Monday, 17 January 2011

Christmas Unwrapped... Present Haul.

Soo... with the chaos going on all over Australia with flooding & disasters etc. Honestly I've kind of forgotten about this post, I am so sorry... Anyway here is my Christmas haul... I got really quiet spoilt from everyone (I seriously got the top 6 gifts I wished for on my list) & I love each present... Sooo here they all are...
Christmas card - love Trent.
ohh big present...
Estee lauder make up kit!!
My Christmas perfume, Estee Lauder - Pleasures Delight.
The kit.
gorgeous lipsticks...
lip gloss...
eye shadows.
eye liners.
The most amazing eye make up remover EVER. Love it.
Really amazing make up brushes.... This kit had so much great stuff, I may do a review on the make up... Not sure... let me know?.
my gorgeous new picnic rug - love Mum & Dad.
MY GORGEOUS new picnic basket from Mum & Dad.
My new lasagna dishes... Thank you so much Mum. x
Our romantic glasses from Trents parents...
Thank you to Trents parents & his brother for the Spotlight vouchers so we can get new curtains... :)
Presents from Trents brother a BBQ Kebab set & cute new mixing bowls.
Gifts from Trents Aunt & Uncle... I sooo wanted one of those giant cupcake cake tins... THANK YOU
Isn't it awesome... I love it.
My gift to myself, Lol. Matching Jessie Steele oven mit & pot holder to match my Jessie Steele apron. Love this stuff, so beautiful & well made (& they were on sale. Score!!)

I also scored some other gifts unpictured;
  • A new kettle, I really REALLY needed a new one, so grateful that Mum knew that & got me an amazing kettle. Thank you. x
  • an Indian cookbook from Trents parents. (So tempted to try out some recipes & at the same time nervous as I am much more a cake/dessert cooker.)
  • The gorgeous red & white apron I am wearing in some of Christmas photos (from Trents Mum) it also came with some tea towels that are very cute...
  • An address book & business card holder (as I badly needed them) from my parents
Anyway readers hope you enjoyed this Christmas haul, let me know what you scored this chrissy. Take care, love you all...

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