Wednesday, 19 January 2011

How smart are border collies?... Watch & learn.

So for a few days I noticed my dog food container was being moved & left with the lid off... I was curious as to how or why this was happening... With some sneaky detective skills I soon learned it was Miss Daisy & this video shows her caught in the act... Naughty hound. But it really shows how intelligent border collies are... Daisy is a light weight working border collie & the dog food is stored in a heavy plastic box in my outside laundry. **Please note that my dogs are feed every night & are never starved & are very spoilt... I think she was doing this out of sheer boredom as she is no longer a working dog... I think I will start teaching her some 'advanced' tricks soon? Any suggestions on dog training or training border collies? Well let me know what you think of this video...
Love you all..

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