Saturday, 8 January 2011

Christmas Celebrated Bartley Style...

Hey all,
I know this extremely late... But I figured I should upload my 'Christmas Celebration post'... Now when my family celebrates pretty much anyhing, the whole thing is pretty standard. We spend time together, we eat, we laugh & we enjoy each others company. I personally couldn't think of a better way to spend Christmas or any other holiday for that matter. Christmas to me always means, a MASSIVE hot lunch (roast turkey, pork & roast veges, my Mum does the best hot lunch EVER), always a day with my family & just lots of laughter & then being lazy in the late afternoon & then a dinner of 'left overs' & the BIG Christmas ham & salads. Now with presents (I will being doing a 'Christmas Haul' blog later) we always have been spoilt. But there is a rule in our house we have to wait until Mum has woken up, put the turkey in the oven, hap a cup of tea or a slice of toast & when she is ready we get to open presents (waiting now is a lot easier that I have my own house to open presents at first, but as a kid this was torture...). I loved Christmas this year. It was good to eat, drink & be merry with my family.. :)
Now before photos I have to thank my Mother for slaving over a hot stove for most of the day to cook us the one meal a year we all look sooo forward to... Seriously, when Christmas is close we all get so excited especially when Mum comes back from the grocery store with the biggest turkey she can find  in December(& I am sorry but Christmas isn't Christmas without a roast turkey, no everyday chicken will not cut it in this family LOL). And then there is desserts, seriously, pavlova, caramel tart, trifle (that I don't eat, yuk). And I helped with desserts this year, I made my Christmas tree mudcake, shortbread & meringues... But Mum made us a feast... So thank you Mum we appreciate your hard work & thanks for the very tasty meal you made for us. We love you.
Now for the photos of how we celebrate Christmas...

Opening our gifts from each other, I will do a present haul blog shortly.
My Christmas outfit, Hello Kitty Christmas shirt & reindeer antlers :)
Marlin our family Christmas elf/grinch... (In this photo his grinchy behaviour was EATING & DESTROYING the tree.)
Tristan & I
 Some of Mums Christmas ornaments
Trent with his Christmas gift just from Dad, some Cat & Maxam gear.
My brother Locky with his joke 'snowball' gift...
Me holding the wild cat that lives at Mum & Dads LOL.
The boys at Christmas... Trent, Lachlan, Tristan & Dad
Mum & I.
Mums fancied up goose.
The fancy glasses come out at Christmas
The table setting for Christmas .
Mum proudly displaying the meat :)
Mummy & I at Christmas

Locky & I... I'm so short, he is my YOUNGER brother.
me at Christmas :)
my white chocolate christmas tree mudcake :)

Ok, I've run out 'photo' storage on here? What the... So I guess I now have to upload via photobucket. So sorry I am much to slack to continue uploading... The rest of the photos are on Facebook.

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