Monday, 31 January 2011

A family that laughs together, stays together.

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Well...
This past weekend has been fabulous. Seriously, best weekend I've had in ages. On Saturday we drove to Ipswich to visit Trents family & then headed into Brisbane for our good friends birthday dinner (at Kingsleys). It was great to spend time with our friends.
We spent the night in Ipswich & got up really early to head to the Gold Coast on Sunday with my family! I was so excited about going to the beach with my family, we haven't all been to the beach together in ages. So I couldn't wait, I knew it would be a great day. And you know what, it was AWESOME! My family, Trent & I really needed a day away, a break from it all. A day to refresh, laugh & just be happy. It happened, I think we had lots of fun. Well I know for sure Trent & I did... We can't wait to go again.
The first beach we went to (Currumbin) is a beach our parents took us to when we were younger, we hadn't been here since I think I was about maybe 14? Now when most people think of the Gold Coast they think of heading to Surfers Paradise, honestly I could think of nothing worse. I don't really like it as a beach, way to many tourist & it's no where near as nice. But you drive past it & find heaps more beautiful beaches that aren't as crowded. And the beaches Dad always pick are so nice & Currumbin is always great. Me and Mum hung out, chatting, cooling off in the water & taking photos... We had snacks on the beach & just relaxed. It was one of those days I wish lasted longer. Than we headed off in search of a good fish & chip shop & we wound up in Coolangatta. We had some lunch (which was delicious) then went down to the beach at Coolangatta for an afternoon swim. We once again had loads of fun, playing in the surf, swimming, body board riding, laughing. I took some photos whilst the boys were all out in the surf (I think I need the a bigger lens, the 2 I have now are good, but if I could've just zoomed in a tiny bit more some photos would've been better.) It was just a nice day. So after a day of fun in the sun, you could tell we had lots of fun in the sun! We were all a little burnt... So we packed up and headed home. We were all so exhausted. We stopped in at the famous Yatala Pies for dinner. Stopping here is such a tradition after being at the Gold Coast, they do great meat pies & pastries/desserts. So yummy... We then headed back home to Toowoomba, I think I fell asleep like 3 or 4 times on the way home so the trip went quiet quickly for me (Trent was driving home, I wasn't!!). 
But once again thank you so much to Trent & my family for such a memorable & beauitful day. I can't wait to have another family day.
Heading to the Gold Coast. :) EXCITED!!
Following Mum & Dad down to the Gold Coast.
me at Currumbin beach...
Having a rest on the beach with my little brother. I love them so much.
Mum and I at the beach...
Trent and I at Currumbin.
My brothers and I at Currumbin... Yes they are younger & yes I am very short.
*YAY* at the beach :)
Tristan, Trent & Lachlan.
Mummsie and I at Coolangatta!!
Mr. Seagull having a scratch.
Gorgeous Ocean water.
My talented brother 'skim boarding' if I did this I would break my neck!!
My youngest brother & Dad heading out into the surf.
My youngest brother out enjoying the surf!
Trent out in the surf at Coolangatta having fun!!
My other brother out enjoying the surf... I love the last shot, it is insane!!
Coolangatta. I really think Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
My Dad loves the ocean. He will spend all day out there if you let him. I remember when I was little he taught me to body surf & always looked after me out in the ocean. Even on this day he was towing me through the surf with my brother...
My family out in the surf... :)
My Mum out in the surf having fun!! Waving to me, jumping waves... :)
This was taken up near the Point Danger look-out at Coolangatta...
My dinner, a Yatala steak pie. They are amazing!! Check them out HERE
Not only does Yatala Pies do amazing pies they do some great desserts/sweet treats & pastries. This is Tristan eating his 'match-stick'. I was way too full for dessert!!

Well there you have it, that was our family day at the beach! It was such a great day & we all really needed a day to have fun & relax and this day was perfect!! What do you do with your family to relax?
On the topic of the East Coast of Australia, please keep everyone in Central & Northern Queensland in your prayers, Tropical Cyclone Yasi is planned to hit in the next few days & maybe sooner. I have friends up there and I really hope you all stay safe & positive. Love to you all... I don't know what Queensland has done to piss Mother Nature off, but we obviously did it real good, because she is one angry mother.
** And PLESE remember ANY photo on here (unless otherwise stated) is the property of ME! PLEASE do NOT use them without MY permission**
(I do normally tag all my photos, but my computer with Photoshop on it, currently has full  memory!! So once I get back on the PC, they will be properly tagged again!)
Anyway readers, my love to you all & I hope your weekend was as beautiful as mine.



  1. Yes it was a great day at the beach and we all had so much fun. I think that Dad,boys and Trent were all havin that much fun they forgot to reply there sunscreen.<3

  2. It was a great day :) Yes I agree, they forgot to reapply the sunscreen! Silly boys... xx


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