmmm... that's weird.
The infamous and original Girls Next Door.
This is the only photo I could find on Google of Holly in the pool. I've seen better ones of the TV show...

 An hour or so later Holly sends out a tweet aimed at 'copy-cats'...'Copycats annoy the crap out of me! I'm inspired by a lot of people, but I like to give credit and come up w/my own stuff, too!' & 'I feel bad for people who don't have their own personalities.'... 
I wonder who this is aimed at.
Then Bridget steps in to defend her former house mate & backs up Holly...
'@ sometimes the copycats are so blatant too. Its like they don't even try to be their own person with original ideas. Its sad'
Then Crystal fires back with a tweet about when you are mad your action reflect your true self (nasty...)...
'When you are angry or frustrated, what comes out? Whatever it is, it’s a good indication of what you’re made of. –H. Jackson Brown, Jr.'
Crystal also sent out a quick tweet in her defence saying it was the 'photographers' idea to shoot in the pool as she loves mermaids!? Mermaids live in the ocean, not in pools.
'the underwater shots were photographers idea since I grew up on the beach& am obsessed w ocean, boats, marine life & mermaids'
And then later on tonight (Australian time about 9pm'ish)... Nastier tweets were sent out. Now I think this is a bit overboard... But Hef Tweeted out these nasties...
'In Holly's underwater shoot, she was in chains. We didn't use it because it wasn't very flattering.'
'Holly's underwater shoot was inspired by a Vegas magician. Crystal's was inspired by Disney's Little Mermaid. Very different.'
Um ok, nasty much? I get that he was 'protecting Crystal' or defending her, but he doesn't have to go saying Holly's photos were unflattering. I think she is one of the most beautiful women ever!
Anyway, it didn't take long for fans to tweet Holly letting her know of these mean tweets (as for some reason he couldn't direct them at her?!). She I assume was a bit shocked & pissed off. As anyone would be! Her replies were...
'I actually funded my own shoot in the Los Angeles Theater for my last PB pictorial and I chose the photos.'
''the LA Theater charged out of GND's budget for a video shoot, so I came up with the underwater idea for the episode.'
@ please don't put words in my mouth and say it was inspired by "a Vegas magician". I shot several scenarios underwater.'
'@ my underwater shoot was inspired by a scuba diving lesson in the Mansion pool. I saw how neat all the rocks looked underwater'
Now another member to jump on the nasty train was Crystals Mum 'Lee' who is also on Twitter (Mum2010) ... she sent out this tweet today is response to Holly calling her daughter out on being uncreative...
'I think it is sad that some older women can act so immature and never let go of the past. Time to move on people.'

So... what is this bloggers opinion!? I clearly have heard Holly speak of & watched her doing an underwater photo shoot on the Girls of the Playboy Mansion (Season 5)... It was their last season together... I think Crystal should've taken the fact that Holly had already done a shoot in the pool in a similar location (like she was standing in the area Holly shot hers?) into consideration, as shoud've Hef. Or pehaps they assumed it would stir up some fans & create interest? Who knows really. But I think they should've taken the photo shoot in a different direction... I understand why Holly is pissed, Hugh Hefner said her photos were unflattering & Crystal is doing a photo shoot that is so similar to Hollys. If they were totally different photo shoots why would fans be pointing out the obvious similarities?  Either they wanted this reaction or this photo shoot wasn't well thought out and has come around and bit them in the ass. I just think the whole thing is a little nasty & uncalled for. But oh well, this is just my opinion. Either way I am still Team Holly!!
And just for some Holly news a few nights ago in Vegas they launched season 2 of 'Holly's World'. This is Holly's very own reality TV show. I can't wait for Australia to get it on DVD!!!

What do you think? Are Team Crystal or Team Holly? Honestly I hope Cyrstal & Hef are happy together, but I still am a big Holly Madison fan :)



  1. I find it funny that Crystals hasbeen mom is chipping in...
    She reminds me of a worse version of Kendra's mom.

  2. Team Holly! Hef is a jerk now.

  3. I agree! I thought Patti was kind of funny... But Crystals Mum looks scary, like waayy to much surgery!? And she talks about grown women writing petty stuff, well what about OLD ladies & men on Twitter writing petty stuff!?

  4. I think it would be better if you didn't say "that's just my opionion" and "no offence" all the time. We read your blog to get your opinion so you don't need to remind us. Saying no offence has no effect. If someone is offended by what you've said, saying that isn't going to make a difference so you might as well just speak your mind without apologies.

  5. Fair enough, I see your point... But I also have 'friends'/'people' I know that read this the are affiliated with Playboy or they personally prefer the opposite of my opinion (in this & other blogs I've written). So it's kind of a respect thing. I do speak my mind & I don't make apologises when people point out things they don't like, as it's my blog? And I don't think 'respectfully' saying my opinion is a bad thing.
    Thanks for your comment though & I'll keep it in mind & limit my usage. (I'm curious as to why people hide behind 'anonymous', saying comments with a sneaky negative undertone by 'anonymous' really doesn't make much of a difference, just like my 'no offence' does to you.)
    Just sayin'... And this doesn't have a bitchy undertone, I'm just curious as to why people never leave names.

  6. How about having a Bachelor Party at the Mansion? Any Mansion party will do, just make sure you get the Cabana so your party will have some exclusiveness, and you’ll be guaranteed a dedicated hostess. Not only the groom-to-be will have the time of his single life, but so will all of his buddies too.

  7. Team Holly all the way, i dont like Hef now and sucked in for the dumping from the dumb ass wanna be holly right before the wedding.. lol


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